6/29/06: "RANGER DOWN": The cats meow.
Whoo-wee, I don't know how much more jam-packed these episodes can get.

Shame we didn't see Koragg again this episode after he gave Imperious his magic power. Was
kinda hoping Necrolai would morph into some evil Ranger, but the fight was still pretty good. And
poor Leelee... Getting the shaft again. :\

Nice focus on Maddie, even though it was kinda short.

The big surprise of the episode was of course -- SPOILER: Piggy, dreaming of owning a cafe-on-
wheels in the future. Definitely an applaud-and-cheer moment. ^_^

"Meow Baby!" Jenji in battle was quite funny.

Moving the story along, the other Rangers see Nick with his blanket and he shows it to them and
explains he was adopted. Phineas reveals to Udonna and Daggeron that he brought Bowen to the
human world during the battle between Daggeron and Calindor.

7/19: "DARK WISH, I-III": An evil world.
The Mystic Force Blockbuster Event started out poorly but got better as it went along.

Every season it seems like the Rangers fight a lot more than what we see on TV. That has to be the
case here, as our heros get worn out from fighting so much and use magic any chance they get.
Lord knows they weren't acting like this in previous episodes. I dunno... It felt a little rushed in.
While being tired was believeable, I didn't really like how they suddenly wanted to take the "easy
way out" of everything.

And go figure, Jenji Shining Attack has been used just fine before, but they make a big deal out of it
this episode. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought they wanted to wish the monsters away.
Daggeron seemed like he was suddenly afraid of what could happen to Jenji but didn't say anything.

Part I was way too jumpy between the battles and wire-fu. Felt like something outta SPD. We got
another samurai and Titan Xander took him out in ONE STRIKE?! Jeez louise...

3 stars. One of my least liked episodes of the season.

Once Imperious captured Jenji things picked up. The transition to the dark side was way cool. Love
how Rootcore transformed and the color changed.

The unmorphed fighting was quite drawn out, but nice to see the cast get in a bunch of moves.
Enjoyed the scenes with the Tribunal as well. Sounds like we'll be seeing them again. The cast did a
great job.

Awesome battle scenes in Part III. Enjoyed the intro for Legend Mode. The Manticore Megazord intro
was OK, but Urses was just thrown in suddenly.

Haha... Liked how Leelee managed to mess up allowing Jenji to escape. One of her best scenes.

I guess Koragg isn't going to try to get his magic power back from the Master. If not, then I bet he'll
get it when he becomes Red.

Didn't really like how the Rangers had time to bake a cake AND make it back to the party like nothing
happened. Ya know what I wish for? That Toby finds out his employees are the Power Rangers and
stop going insane. -_-

4 stars for Parts II and III.

7/26: "KORAGG'S TRIAL": Koragg and Klips
A pretty simple episode focusing on Koragg, his honor and loyalty to the Master. It's not too often
we get an episode that's mostly about the bad guys.

Nice to see both sides finally bring up why Koragg never finishes a fight.

Imperious and Koragg taking on Daggeron to decide who stays and who gets banished was sort of
a cop-out. I'm really hoping for a good fight when Imperious is defeated.

Koragg's flash of baby Bowen/Nick is definitely an indication that something will be happening soon.
It's coming...

4 stars. Part clip-show, but at least it was worthwhile.

8/14: "HEIR APPARENT, I and II": Family Matters
Wow, just wow. We all knew the full story was coming and it was nice to see it all put together at

I'm getting sick of other dimensions. Lord knows how many more times that desert will be used this
season and for PROO next year. -_-

Imperious wanting to finish off Daggeron from last episode was terrific. After the last battle, this was
a real treat. I just knew Daggy was in deep $&!% when Imperious grew. It was time he
showed what we could really do.

Wasn't expecting the Rangers to get captured and sent to the underworld -- AND get their Legend
power drained by the Master himself! This is the kinda stuff I expect to see at or near the end.
Hopefully it won't take away from that.

Leanbow saving Udonna from getting killed by the Master was very cool. Although Udonna's initial
response could've been better, I liked how Koragg/Leanbow demorphed to Ancient Mystic Mode and
then Leanbow appeared.

On to part II...

As Lisa J would say -- that was hot yo... That was HOT!

The final battle between Imperious/Calindor and Daggeron was awesome. John Tui did a great job.
The transition between Calindor and Imperious was cool.

Awesome sentai battle footge. I can't wait to see MagiRanger's version of these episodes.

As much as I liked Udonna and everyone not knowing Nick is Bowen, awe heck, it was nice to see
her happy.

At first I wasn't sure if the Master (Octomus) was actually going to appear or if the Legend power
would be taken back before he could be fully revived. It was great how he rose and fought
Leanbow. It reminded me of when the Nexus was sealed (PRWF "SEALING THE NEXUS") since it
seemed like the Pit was being destroyed while sealing away Octomus. Looking forward to when he
rises again.

This is the kinda 2-parter SPD should've had, but very unfortunately didn't. I can forgive the writers
for throwing in Brightstar outta nowhere and Nick going solo while the others watched. When I think
back on MF in the years to come, these are the eps I'll remember most.

