"A Drive to Win"

~When billionaire archaeologist Andrew Hartford finds the Corona Aurora, great evil awakens.  ShyRanger, Brad and Jen are recruited to battle Flurious,
Moltor and their footsoldiers with Drive trackers.  Over several months, they would take on Kamdor, Miratrix, the Fearcats and MoTDs as well.  Little did
they know their greatest challenge would lie ahead...~

-=- Daytime.  Miratrix and Kamdor stand outside a museum.

Kamdor (impatient): What's taking so long?!

-=- A monster (Let's call him "Tsukumogami") comes out as citizens flee.

Tsukumogami: I got jewel like you asked, Kamdor.  The most precious one in the museum.

Kamdor: FOOL!  This is just an ordinary ruby!  I thought you could get a jewel of the Corona Aurora!  (tosses it aside)

Miratrix (grabbing the jewel): Hey, if you don't want it...

-=- They walk off, Kamdor unhappy.  Suddenly...

Kamdor: Rangers!

-=- ShyDrive is morphed and ready for battle.

ShyRanger: I'm guessing you're not gonna hand it over.

Miratrix: Fat chance!

Jen: Let's rock.

-=- The battle begins.  Jen fights Miratrix, Brad fights Kamdor and ShyRanger takes on Tsukumogami.

Shy: ShyLance!  Full power!

-=- Tsukumogami is defeated.  The ninjas quickly leave.

-=- Later, Shy, Brad and Jen stand outside the museum with a large crowd gathered around.  They cheer, as Shy holds up the ruby.

-=- Around the corner...

Kamdor: Gah... Another failure!

Miratrix: At least we have one jewel.  More than those other losers.

-=- Suddenly, a device with a 'Z' on it appears in Kamdor's hand.  He opens it.

"Greetings enemy of earth.  I hear you're after the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  I can help you get them if you meet with me."

Kamdor: I don't NEED any help!

-=- After throwing the thing on the grass, the ninjas are transported inside it.  They reappear inside a dim lair, where the other villains are waiting.

Kamdor: Huh?  Where are we?  (notices Flurious)

Kamdor: You! ... How did you bring us here?

Flurious: I didn't.  I was invited, just like you.

-=- Out of the shadows, comes...

Thrax: Good.  You're all here.

Flurious: And who are you?!

Thrax: I'm Thrax.

Miratrix: Ah yes, I've heard about you.  Weren't you banished forever?

Thrax: Indeed, but as you can see that's not the case. ... Like Moltor and Flurious, I was imprisoned by Sentinel Knight. ... He was determined to bring
me to justice and used his power to imprison me and send me off into space.  But great evil such as mine cannot be contained forever. ... As the Knight
grew weaker, I grew stronger and
broke free. ... But enough about me.  As far as I see it, there's only one thing standing in the way of finding the jewels of the crown... The ShyDrive

Moltor: Yes... The Rangers have foiled are plans time and time again.

Mig: And don't forget those meddlesome Psycho Rangers.

Benglo: Always getting in our way!

Thrax: Then maybe it's time to eliminate the problem at the source.  If I help destroy the Rangers, Earth will be yours to plunder for the jewels.  You'll be

Kamdor: The Rangers are strong.

Thrax: But we're stronger, IF we work together!

-=- The villains begin arguing with eachother.

Thrax: Now, now... This is just temporary.  Once the Rangers are gone, you can vaporize eachother for all I care. ... Now, gather around team...

-=- Soon, Thrax and the others are walking around downtown.

Thrax: Let the destruction begin!

-=- Citizens flee in panic as the villains start firing.  Shy, Jen and Brad arrive at the scene.

Jen: Huh?

Brad: They've teamed up?!

Shy: And who are you supposed to be?

Thrax: I'm Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.

-=- The three Rangers are stunned and prepare to morph, determined to not let the villains succeed.

Jen: Looks like we're in for the big one, guys.

Shy: Let's do it!

Thrax: FIRE!

-=- Thrax unleashes a wave of energy from his Z-staff at the Rangers, creating a big explosion.  But the Rangers shout "Accelerate!" and leap out of the
explosion, morphed.

Thrax: CHARGE!

-=- The fight is on.  Shy battles Thrax, but is hit hard with energy from the staff.  Jen and Brad quickly get ganged up on.

