"A ShyForce 4th"

Fireworks Org: I've got an M-1000 with your newsgroup on it, Rangers!

SR: And we're here to put a stop to it!

**ShyRanger, Dragon ShyRanger and Yellow ShyLightning shout "ShyForce" and pose**

FW Org: Whatever!  **throws fireworks at ShyForce**

-- After some Saber fighting ...

YSL: This isn't working!  We need to combine our weapons!

SR: Triforian Sword ... Super Slash!

FW Org: I don't think so!  **blocks strike and fires away with Rocket Saber**

SR: AHHH!!  He's TOO strong!

-- Suddenly, George Rodd wanders over ...

Rodd: Oh boy!  I LOVE fireworks!  Hey, catch!  **throws bomb at Org**

FW Org: Oh no ya don't!  **blocks with Saber causing bomb to turn around, blasting Rodd**

Rodd: Fireworks ... no ... like ... me ...

DSR: Shy Blaster!  Fire!

YSL:  Ugh ... Didn't even faze him!  What are we gonna do?!

SR: Shouldn't we help George, first?

[insert scene involving the Hello Nurse here]

-- Soon ...

YSL: Hey, I got an idea.  Follow my lead.

YSL: Hey, Fireworks Org!  Can't catch meee!

FW Org: Oh yeah?!

YSL: Let's go guys!

**ShyRanger, DSR and YSL take off with FW Org behind them**

DSR: So **huff** where are we going **puff** ... anyway?!

YSR: You'll see ...

-- Soon, YSR demorphs into a bathing suit and jumps into the AFPR Pool, with ShyRanger and DSR doing the same ...

Aaron: Try catching us NOW, Org!

FW Org: How dumb do you think I am?!

JPI: About as dumb as certain people around here!  Hiyah!  **kicks Org into the pool causing it to explode**

Jen: Heh.  There goes another.

Dagmar: Damn it!  I just cleaned the pool!

CyberBlue: NOOOO!!  The blast KILLED my Red WF Ranger inner-tube!

Brad:  Next time we might wanna try killing an Org where there AREN'T people!