I'm Tommy Oliver. What you're about to see is a history of my life... My history, as a Power Ranger -- and a
look at all the past teams of Rangers.

My story begins in Angel Grove, when five teenagers with attitude were recruited to fight the evil space
sorceress Rita Repulsa. They harnessed the power of the dinosaur to become Earth's first Power

Under the guidance of intergalactic being Zordon -- Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy and Jason bravely defended
Earth, which forced Rita to create her own Ranger. Her evil magic was too strong. I couldn't fight it. She
commanded me to destroy the Power Rangers and I almost succeeded.

But my friends never gave up. They helped me destroy the Sword of Darkness and I was freed. That's
when I joined the team, but not for long. I soon discovered the Green Ranger powers were only
temporary. But I came back for good when it was time to create a new Ranger.

A new villain, Lord Zedd, was destroying Earth. And with three Rangers leaving, a new power source had
to be found. Trini, Zack and Jason, passed on their powers -- and Aisha, Adam and Rocky stepped forward.

Soon, Rita and Zedd teamed up to form our most powerful enemy yet, bringing with them a new terror,
Rito. The new team fought bravely, but it wasn't enough. Rito destroyed our zords.

But a Ranger never gives up. Zordon sent us on a quest to find Ninjor, a warrior from the past who
showed us the secrets of the ancient ninja.

Our quest complete, we gained new weapons, new zords and new enemies. But along with new enemies,
came new friends. When Kimberly chose to leave, Katherine was the only choice -- and just in time. Rita's
father, Master Vile, succeeded in reversing back time, turning the Power Rangers into kids. The Alien
Rangers from the planet Aquitar came to Earth to help out until time could be restored.

Everything went back to normal, but we were under attack... We got out just as Rita and Zedd succeeded
in destroying the Command Center. Beneath the ruins, we found the Zeo Crystal, a mystical power that
guided us into the next chapter of our lives as Rangers.

The Zeo powers were awesome and were needed to help fight the evil Machine Empire. Later, when we
needed reinforcements, we turned to an old friend. Jason returned and assumed the power of the Gold

After high school graduation, we were ready to face the world. But not before going on one last adventure
as Rangers. It was time to shift into a higher gear.

The old Rangers were gone forever, but the Turbo Rangers were born. A space pirate named Divatox
launched an attack on Earth. We were given the powers of Turbo and took her head on -- and with a little
help, after Rocky had to leave.

When it was time for us to move on with our lives, TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Carlos proved they had what it
takes to become Rangers. I decided to go to college and study Paleontology. That's where I met Hayley, an
expert in science and MIT graduate. Soon, I found the Dino Gems and knew there was no turning back.

I met Dr. Anton Mercer and Terrance "Smitty" Smith -- and we worked on combining dino DNA with
technology. Smitty and I were both up for the same job at Anton Mercer Industries until I got the job and
Smitty went to work for another company.  

Then one day... There was a accident and Anton disappeared. I was attacked and escaped just as the
island was sinking. Hayley helped in creating the Dino Ranger powers.

Meanwhile, Divatox was tough and the Piranhatrons were relentless. She wasn't ready to give up and
staged a fearsome attack, taking out the Turbo Ranger's command center and their powers with it. She
headed for space and Earth's ultimate destruction. The Rangers knew they had to follow Divatox into
space and embarked on the most dangerous mission, leaving behind the world they knew forever.

The journey into space was treacherous and the line between friend and foe is a thin one. Andros proved
he was more than a friend. He was just the kind of leader they would need to fight a new enemy called
Astronema... They thought they had no hope, but Andros brought them the Astro Morphers, bringing forth
a new team.

The Space Rangers freed Zhane from his deep freeze and the Silver Ranger was a noble addition to the
team. Together, they defeated Astronema and brought forth the good person inside, Karone. And when
the forces of evil united to conquer the universe, Zordon sacrificed himself to stop them once and for all.

But evil wasn't gone forever. On the distant planet of Mirinoi, five new heroes -- Leo, Damon, Kendrix, Maya
and Kai, retrieved the Quasar Sabers and were chosen to be the Power Rangers of the Lost Galaxy. They
would have to combine their powers if they were to defeat their mortal enemy, Scorpius and his daughter,

Trakeena threatened to destroy the space colony Terra Venture and took on a horrifying new form. Red
Ranger and his battlizer were the colony's only hope. With the villains destroyed, the people of Terra
Venture were forever grateful to the Rangers of the Lost Galaxy.