-=- All the sudden, a swarm of Chillers and Lava Lizards are knocked away like bowling pins as the Psycho Rangers arrive.

Dagmar: Looks like you guys could use some help.

Jen: Just in time!

Thrax: I don't think so!

-=- Even with the help of the Psychos, there are just too many villains, as they continue to get the upper hand.

Kamdor: Thrax is right.  Together we're unstoppable!

Thrax: Excellent.  Now, give me your evil energy so we can eliminate the Rangers once and for all.

-=- The villains join together, sending a energy beam down on Team ShyRanger, as the Psychos duck outta the way.  The ShyRangers are demorphed
and their morphers fried.  

Jen: Oh!

Brad: Man!

Shy: Wh-what did you do?!

Thrax: I've severed your connection with the morphing grid.  You're no longer Rangers.

Sentinel Knight: Get away from them!

Thrax: You!  This just keeps getting better.

Moltor: Sentinel Knight...

Flurious: DESTROY HIM!

Thrax: You can't... But I know what can.

S.K.: We've got to get out of here.

-=- S.K. disappears with the Rangers.

Thrax: Let them go.  They're finished.

Moltor: Let's find the jewels.

-=- S.K. and the Rangers reappear in another area.

Brad: Whoa.

Jen: What are we going to do?

S.K.: The remaining jewels are unprotected.  I must do something.  (he disappears)

Jen: Wait!  What about--

-=- Dagmar and the others arrive.

Dagmar: What about -- us?

-=- The Psychos are relieved Shy, Brad and Jen are okay.

Shy: How did you you guys escape THAT?

Dagmar: Pfft.  No evil energy surge is gonna stop the Psychos, sweetie.

Jen: Well, S.K. went to go get help it seems.

Brad: Yeah... And if we want a chance at defeating Team Thrax, we're gonna need all the help we can get.

Everyone nods.

Shy: In the meantime, let's get back to Hartfords' and see what we can do.

-=- Soon...

Hartford: The tear in the grid has cutoff all access to your Ranger powers.

Brad: LAME.

Jen: It can't be over already.

Shy: ARGH!  What can we do?

Spencer: Sir, Thrax and the others have wasted no time searching for the remaining jewels.  Attacks are coming in from all over the world.

Brad: Then it's only a matter a time before they come here for the two we have.

Hartford: He's right.  We can't let that happen.  We have to take the fight to them.

Shy: Right.  We may not be Rangers, but we can't let that stop us.

Jen: Let's give it everything we've got.

-=- Everyone nods.  Shy, Brad and Jen leave with Dagmar and the other behind 'em.

-=- Soon, Mig and Kamdor are walking around Stonehenge.

Mig: What is this strange rock formation, Kamdor?

Kamdor: Stonehenge.  One of the most legendary temples on Earth.

Mig: Ahh, interesting.

Kamdor: What better place to hide a legendary jewel.

-=- From out of nowhere, the baddies get fired at.

Kamdor: Psycho Rangers!

Dagmar: The one and only. ... And...

-=- Shy, Jen and Brad zip around on their Shy Cycles and fire.  But Mig and Kamdor are swift and deflect the attacks.  The cycles crash.  The Psychos try
to help and attack to fend them off.

Shy: GAH!  We can't let them win!

Dagmar: We can't hold them off forever!

-=- The powerless Rangers try to fight unmorphed but get beaten.

Kamdor: Let's finish this!

-=- Suddenly, Kamdor and Mig get engulfed in a mess of vines that come out of the ground.  The Green Mystic ShyForce Ranger enters the scene.

-=- Kamdor breaks free and is hit with an energy orb, courtesy of Black Ranger from ShyThunder.

-=- Mig breaks free and is hit repeatedly by streaks.  It's the Blue ShyStorm Ranger who lands on one of the gigantic rocks.

-=- The baddies are hit with a blast from Red ShyForce Ranger's Lion Blaster.

Kamdor: Frax didn't tell us there would be more Rangers.

Mig: Perhaps he's not such a great leader after all.  Let's go.

-=- Team ShyRanger and the Psychos stand around confused.

Jen: Uhh...

Brad: It's us?

Shy: ...Wait, what?

-=- The Rangers power down and indeed it's Shy, Jen, Clippy and Brad.  

