New Year's Eve | AFPR Headquarters

Gray Ranger: This is some swingin' party, ShyRanger.

ShyRanger: Yeah, it's an official tradition now!  Cyber Blue is the photographer tonight, by the way.

Clippy: Who are the DJ's this year?

ShyRanger: Well, with Jesse as bouncer, Funaro got someone else ... dunno who.

StarFighters: You made sure to invite PB, right?

ShyRanger: Yes ... should be on his way.

Suddenly, the lights light up around the DJ's stand.

Funaro: Testing 1 ... 2 ... Wassup everyone?  Of course you know me as Chris Funaro, but tonight I'm once again "Fresh Funaro."  And with me, you
know him as Will Maberry, but tonight he's "DJ Imperiosity."

Imperiosity: Let's hit it!

** People start dancing as the music starts **

Meanwhile ...

PB: It's time I get that little ShyWeasel.  When the clock hits midnight,
I'll crash that party so hard, everyone will be knocked into 2004!!

** ShadowForce's cell starts ringing **

ShadowForce: Hello?

PB: Jase?  It's Blue.  'fraid I won't be able to make it.  I started my NYE a little TOO early and now I'm all partyed out.  Be sure to let Shy know.

ShadowForce: Got it.

JPI: You know what's great about this party, Phantom?

Phantom6: What's that?

JPI: NO trolls.  Not even Rene is here.

Phantom6:  Aw, yes.  And if anyone tries anything, they'll have to answer to Jesse.  Life is good.

Cyber Blue: Hey Phantom ... no Phantom Punch this year?

Phatom6: Naw.  But I brought some Phantom Phinger Phoods.

Soon, Jonathon and Jen (Yellow Lightning) walk in ... together (hehehe).

Jen: Thanks for being my date, Jon.

Jon: Anytime mi'lady.

Meanwhile, Dagmar is standing near Eileen's punch bowl.

JPI: What are you doing over here alone, Dag?

Dagmar: Well, Jon was going to take me, but he had to cancel.  Something about feeding his cat.  I think he took that Miss Thang ... or should I say...
JEN.  ** grumble **

JPI: Why that little ...

** Jon and Jen walk up **

Jon: Uh-oh

Dagmar: Thought you had to feed you cat!

Jon: Eer, uhh ...

Jen: Hey, I can't help it if he secretly liked me more!

Dagmar: Oh yeah?!

George Rodd: CHICK FIGHT!!

** JT quickly runs over to Cyber Blue **


Cyber Blue: Oookay ...

Jon: Well, if all you ladies wouldn't be going after me I wouldn't have this problem!

** Dag and Jen look at eachother **

Dagmar: Oh please.  Those threads ended a few weeks ago!

Jon: So tell me, how come JPI just didn't take you?!

JPI: Well, hey ... someone had to bring the kegs!  Just call me the Beer Ma

** JPI dazes away and passes out **

Meanwhile, as the DJ's spin "What Is Love", Clippy, MegaSilver and MEGVOYAGER are boppin' their heads.

MegaSilver: Gee, this would work better if there was actually some women here.  Yoo-hoo, Eileen ...

Eileen: Err ... I'll take a rain check.

Suddenly, the lights go out ... a bunch of colored lights start flashing and a voice is heard saying "You have now entered ... the Psycho Zone."

ShyRanger: What the--?!?

Phantom6: Where the heck is that abnoxious heavy-metal music coming from?!

** Just then, PB comes flying through the window on his Psycho Cycle! **

PB: HAHAHAHAHA ... Welcome to my nightmare!

Everyone: GASP!

ShyRanger: AHHHHH!!!

Burgundy Ranger: Wait a sec ... ** shines light on PB **  Some nightmare.

PB: Well, I think it worked.

** PB looks over to ShyRanger, who's running to the bathroom ... having peed in his pants **

ShadowForce: We thought you weren't coming!