Meanwhile, on Earth, an elite team was being put together to fight a new battle against an invasion
of demons in the city of Mariner Bay. The Lightspeed Rangers needed one more to complete their mission.
That's when Ryan joined the team.

Time Force from the year 3000 chased a mutant criminal through time. Wes
Collins, a descendant of Alex from the future, was chosen to be Red and the Time
Force Rangers were born. But it took another modern day hero to help finish the

It took a while for Eric to learn that the greatest virtue of being a Ranger is not
the power, but the reward of helping mankind.

In deep space, the Troobian Empire led by Emporer Gruumm traveled across
galaxies and conquered them. Anubis "Doggie" Cruger -- the last survivor of his
home planet Syrius, founded Space Patrol Delta on Earth. In the years following,
different Space Patrol branches were setup across the galaxy. The SPD A-Squad
was awarded Ranger powers, but couldn't overcome the temptation of greed and

In the year 2025, Gruumm and his forces escaped through a wormhole to Earth
and attacked. With thehelp of two rebellious street thieves, the SPD B-Squad Rangers were formed and
battled Gruumm, his army and the evil A-Squad. They'd get help from Cruger as the Shadow Ranger and a
time traveler called Omega Ranger before justice was served.

Back in the present time, the Wild Force Rangers needed a leader. Cole joined and together they used
spirits of the ancient animals to fight the evil Orgs, creatures determined to conquer Earth through
pollution and destruction. The final member to join the team was Merrick, the LunarWolf.

When Generals of the Machine Empire threatened to destroy Earth -- myself, eight other Red Rangers and
Eric, teamed up to stop them for good.

Three unlikely ninja students commanded the power of earth, air and water to protect Blue Bay Harbor
against the evil space ninja, Lothor. It was the power of Thunder that have them their biggest challenge...
But their greatest enemies, proved to be their greatest allies.

With Earth at the brink of destruction, another friend, Cam, went back in time to
retrieve the one power that could save them all -- the power of the Green
Samurai Ranger.

In their final battle against Lothor, the Rangers made the ultimate sacrifice --  
giving up their morphing power and trapping him in the Abyss of Evil.

Just as I began teaching science class at Reefside High School, Mesogog
returned and it became necessary to invoke the power of the Dino Gems. Conner, Kira and Ethan were
chosen by the Gems and fought Mesogog and his forces.

I was captured and held captive at Mesogog's fortress, but escaped with some help. With the Black Dino
Gem, I became a Ranger once again.

We were all nearly defeated by Trent, who found a White Gem and became the evil White Ranger. Luckily,
the evil coating was broken just in time, but not before I became trapped in my Ranger suit for several
weeks. Thanks to Hayley, I was freed, but became invisible. I was hooked up to a machine which brought
me back, but I fell into a coma.

In a test of Ranger power verses will to live, I fought Zeo Ranger 5, Mighty Morphin' White Ranger and
Green Ranger. I fought bravely and woke up from the coma with my Dino Gem intact.

In the final battle against Mesogog, he took on a new form. Our only hope was to sacrifice the Gem power
to defeat him for good.

Things remained pretty quiet awhile after Mesogog's defeat... But it didn't last. An earthquake cracked a gate to the underworld
and an evil Knight Wolf named Koragg escaped. Four teens from the town of Briarwood and an out-of-towner named Nick, were
chosen by a White sorceress to become the Mystic Force Rangers.  

In the battle of good vs evil, they'd be joined by Daggeron the Solaris Knight and Leanbow the Red Wizard. Udonna was nearly
destroyed by the supreme Master trying to save the Rangers, but was saved by Leanbow who had been
Koragg the entire time. She lost her powers and all hope seemed gone until it was discovered Nick was
Udonna and Leanbow's son and was pivotal in stopping the evil.

Mystic Force teamed up for a final battle and then the Briarwood citizens lived in peace with the mystical
forest creatures.

When archaeologist Andrew Hartford found the Corona Aurora, two ninja brothers -- transformed into evil
beings and banished to separate planets centuries ago -- were awakened.