DuplicateShy: Heard you guys needed some help.

Jen: How is this possible?

Shy: Yeah... Are you guys all our past selves or something?

-=- Sentinel Knight appears.

S.K.: I couldn't bring your past selves into this time for that would create a time paradox and destroy the world. ... Instead, I used much of my remaining
power to create exact duplicates of yourselves, giving each one a different power.

Shy: Gee, too bad Clippy isn't here... At least not really.

S.K.: They will take over for you while the link to the morphing grid is repaired.

Jen: Great.  Now we just need to figure out how we're going to do that.

-=- Later...

DuplicateShy: There's got to be some way to restore your powers.

Hartford: What be need is someone with the knowledge and expertise of the grid to repair it.

Shy: The morphing grid... was always believed to not have any actual form... that whatever it would look like is left to the imagination.  (looks around)  
I'm afraid we don't know of anyone with that kind of knowledge or power to be able to actually fix the link.

DuplicateJen: Wait... I remember we used to have the Alpha 6 robot helping us... at least up until my point in time in 2003.

Shy (remembering): That's right...

DuplicateShy: Where is he now?

Shy: Hmm... Ohh, after we defeated Mesogog and his forces he went back to Edinoi to be repaired.

Hartford: Spencer, send out a transmission.  He may be our only hope.

Spencer: I'll get right on it.

-=- Spencer and Hartford go off.

Jen: Now, Thrax said he knows what can defeat S.K.

Brad: Right.  We have to beat 'em to it.

Shy: If only we knew...

-=- Sentinel Knight appears.

Shy: Sentinel Knight.  So it's true?

S.K.: Yes. I am afraid there is one weapon with enough power to end my days.

-=- The Rangers look at eachother.

S.K.: The ancient Sword of Lemuria. ... I'm sure Thrax intends to find it and use it to extract his revenge on me.

DuplicateShy: Then why don't we find it first!

S.K.: No... It's too dangerous.  Protecting the jewels must come first. ... I grow weak.  I must rest.  (disppears)

-=- Everyone nods at eachother knowing what they must do.  Just then, the  alarm goes off.  Flurious and an army of Chillers appear on the screen.

DuplicateShy: Hold that thought.

-=- The duplicates head out.

-=- Later on Onyx (after the battle)...

Flurious: Those reinforcement Rangers ruined my plan!  (points staff)  Thrax!  You promised to eliminate the Rangers. ... And now they're popping up like

Thrax: Fear not, my team.  I have a creature who can eliminate those pests.

-=- Vultures enters.

Thrax: And while you keep the Rangers busy, I'll get my revenge!

-=- Meanwhile, the duplicates, Hartford and Spencer gather around the Command Centers' viewing screen as Alpha teleports through space to Earth...

Spencer: He should be entering in 3... 2...

Alpha: Alpha 6 at your service!

Hartford: Alpha, thank you for coming on such short notice.  I'm Andrew Hartford.  ShyRanger and the others are in big trouble!

Alpha: Ayi-yi-yi!  Say no more!  When it comes to helping Rangers, I'm your bot!

-=- Soon, Shy Brad and Jen are in a forest looking for the sword.

Brad: Careful guys.  You never know when--

-=- They nearly fall in trap.  Shy seems sidetracked.

Jen: What's up, Shy?

Shy: Bah, that Sentinel Knight.

Jen: I agree.  But look, maybe it won't be so bad once we get the sword.

Shy: Right.  He needs to get corporeal or get lost.

-=- Our heros walk up to a stone Princess holding the sword.

Shy: The Sword of Lemuria. ... Here goes nothing.

-=- Shy grabs the sword and tries pulling hard, but nothing happens.

Jen: What's going on?  It should've worked.

Shy (trying again): Ancient Princess of Lemuria -- Grant me the sword!

-=- Nothing.

Jen: C'mon guys.  Let's do it together.

-=- Still nothing.

Brad: What gives?

-=- Suddenly, they are hit with power from the Z-staff.

Thrax: I'm afraid your time is up.

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen pose defensively.

Thrax: Nice work.  In finding the Sword of Lemuria you led me right to it! ... My parents succumbed to goodness, but I'll restore their legacy and eliminate
the Sentinel Knight once and for all!

Shy: Are you finished?

Thrax: YOU'RE about to be!

