New Year's Eve -=- AFPR Headquarters -=- 10pm

George Rodd:  I'm here!  LETS GET STUPID!!

Red Racer: Some of us already are.

Cyber Blue: Oh clam up, Rene.

Racer: Go build another webpage, twerp.

Cyber Blue: Consider it done.

ShyRanger: Hey Jase, who are the DJ's anyway?

LightstarBlue: Jesse and Funaro.  But tonight they're "DJ Jazzy Jess and the Fresh Funaro".

Digiranger: Hey everybody.... Lets look in the closet and see what we have for games.

Clippy: Heh heh, theres Ask Ashley.

Dan: I'll take that.

Clippy: Hmmm.... Titanium Trap.... Aquabase Playset....

Digiranger: I know what we can play.... Pin The Tail On Michael!  I'll go first!

Mikey: Since when is that a--OUCH!

MEGVOYAGER: Where's Phant?  He said he was going to bring his famous Phantom Punch.

-=- Suddenly, Phant walks up.

MEGVOYAGER: Oh hey, didn't see you come in.

Phantom6: Exactly.

-=- Sean Ekey and RoccoB64 show up with the "beverages".

RoccoB64: YEAH!  We have arrived!  Come and get 'em!

ShyRanger: I don't drink, but what the hay!

-=- Everything is calm, when suddenly, Psycho Blue crashes through the wall on his Psycho Cycle!  (Try saying THAT 5 times fast!)

PB: WOOHOO!  I'm here!  I didn't miss much, did I?!

Racer: No, just the door.

PB: Ah, well.  That was my best entrance yet!

Racer: Idiot.

Phant: Hey Rene, have some Phantom Punch.  New flavor.

Racer: Unleaded?

Phant: Sandman

Racer: No.  You people annoy me.

Funaro (holding key to main door): Can't leave until you have some.

Racer: FINE.  glug glug.... Ohh, I'm

Phant (cuffs hands): Excellent.

-=- Jesse and Funaro remove their coats and come over bearing shirts that say "STACK Police".

MegaSilver: Tie him up, boys.

Racer: zzzz--!!  H-HEY!  What do you think you're doing?!

MegaSilver: Taking you to the AFPR Insane Asylum.


MegaSilver: Yes you are.  Anyone with that much negativity torwards people on the net must be.


-=- Later, Dagmar, Jill and Miko walk up to Psycho Blue's table.

PB: Ladies, can I interest you in some Psycho Cookies?

Dagmar: Ummm.... We don't eat anything with "psycho" in it.

PB: It's chocolate.

Dagmar: Wellllll, it's no Red Ranger, but what the heck.

Miko: mmmm.... I wonder what the secret ingredient is.

-=- Psycho Blue pushes a barrell underneath the table.

Jill: What was that?!

-=- Jolly Trolly walks up.

JT: Ohh, that was--mmffh!!

PB: Eh heh heh.... What he means is, that was just a container of extra cookies.

Dagmar: I'd hate to go into "mother mode", but are you old enough to be drinking, JT?!

JT: Yeah, here's my ID.

Dagmar: Hmmm.... 21.  I thought you were 14.

JT: Uhhh....