Four young adults -- Dax, Will, Ronny and Rose were recruited to fight the evil threat and seek out the jewels of the crown, hidden
by the Sentinel Knight millions of years ago. Hartford's son, Mack, joined the team as leader and Operation Overdrive was born. A
rescuer hunting the Fearcats named Tyzonne would later join as the Mercury Ranger.

They faced their greatest challenge when the son of Rita and Zedd, Thrax -- freed of his banishment by the Sentinel Knight --
created an evil alliance and destroyed the Rangers link to the morphing grid. Four Rangers from the past and one from the future
were summoned to take over until the grid was repaired and Thrax was defeated.

Once the evil threat was gone, the Overdrive team returned to their everyday lives with the knowledge and experience they had

Elsewhere, Master Mao -- the leader of an ancient academy -- was preparing to promote three of his students, when Dai Shi
escaped from his thousands of years of imprisonment. Mao was defeated and Dai Shi found Jarrod, an expelled student as a host.

With the help of their new master RJ -- Casey, Theo and Lily became the Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
They'd need all the help they can get to take on Camille, Dai Shi and his quest for ultimate power.

RJ would join the fight as Wolf Ranger, Dominic, the Rhino Ranger and they'd get some help from the Spirit
Rangers and the Rangers' personal Masters. They'd all join together to stop Dai Shi in his true dragon
form, but it was ultimately the chosen three who could defeat him for good.

In a post-apocalyptic dimension overrun by the Venjix Virus, a child prodigy called Dr. K formed a team to
fight Venjix' forces and protect the domed city of Corinth.

With the help of the city defense guard and long-lost twins from Dr. K's past, Venjix robotic form was
defeated and life could begin again outside of Corinth.

Back on our Earth, an ancient evil awoke forcing a new team of Samurai Power Rangers led by Jayden the
Red Ranger to join forces. Together, they bravely took on the Nighlok and prevented Master Xandred from
destroying our world.

In space, group of aliens set their sights on Earth. Tensou, the robotic assistant of Gosei, a
student of Zordon, chose five new teens to harness the power of cards and fend of the evil
threat. After their defeat, a more powerful robotic army took over and the Rangers were
given the Ranger Keys and morphers allowing them to access the Legendary powers. They
would need everything  they have to defeat the armada and stop Emperor Mavro for good.

In the final battle, myself and all the Rangers from over the years teamed up to lend a

But another battle would soon begin. An intergalatic bounty hunter named Sledge began
plotting to get crystals of great power called Energems, entrusted to dinosaurs 65
million years ago. Tyler, Chase, Koda, Shelby and Riley came together to battle Sledge with
the help of Kendall and the Energems guardian named Keeper. As more Energems were
uncovered, additional Rangers would join the team.

They sent Sledge's spaceship plunging to Earth and he disappeared but it wasn't long
before a new evil rised up... Heckyl was free and wasted no time in his quest to get the

Who knows if I'll ever morph again but I relax and focus on training knowing that Earth is in good hands. This is Tommy Oliver and
may the power protect you.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Evil Green Ranger
Tommy's debut as White Ranger
Zedd and Rita
Kim and Kat
Alien Rangers
Zeo Rangers
Jason as Gold Ranger
Tommy is attacked on the island
Tommy's photo of himself, Anton Mercer and Smitty
Turbo Rangers II (L-R): Carlos, Ashley, Justin, TJ and Cassie
Space Rangers
Silver Space Ranger
L-R: Kendrix, Damon, Leo, Kai and Maya
Galaxy Rangers
Lightspeed Rangers
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Quantum Ranger
Troobian forces
SPD Rangers
Wild Force Rangers and Wildzords
Wind Rangers (Dustin, Shane and Tori)
Green Samurai Ranger
Dino Rangers (Ethan, Conner and Kira)
Evil White Ranger
Remembering the past...
Thunder Rangers and Cam
Zordon and Andros
L-R: Zack, Trini, Jason, Tommy, Billy and Kimberly
Adam, Aisha and Rocky
The Aquatians arrive on Earth
L-R: Katie, Trip, Jen, Wes and Lucas
Duke Orgs give the Megazord battle play-by-play
Retro Rangers
Jungle Fury Rangers
RPM villains
The great battle
Overdrive Rangers (L-R: Ronny, Will, Dax, Rose and Mack) with Hartford and Spencer
Mystic Force
Go Go Spirit Rangers
Ranger Series Operators
RPM, Get in Gear!
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