-=- Back at the Hartford Mansion...

Hartford: We're counting on you, Alpha.

Alpha: I've never actually been INSIDE the grid before, but I'll do my best!  

-=- Alpha teleports in via the computer console.  

-=- The alarm goes off.  Vultures grows giant and begins attacking the city.  The duplicates head out the Command Center as Hartford wishes them
good luck.

-=- At the Lemurian forest, Thrax grabs the sword, but it electrifies him.

Shy: You obviously haven't heard the WHOLE legend.  Only one of pure heart and mind, who has proven themselves in battle can take the ancient

Thrax: If I can't have the sword, then I'll just destroy you and your planet!

Shy: Fat chance!

-=- Thrax is pissed and the battle begins.  Brad and Jen can't keep up much.  Shy hangs in there, but is thrown against the statue.  Thrax is about to
deliver the final blow.

Thrax: Goodbye, ShyRanger!

-=- Nearly defeated, Shy closes his eyes and grabs the sword. It glows.  The energy strikes Thrax.

Thrax: Whaaat?!

-=- Shy has the sword.  The Lermurian Princess comes alive.

Princess: You have proven yourselves worthy of the ancient sword.  It is yours.

Shy: Thank you. You won't regret it.

-=- The Princess nods and fades away.

-=- Meanwhile, the duplicate Rangers are getting rocked.

-=- Vulteres goes in for a final strike on the Megazord as it lies helplessly on the ground.

-=- DuplicateJen seems someone fast approaching.

DuplicateJen: Someone's coming!

DuplicateShy: What?

DuplicateBrad: Look!  It's ShyRanger!

-=- Shy runs to Vultures, takes a powerful leap and strikes the monster in the back with a golden slash on the way down to the ground.  Vultures falls to

-=- Soon, Hartford, Spencer, the Psychos and Team Shy are gathered in the Command Center.

Shy: You should have this.

S.K.: Thank you, young warrior.

-=- Shy hands the sword to S.K. and he transforms.

S.K.: INCREDIBLE! ... I never knew it had the power to return me to my true form as well.

-=- Alpha re-appears from out of the morphing grid.

Alpha: Ayi-yi-yi!  Am I late for the party?

-=- Shy, Jen and Brad exchange hugs with Alpha.

Hartford: The grid is fixed!

Jen (testing morpher): We have our powers back!

Shy: ShyDrive is back and better than ever!

Alpha: Ayi-yi-yi!  It feels good to be useful again!

-=- Everyone is excited.

-=- Elsewhere, Thrax and his new army walk up to the defeated Vultures.

Moltor: Another down!

Thrax: I thought Vultures was supposed to be invincible.

Flurious: One thing I learned about the Rangers, always have a "Plan B."

-=- Flurious inserts the power cyclone into Vultures and he gets up, more powered up than ever.

-=- Soon, the villains regroup in a rock quarry, as everyone watches on the screen.

Shy: You guys ready?

-=- DuplicateShy begins to fade in and out.

S.K.: I'm afraid they don't have much time left.

Shy (determined): Then lets get it done.

-=- Thrax is surprised to see them.

Thrax: But how?!  I took your powers away!

Brad: That's what you thought!

Jen: But when the good of the universe works together...

Shy: The power is endless!

-=- Thrax growls.

Shy: Let's do it!

DuplicateShy: Shy Access!

DuplicateJen: ShyStorm, Ranger Form!  Ha!

DuplicateClippy: Black Ranger, Juradic Power!

DuplicateBrad: Magical Source, Mystic Shy!

Shy, Brad and Jen: ShyDrive, Accelerate!

DuplicateShy: ShyForce Red!

DuplicateJen: ShyStorm Blue!

DuplicateClippy: ShyThunder Black!

DuplicateBrad: Mystic ShyForce Green!

Jen: ShyDrive Yellow ShyLightning!

Brad: ShyDrive Blue Dragon ShyRanger!

Shy: ShyDrive Red, the Original ShyRanger!

DuplicateShy: Guardians of the Earth, united we roar!  ShyRangers...

Dagmar: ...Psycho Rangers...


Thrax: Come my team!  DESTROY THEM!

-=- The fight is on, as Shy and Thrax clash weapons.

-=- DuplicateShy battles Flurious.