5 stars. 10/10.

8/18: "THE LIGHT": Ten Times The Terror
Another neutered-sentai episode I really liked.

As expected, the Pit was a mess. Where did the Prophecy Book come from?!

I'm enjoying MagiRanger so much, I don't really care about originality these days. If it's imported, I'll
probably like it... Such as the Terrors and how they were all already giant (and almost squashed
Necrolai). Although I thought Imperious comment about his defeat bringing a greater threat would
have something to do with them.

Surprise, surprise. Maddie acknowledged the fact she hadn't done much for the team and Toby
FINALLY paid attention to his employees suddenly leaving so often. I thought he'd either fire them or
catch them morphing. Leelee pretty much quit the evil business and is hired instead (not that she
ever did anything evil, anyway). Also, I was surprised Chip just blurted out they were the Power
Rangers. Maybe Toby will find out first hand before the season is over.

Interesting how the Terrors have their own set of rules to go by. I wish they didn't have to get
through the footage so quickly, but heck, all the more reason I'll look forward to MagiRanger.

What's in store for Udonna on her quest to find Leanbow? We shall see...

8/23: "THE HUNTER": Hunted and Battlized
This was a decent plot neutered/translated from MagiRanger (I'm probably going to be using the
word "neutered" a lot now, since thats exactly what all these episodes are).

This episode pretty much felt like the last one with the addition of the battlizer/explosions/wirework
segment. It was very drawn out, which was to be expected. Much like SPD's battlizer intro, I didn't
feel any depth when Nick suddenly called out to Fire Heart to transform. Some of the wirework and
CGI were cool, although it was nothing more than a 5 minute toy advertisement.

It was interesting to see the Terrors argue and Megahorn go off on his own... But I didn't really like
the battle with Daggeron. Too much of a color difference between the sentai footage and PR. I did
like how Itassis stopped them, though. And oh geez... Why does Daggeron even need to go to

Funny how Leelee worked hard and ended up getting the Employee of the Month trophy, while the
others were in battle.

One thing I like is the emphasis they have going that Nick is the Light and has the power to stop the
darkness. Also Clare commenting about herself being a sorceress and joining Udonna on her quest.
And it's great how Phineas always seems to know everything. ^_^

Overall, 3 stars. Not that great a debut for the battlizer, but I definitely enjoyed the buildup we had
for it with Fire Heart. Hope next years Red Ranger power-up gets some actual story as well.

9/21: "HARD HEADS": Snakes on a Ranger
Have to say I enjoyed this episode more than the last one. Thank God the battlizer fight was
shorter. And yeah, another plot outta left field with Nick suddenly interested in DJing and bumping
heads with Vida. At least it worked for the footage and Vida got more than a few lines for once.

I liked how Serpentina turned into a giant snake and actually ate most of the team.

Itassis giving Nick and Vida their morphing power back to "follow the rules" was pretty cheap. She's
obviously becoming the "good" Terror and will most likely do more to help our heros. But as silly as
the Terrors rules are, it makes sense. I can imagine them really kicking Ranger ass in say,
Lightspeed Rescue, but not now while the show is run by Disney.

On a final note, it was nice to see a cameo from Leanbow in the underworld, still wearing Koragg's
armor, but no longer under the evil influence and preventing the Master from rising.

9/27: "THE SNOW PRINCE": Learning Fast
These Terror episodes keep getting better. This was a very well-rounded episode.

Hearing Leanbow over Koragg's armor is strange (The Megazord call was bad enough -_-), but I
really enjoyed how he joined the fight for a minute.

It would've been nice if Snow Prince had some background or if we had seen him before. Good
battle with Megahorn.

Wait a minute... I thought the Lake of Lament was down below and Leanbow had the Master
trapped at the bottom or something. And yet Udonna and Clare wandered over to it. Kinda seems
like sloppy writing, but I liked how Hekatoid found them. I'd say Udonna was pretty vulnerable to an
attack on her search with her powers gone only Clare to protect her.

An easy 4 stars for this one.

10/12: "LIGHT SOURCE, I and II": White Ranger Power
Good golly... In season thats had a lot of rushed battles and mediocre plots, Part I was good and
Part II was a gem. So glad things are getting wrapped up now than at the last freakin' minute like
last year.

Once again, the Rangers acknowledge exactly what I'm thinking: Nick was too hard on Leelee.

I cringed when Nick zipped into battlizer mode, but it wasn't that bad this time. At least they're
milking it this year, after it became so obsolete in SPD.

A little weird how Part I was practically all MagiRanger, but ya know I love the sentai and it worked
out. The dice footage was overdoing it, but I enjoyed Madison stepping up and didn't mind her fear
of frogs coming back.

Great action between Leanbow and the Terrors. I naturally assumed he would be the one to save
Udonna going into the episode.

Loved how Leelee, Clare and Phineas teamed up and Toby basically showed the Rangers how to
defeat Hekatoid. That was cool. I'm glad he finally saw them morph first hand.

Udonna got her snowstaff back quite easily from Leelee, but meh, it's not like it was ever shown to
be well guarded or anything.