PB: Heh heh.  Never think anything.  Eer, wait ... Uhh, nevermind.  Quick, someone snap a pic of me on top my bike, before it colapses.

Gray Ranger: Where's Chris?  He has the camera.

Donte: I saw him headed for the bathroom.  Don't worry, I'll get him back here.

** Donte heads into the bathroom and first notices ShyRanger passed out on the floor ... **

Donte: .... OH DEAR GOD!!

** ... and then finds Cyber Blue in a gray mini-skirt and pink blouse and putting on a blonde wig! **

** Donte passes out next to ShyRanger **


Jen: Hey Dag, look over there, it's Jason!

Dagmar: What? Are you sure?

Jen: Yes! It's him! See, in the red shirt over there?

Dagmar: Your right! It IS him! Oh Jason......

Jen: *snicker*

Dagmar: (runs over to where "Jason" is) Oh Jason how a......hey wait! This is a cardboard cut out! JENNIFER!

Jen: And now, we make are exit.

Jon: I love it when your sneaky Jen.

Jen: This is nothing compared to some other things I've done.......



Before Jon and Jen get outside, Dagmar grabs the punch-bowl, runs over and dumps it on 'em!

Jen: Hey!  I just bought this mini-skirt!

Dagmar: You want a piece of me?!  C'MON!!


Most of the AFPRers gather around.

Jen: Since you gave me some punch, I must insist you have some lemonade!  ** dumps pitcher on Dag **

Pata and JT: FOOD FIGHT!!!

Most of the AFPRers start throwing food at eachother.

Dagmar: Here Jen ... have some cookies!  ** starts throwing cookies **

Jen: Hey!  Jon made those!

Dagmar: GRRRR ...  ** throws entire tray at Jen **

Jon: Now now, ladies ... No need to be getting all like this ... as much as I enjoy it.

Jen: Face it ... He ALWAYS liked ME more!

Dagmar: THAT DOES IT!  Power Sword!

Jen: Lighting Saber!

Jen and Dag start sword fighting.

Suddenly ...


Everyone freezes, while Cyber Blue is escorted out of the bathroom (back in his normal clothes), by MegaSilver and Imperiosity.

Cyber Blue: WHY, ALISON!??!! WHY!!??  WHHHYYYYY???!!!?

Imperiosity: There, there.  What you need is the AFPR Therapy Center.

MegaSilver: You mean we still have that?!

Imperiosity: Uhh, you ARE the chairman, right?

MegaSilver: Oh ...Oh yeah.

Cyber Blue: AHHHH!!!!

Once out of the building, the sword fight resumes.

Dagmar: You may be young, but I'm more expierenced and wiser.

Jen: Yes, but I'm quick.

Jen takes a final swipe, causing Dag to fall backwards onto the cake and breaking the table!

Jen: Heh heh.  Now we shall make our exit, dear.  ** grabs Jon by arm **

Jon and Dag look at eachother.

Dagmar (to herself):  Enough of this.  You just can't beat the young-ins.  And if Jon doesn't come back, there's always Todd.

Dag looks over at JPI, who's still passed out in front of the beers.  ** shakes head and sighs **

Donte and ShyRanger return from the bathroom with Phantom, who used his Phantom Powers to help them wake up.

ShyRanger: What the HELL happened to my party?!

ShadowForce informs them what happened.

ShyRanger: Wow ... Jen is some babe.  How come I never realized it before?!  ** eyes turn into hearts **

Meanwhile ...

Star Fighters goes to use the bathroom and notices the 'Dana clothes' and wig on the floor.

Star Fighters: Hmmm ...

Soon ...

PB (to himself): Whoa.  Check out the blonde.  Hmmm.  It's probably either Liz Calkins, Froog or SPOOON.

PB: Hey baby.

Star Fighters (female voice): Hi there.

PB: What's going---OH GOD NO!!!

Star Fighters: OH YES!  C'mere, big boy!!

SF chases PB around the room while some hillbillie music plays.