-=- Brad and DuplicateBrad take on the Fearcats.

-=- Dagmar and her Psychos fight Moltor and Lava Lizards.

Dagmar: You look like you could use a cooling off!

-=- Dagmar dodges Moltor's attacks and strikes him and the Lizards with an ice attack.

-=- DuplicateClippy battles Vultures and Chillers.

-=- The Jen's are in tight combat with Kamdor and Miratrix.

DuplicateJen: I've never seen a villain wear a tie before.

Jen: That's exactly what I said the first time.

Kamdor: Why you...! Allow me to show you my true face! ... Dual Mode!

Jen: Only a face a mother could love!

Kamdor: Oh yeah?!  Take this!  (Kamdor fires)

DuplicateJen: ShyStreak!

-=- DuplicateJen streaks around Kamdor.  He yells in agony and falls back.

Jen: Double team?

DuplicateJen: You know it!

-=- Miratrix and Kamdor are suddenly catapulted into the air from water spouts DuplicateJen creates.  Jen leaps in the air and uses her ShyClaws,
defeating them.  The Jen's exchange a big hand (or glove) shake.

-=- DuplicateShy and Flurious clash weapons.  Flurious gains the upperhand and DuplicateShy is thrown back.

Shy: Hey, Shy!  Catch!

-=- Shy throws his ShyLance at his duplicate.  Flurious fires his staff, but DuplicateShy hovers through the air and crisscrosses the ShyLance with the
ShySaber, defeating Flurious.

-=- The Brad's, meanwhile, have a tough time against the Fearcats and their hand guns.

DuplicateBrad: I'd say it's time for the heavy artillery!

Brad: Oh yeah!  Hovertech Cycle, go!

DuplicateBrad: Shy Cycle, online!

-=- Brad flies through the air and fires at Mig, who misses the blasts as he leaps upward and fires back at Brad.  Brad swiftly swoops around, directly
hits Mig and he crash lands on the ground, defeated.

-=- DuplicateBrad zips around Benglo as he fires and him, but the cycle is much too quick and the hand guns are no match.  DuplicateBrad turns around
and fires at Benglo, who gets caught in an explosion and falls over, defeated.

Brad (giving a thumbs up): Great job, B!

DuplicateBrad: You too, B!

-=- Shy and Thrax continue to battle. Thrax gets the uppherhand and knocks the ShyLance away.  Shy calls for the Defender Vest and Drill Blaster.

-=- The blaster is fired at Thrax but he bounces it right back.  The Defender Vest disappears..

Thrax: You're FINISHED!

-=- Thrax charges at Shy, but Shy ducks under, somersaults over to the ShyLance, knocks Thrax's staff outta his hand and strikes him.

Shy: Morphinominal!

-=- Meanwhile, Moltor finally breaks free of his icey imprisonment.

Moltor: HA!  You think that can stop me?

-=- Moltor floats upward and fires energy at the Psycho Rangers.  They duck and slide outta the way.  Moltor comes back on the ground and the Psychos
defeat him with a group attack.

-=- DuplicateClippy unleashes an energy orb at Vultures.  A quick wave of energy from the Dragon Staff destroys the Chillers and the energy orb
explodes, destroying Vultures.

Thrax (after being struck by Shy): You'll pay for that!

-=- Suddenly, the Sword of Lumeria shoots down into the ground between them. It transforms into Sentinel Knight.

S.K.: This ends here, Thrax!

Thrax: YOU!  If I had the Lumerian Sword I could use it to defeat you forever!

S.K.: That can NEVER happen.  The sword is part of me now!

-=- S.K. powers up and destroys Thrax.  The villains regroup.

Shy, Brad and Jen: ShyDrive weapons!

The Psychos: Psycho sabers!

The Duplicates: ShySabers!

Shy: All together now... FIRE!

-=- A huge explosion engulfs the baddies as they fall over.

Benglo: Let's go, Mig.  We've got jewels to find.

Moltor: Not if I find them first!

Miratrix: Dream on, lizard lips!

-=- The villains teleport their separate ways.

-=- Later, at Hartford Mansion...

Hartford: You all did an amazing job.

Shy: Thanks to S.K. and the duplicates he was able to create to lend a hand.

Dagmar: Hey, you could'nt have done it without US either.

Shy: Yes...