And as of this week, Power Rangers has passed the 600 episode mark.

Part I = 4 stars, Part II = 5 stars, 9/10 overall.

11/04: "THE RETURN": Burning Heart of Fire, Burning Soul of Master
Another decent Magi adaptation.

Nice recap by Toby, covering the family connections and plot points.

It was great when Phineas came in Rock Porium and Toby recalled him being Xander's uncle from the
old country. >_>

Phineas and LeeLee = Weirdest PR romance since Nadira and Lucas.  Heck, only real romance since
Nadira and Lucas. ^_^

The focus between Vida and Matoombo was all right.  I thought it felt like she was talking to a little
kid.  And it was hard not to think of Houka(MagiPink), especially during  the part with Travelion.  
Definitely would've made a better Madison episode.

Great cliffhanger to end the episode with the Master rising.  Was surprised they actually showed
raw footage of N Ma busting out of Titan (Motoombo) and not new footage with Octomus.  Looks like
we'll see both versions of the Master in the finale.

4 stars and 8/10.

11/19: "MYSTIC FATE, I and II": Magic Overload
Mystic Force ended the same way much of the season was for me -- pretty mediocre.  Not a
spectacular finale, but good enough for the shows end.  

The Master was cool.  Glad to see they used MagiRanger's N Ma the whole time after all.  His
appetite for magic and getting overloaded was silly, but I've seen worse... (Namely the end of

Nice reference to Rita and tribute to Machiko Soga.  Stupid scene with Leanbow figuring Mystic
Mother was gone after being there 2 seconds.

The Tribunal wasn't seen or even mentioned.

Wish Koragg-Nick could've lasted longer.  Goes to show what originality would look like these days.  
And nice to see the forest creatures again.

This years helmetless scene was cool and made more sense than last year.  It was great seeing
Maddie stand up to Nick and how he took on the Master with both sabers.

Enjoyed how the civilians and creatures joined together to morph the team.  Too bad Phineas never
got humanized.  

Wasn't expecting Necrolai to be free of evil and given a human form. Her relationship with Leelee
makes a lot more sense now.  But after being a loyal General all season and shunning off her
daughter, she gave in so quickly. -_-

Another thing that was weird was how Jenji disappeared and was back suddenly, probably from
Necrolia reviving Leanbow and Daggeron nearby.

No final group morph, but enjoyed the original roll call.  The main TV theme was never that great,
but I loved the final instrumental.

Thought the last part following the Master's defeat was especially well done...

"Plan Manager" -- Gotta love it.  Liked Vida's pink hair too.  

Motoombo getting brought back was WAY outta nowhere, but I don't think it's that hard to imagine
the Rangers somehow brought him back -- maybe with the help of Mystic Mother?  

Nick, Leanbow and Udonna riding outta town was nice, as well as Fire Heart flying by and Sorceress
Clare turning to the end of the Xenotome before getting the final word.  Looking forward to seeing
who Antonia Preeble will play next year. ^_^

A lot happened to wrap up Mystic Force, but one thing I missed was major destruction.  Would've
liked to have seen the Master attack Rootcore and the Rangers battle Hidiacs inside. Manticore
Megazord wasn't really "destroyed" -- The Master just gobbled up its power.  And someone besides
Black Lance and Sculpin getting killed off (and STAYING that way) would've been nice.

Overall, I'll give both parts 4 stars and 8/10.  It'll be hard to ever top Ninja Storm "Storm Before The
Calm, I and II" (the last finale I've given 5 stars to), but I definitely enjoyed this finale the most
since then.

2/02/07: Closing Comments
Mystic Force was definitely a season with ups and downs.  Unlike SPD, it didn't go WAY down barely
halfway through the season, but  it didn't get too high either (save for a few episodes).  A couple
things were executed quite nicely, but the rest fell flat, as it became too much of a watered down

+ One thing I really liked about our version was the unmorphed stuff in the premiere, whereas the
Rangers always seem to go straight to the first morph in sentai.  
-  We never saw the Mystic Force Rangers learn to fight unmorphed and they just knew outta
nowhere later on.

+ Fire Heart -- the first ever plotline for a battlizer.  
-  The battlizer itself.

+ We got one of the best episodes in history with
and "LIGHT SOURCE, II" were also very good.  Every season has one-shot eps that I consider
my favorite and this season they were

+ Imperious -- one of the best lead villains we've had in awhile and Necrolai, Queen of the Vampires
-  Daggeron as another Commander Cruger would've worked better if Udonna had been captured
the whole time, leaving him as the only mentor (That's one thing that could've been adapted from
MagiRanger but wasn't).

+  Toby learned the Rangers identities and joined together the Briarwood civilians and forest
creatures.  Leelee switched sides.
-  Necolai suddenly cared for Leelee and turned human.  We didn't see the forest creatures for 98%
of the season.  

As we go into Operation Overdrive, I imagine it'll be similar to Mystic Force.  Some will be adapted
very well and there'll be at least a few great episodes.  The rest will just be a watered down
Boukenger.  And we'll have an anniversary teamup sometime late in the season.