ShyRanger: PB, in here!

SF chases PB into the TV room and ShyRanger closes the door behind 'em.

ShyRanger: SUCKER!  Have fun, Star!


ShyRanger (to himself): Now then, back to business.

ShyRanger shwoops past Dag and catches up to Jon and Jen, who are ... uhh ... outback.

Jon: C'mon, tell me ... What have you done that's soo bad?

Jen: Wellll.....

ShyRanger: Jon!  You're needed at the party.  George Rodd is pestering Dagmar.

Jon: Oh, who care--eer, I mean, I'll go check it out.  Be right back, my dear.

ShyRanger powers down into some fancy attire.

Aaron (with british accent): Hello cutie.

Jen (flirtious): Hi.  That was a trick wasn't it?

Aaron (clears throat): Yep.  Why should Jon get all the fun?  Ya gotta be quick 'round here, or miss out.  Besides, I never realized it before, but you're
pretty hot.

Jen: Awww.  Heh ... Let's say we go have some fun ourselves before he returns.

Aaron: Yeah ... and PB will be coming after me soon.

Jen and Aaron  run off giggling.

Moments later ...

Jon: Hey!  I thought you were in trouble!

Dagmar: Nope.  But Phantom got Donte and ShyRanger to wake up.  ShadowForce gave them the skinny and Shy suddenly got a thing for Jen or
something.  Oh and Star tricked PB into thinking he was a female and chased him into the TV room, where Shy closed the door behind them.

Jon: Heh heh.  Eer, wait ... Now Shy's going after Jen?  That little weasel!  I better find 'em before this goes any farther.

Jon runs outside, looks around, comes back in.

Jon: They're gone.

Dagmar: Well, you know, there's still meee.  ** bats eyelashes **

Jon: Hmmm ...


A couple minutes later, PB breaks through the door using a chair, and half-runs and half-limps into the party room. Star is close behind.

Everyone looks at them, not quite sure what to say.

PB: Someone had better tell me where ShyRanger is, before I get ANGRY!

Jon (with a smirk): Exactly what happened in there?

PB: You DON'T wanna know. Let's just say...I saw a little more of Star than I was read to see...

Jon: And you're limping!

PB: He said he likes it rough. HE WASN'T KIDDING!

George: Haha Psycho Blue and Starfighters are going to get married soon now probably, hands them a box.

Suddenly Star pulls PB away and starts pulling him back to the room.

SF: That's enough talking. Gimme some suga!

JPI had awoken minutes earlier, and heard the whole conversation. He stops Star and pulls PB away for a moment.

JPI: PB, I know where ShyRanger is. If you can keep Star busy, I think we can get some revenge.

PB: Busy?! Damn straight I'll be busy if you don't hurry! Look at the gleam in Star's eyes!

JPI runs off and PB faces Star.

PB: Fine. You can have me.

Star jumps up and down giddily.

PB: BUT, you must go into the next room...we need a door that closes and locks. Don't need anyone peeking in or disturbing us, do we? You won't be
alone for long, I give you my word.

Star: Okay! But you better put out this time!

Star runs into the room and flips the lightswitch on.

PB: Nope. Gotta keep that switch off..."

A minute later, JPI returns with a bound-and-gagged ShyRanger in tow. Jen is screaming after them.

Jen: Let him go! I don't coem and tie up your dates, do I??

JPI (an evil grin creeps across his face): You _could_!

Jen: Ewww.

JPI: Hey Psycho, lookie what I got.

PB: And Star is in the other room, and he's ready to let loose! Hey Shy, tell us how it went. We'll ALL be interested.

ShyRanger's screams are muffled by the cloth and duct tape covering his mouth, as he's shoved into the room. The door closes and locks behind him.

Psycho Blue, JPI, and Jen walk away.

PB: It'll be a while before they're done. I'm gonna have a nap. I've been through a lot today. Someone wake me up when they're finished.