-=- The duplicates are getting dimmer and dimmer.

DuplicateShy: I'm afraid that's it for us, but I must say we were happy to help.

-=- The duplicates wave and everyone says goodbye as they disappear.

Jen: Sentinel Knight, if the duplicates shared the same sub-conscience mind as us, will
we remember anything?

S.K.: Yes, it appeared as the same dream to you all.  Aaron had it on this day in 2002, yourself in 2003, Ryan in 2004 and Brad in 2006.

Brad: Trippy.

Hartford: Can you stay awhile, Alpha?  We could use your assistance and expertise around the Commend Center.

Alpha 6: Of course!  My schedules WIDE open!

-=- Everyone laughs.

-=- A couple months later...

-=- A group of Chillers enter Flurious' ice den and hand him the blue emerald.

Flurious: Ah, so you found it.  Well done.  You may prove yourselves to be useful after all.

-=- Flurious holds up the jewel.

Flurious: Show me the location of the remaining jewels.

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen enter the Command Center excited.

Shy: Yeah! We did it!

Brad: Kamdor and Miratrix -- are his-to-ry!

Alpha 6: Ayi-yi-yi!  Way to show it to them Rangers!  (gives Shy 'five')

Jen: All that remains is Flurious, the remaining jewel and crown.

Hartford: Ah, you guys are great. I couldn't have asked for a better team to retrieve the jewels.

Spencer: It certainly wouldn't surprise me if Flurious got hold of the final jewel now that Kamdor and Miratrix are gone and the crown after Moltor was

Brad: Then what are we waiting for?

Jen: I agree. Let's take the fight to him.

-=- Shy, Jen and Brad head for the mansion main door, as Spencer and Hartford see them out.

Alpha 6: Good luck, Rangers!

Shy: Look out, Flurious!  We're on our way.

-=- Suddenly, the door explodes open.

Flurious: Perhaps you guys are the ones who should be looking out.

-=- Our heros look at eachother and get into battle stances.  Hartford is worried.

Flurious: Thanks to the blue sapphire, I was able to locate the renaming jewels.  Had I known they were HERE, I would've come for a visit much sooner.
... Get them!

-=- Chillers attack and the battle is on.  The mansion is trashed as they're thrown against furniture, stuff on the walls and shelves.

Shy: Whatever we do, we can't let them find the Command Center.

Jen: Right.

-=- A Chiller overhears and whispers in Flurious' ear.

Flurious: Find the Command Center!

-=- Shy slaps his forehead.

-=- The fight continues, while a few Chillers gather around the trick wall.  One finds the button that turns the wall around, revealing the poles.  A few
slide down and a bunch others just fall down through the passage, into the commend center.  Flurious enters from the steps.

Flurious: So this is where it all happens.

Alpha 6: Ayi-yi-yi!  Intruder alert!  Intruder alert!

-=- Chillers are running amoke, while Flurious raises his staff and fires around the room.  Computer console messes topple over, the screens spark and
catch fire, the poles are destroyed and the globe rolls into a corner and turns into flames.  Shy Brad and Jen finally make it down the stairs and watch in

-=- A few Chillers grab hold of Alpha, but Shy rushes in and grabs him, dodging Flurious' attacks.

Alpha 6: That was close!  Thanks Shy!

Shy: We gotta get outta here!

-=- Everyone runs back up as the smoke increases and Flurious just stands there laughing.

-=- With the Chillers defeated, Hartford sits down and hangs his head low, with Spencer beside him.  The Rangers just kinda stand there, afraid to say

Shy: The Command Center is destroyed, sir.

Hartford: But you guys are all right.  That's what matters most.

Brad: And hey, we still have the jewels...

Jen: Alpha too.

-=- Suddenly, Flurious fires his staff at the group.

Flurious: I believe I'll be taking those.

Hartford (quietly): No...

Flurious: Surrender now, or his whole place will go up!  (points staff at Hartford)  And you along with it.

Hartford: Don't give in, Rangers!  You don't need me!  You can't let him put on the Corona!

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen look at eachother displeased.  They hand the four other jewels to Flurious.  He grins evilly and vanishes with a pool of Chillers.

Jen: Your important to us too, Mr. Hartford.

-=- Soon, at the ice den...

Flurious: At last, the time has come to conquer this word and destroy anything that gets in our way!

-=- The army of Chillers cheer.

-=- Back at Hartford Mansion...

Hartford: Are you guys ready for your ultimate challenge?

Shy: After taking on some of the worst creeps like Thrax, Mesogog, Koragg...

Jen (cutting off Shy): I think we'll be all right.

Shy: But if the crown can indeed produce THAT MUCH power, we're gonna need all the help we can get.

-=- Spencer approaches the others with a box.

Spencer: Luckily, the hidden safe remained hidden during the battle.

-=- Soon, Flurious and his army reach the rock quarry.  The jewels are laid down and they revert to their original form. The Rangers arrive on their cycles,
destroying some Chillers.

Shy: It ends here, Flurious!

Flurious: Nice of you to show up to see the destruction, but I'm afraid you won't be around to see it. ... And I don't believe we've been introduced.

Clippy: I'm Ryan, better known as Clippy or Juradic.  Eh, I know it's been awhile, but I do what I can to help out my friends here.

Flurious: I see.  But I'm afraid your visit will be short lived.

-=- The Rangers grab their morphers, as Flurious raises his staff and creates a giant snowstorm.

Flurious: First St. Angeles, then the world!  The beginning of a new ice age!!

-=- Shy, Brad, Jen and Clippy are covered in ice, while the morphers power up.  The morphers shatter the ice and morph our heros successfully.

Shy: ShyDrive Red ShyRanger!

Jen: ShyDrive Yellow Lightning!

Brad: ShyDrive Blue DragonRanger!

Clippy: ShyDrive Black Juradic!

Flurious: Let's raise the stakes...  (holds up the crown)  Corona Aurora -- the crown of the Gods -- give me your power!

-=- The crown magically goes on Flurious' head.

Flurious: The crown makes me powerful... and BIG!!!  (he grows)

Clippy: Oooh!  I'd say it's time for some "Whup-Ass Megazord!"

Shy: Right you are, my friend.  Time the break out the new and improved Battle Zords.  (into morpher)  Battle Zords, Drive Zords, Battlefleet online!

Shy: Brad -- You and Clippy take the Battlefleet.  Jen, you take the Battle Max and I'll pilot the Drive Shy.

-=- They nod in agreement.

Brad: Battlefleet Megazord, online!

Jen: Battle Max Megazord, power up!

Shy: Drive Shy Megazord!  Let's do it!

-=- Drive Shy goes in with its saber, but SuperFlurious grabs it and lunges the Megazord away.  Battlefleet and Battle Max try to attack on the sides, but
are quickly struck and fall.

-=- Suddenly, SuperFlurry is hit from behind.

Brad: Hey, look!

Jen: Psycho Megazord!

Shy: Just in time.

Dagmar: You can never go wrong with a surprise attack.

SuperFlurious: HA!  I'll show you.

-=- Sparks fly around Shy in the cockpit as the Megazord is beat on and falls.  SuperFlurry is about to strike the final blow, when...

-=- Sentinel Knight kickes SuperFlurry from behind, sending him into a mountain side.

Shy: S.K.!

Brad: Alright!

S.K.: At your service, Rangers.

Dagmar: Psycho spin-out!

-=- SuperFlurry gets up, blocks the attack and Psycho Megazord is knocked away.  S.K. tries to attack but is overpowered and is hurled into the air,
crashing down into the ground away, back in sword form.

Shy: NO!

SuperFlurious: Surrender.  You are no match for the power of the Corona.

-=- SuperFlurry unleashes a burst of charged-up energy, knocking over the Megazords.

Brad: Flurious is right.

Jen: How can we defeat him?

Clippy: What can we do?

Shy: What's the opposite of ice?

Jen: Fire, so?  How can we create enough -- Oh, I get it...

Brad: Ah, me too

Shy: Guys, I may be our only shot to defeat him.  We gotta give it a shot.

-=- The others comply.

Shy: I'll be on one side and Brad n' Clippy, you'll be on the other.  When I give the cue, eject!  Jen, stand clear with the Psychos.

SuperFlurious: You're finished!

-=- Drive Shy Megazord and Battlefleet Megazord grab hold of Flurious.

SuperFlurious: ...What are you doing?!!

Shy: You'll see! ... And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

-=- The Megazords self-destruct, dousing SuperFlurry with fire and sparks.  He shrinks, as the Rangers regroup on the ground.

SuperFlurry: NO!  My power -- has weakened!

Shy: Defender Vest, online!  Drill Blaster, fire!

-=- SuperFlurry quickly blocks the attack and fires back.  The Rangers get demorphed and the blaster goes flying.

SuperFlurious: Foolish Rangers!  It will take more than that to finish me.

Shy (getting up): Then you leave me no choice!  Red Sentinel ShyRanger, activate!

-=- The Sentinel Sword transforms into the battlizer.

-=- Chillers quickly surround the others and they fight them off, each morphing in mid-battle. The Psychos lend a hand.

SuperFlurry: No power in the world can match mine!

Shy: We'll see about that! ... Sword mode!

-=- S.K. creates a tornado, trapping SuperFlurry and Shy uses the double sword technique.  But Flurious unleashes an icey breath attack, making the
tornado disappear and Shy falls.

SuperFlurious: None of your attacks will ever work!

-=- SuperFlurry fires, but Shy dodges it.

Shy: Then we'll just have to turn up the power!

-=- Clippy finishes off a pack of Chillers with the ShyHammer and poses triumphantly.

Clippy: Team Shy Power, baby!

-=- Jen finishes off a pack of Chillers with the ShyClaws and poses triumphantly.

Jen: Goodnight! ... Ha!

-=- Brad finishes off a pack of Chillers with the ShyVortex and poses triumphantly.

Brad: That's how WE do it! .

-=- The Psychos finish off the Chillers and pose triumphantly, as they shout "Psycho Power!"

Shy: Hey guys! ... Listen, if we combine our powers again, I think we can finally beat him.

Brad: It's worth a shot.

Jen (recalling): Just like with the Shield of Triumph!

Shy: Right!

-=- They get in a formation.

S.K.: Aaron, what are you doing?!

Shy: Using everything we've got!

-=- A power energy beam is unleashed on SuperFlurry.  He disappears in the explosion.  The Rangers are de-morphed and the morphers fried.

Shy: Yep, looks like we completely maxed out our powers.

Clippy (cautious) But -- did we finish him?

-=- The smoke clears and Flurious, back in his normal form, is on the ground with the crown nearby.

Flurious (catching breath): What are you going to do?  Your powers are drained!

Shy (thinks, looks around a moment): This!

-=- Shy leaps forward, rolls, grabs the Drill Blaster and fires dead on at Flurious -- the power hurling him back without the vest.  Flurious explodes like an

-=- Later, at Hartford Mansion...

Hartford: Thank you, Rangers.  The universe is forever in your debt.

Shy: Pfft... Well, I wouldn't go THAT far...  (grins)  But if you insist...

Hartford: You too, Psycho Rangers.  Your assistance was much appreciated.

Dagmar: No sweat.  We do what we can.

Hartford: And Alpha, we couldn't have done it without you either.

Alpha 6: Awe shucks...

-=- Sentinel Knight appears.

Brad: Hey, S.K.!  Just in time!

SK: Yes, the time for goodbye has come. ... The crown and jewels have been re-hidden more carefully to prevent something like this from happening
ever again.

-=- Shy, Jen and Brad look at eachother funny.

SK: No, none of them are on Earth. ... They're scattered across the neighboring planets -- Aquitar, Triforia, Onyx, Eltar and Edinoi.

Shy (whispering to Jen): Shoulda' done that to begin with.

Hartford: So what are you guys going to do now?

Shy: I'm thinking a vacation sounds good and then just training for whenever evil will strike again.

Dagmar: Alpha can stay with us at Psycho Headquarters in the meantime.

Alpha 6: Sounds good to me.

Hartford: How about it guys?  For old times sake?

-=- Hartford, Spencer, Team Shy and the Psychos put their hands together in a circle and leap, raising their arms.



Thanks for reading!  It was great doing one of these again.  After "ONCE A RANGER," I knew I would base it off of it.  Since "CROWN AND
PUNISHMENT" was somewhat of an anti-finale, I enjoyed using that as well and coming up with parts I would've done differently (most notably the
battle with Super Flurious).  And although the Rangers fighting Chillers so much at the end was kinda dumb, I loved the little curtain call Rose, Ronnie,
Will and Dax got defeating them, so it was used here too.