"The Phantom Pumpkin"

-- Halloween, outside AFPR Headquarters, an Org spirit posses a pumpkin, grows a body, etc.

Pumpkin Org: Oh boy!  Halloween!

ShyRanger: Hold it right there, Jack-Org-Latern!  No wait.  Jack-O-Org.

Yellow Lightning: How about Jack-O-Latern Org?

PumOrg: Enough!  That's Pumpkin Org!  And who are you guys supposed to be?!

DragonRanger: Hey, these ain't no costumes.

ShyRanger: We're ShyForce--

YL: --and you're under arrest!


YL: Oh wait, that was LAST season.

PumOrg: Whatever.  **fires cannons filled with pumpkin goo**

YL: Eeeww!

ShyRanger: Let's do it!

ShyForce attacks with their weapons, but Pumpkin Org puts up a fight.

Dragon: We better use the Triforian Sword.

ShyRanger: OK then ...

ALL: Triforian Sword--Super Slash!

PumOrg: I don't think so!  Phantomkin Power-Up Mode!

Pumpkin Org swoops a cape around, disappearing before the slash can strike him!

Dragon: Wha--?  Where'd he go?!

Drag, Shy, YL look around ...

Pumpkin Org reappears, swiping ShyForce with his sword.

**various yells**

PumOrg: HAHA!

YL: Who knew a pumpkin could be so tough?!

Suddenly, PB, MegaSilver, ShadowForce and Clippy arrive ...

PB: Need some assistance?

ShyRanger: Yes!

YL: We're having a 'tuff' time defeating this Org.

PB: Uhh, what Org?  **looks around**

PumOrg: This one!

Pumpkin Org appears again, firing at everyone.

Clippy: How are we gonna stop this guy?

MegaSilver: I got it.  I'll use my helmet scanner to determine where he is, everytime he disappears.

ShyRanger: Good idea.

MegaSilver: Jen!  Behind you!

YL: Hiya!

PumOrg: Oompff!

MegaSilver: Brad!  Right!

Dragon: Don't mess with the foo!

PumOrg: You'll pay for that!  **reappears, starts sword slashing**

ShyRanger: Let's do it, guys!

ShyForce attacks with their individual weapons, as Pumpkin Org attacks the others.

PumOrg: My Phantom power is gone!

YL: Alright, everyone ... Bring 'em together!

ShyForce: Triforian Sword--Super Slash!

Newsgroup Rangers: Jungle Sword--Savage Slash!

Pumpkin Org falls over, explodes.

ALL: Power down!

Dragon: Another one for the books.

YL: I don't wanna see another pumpkin for a LONG time.

ShyRanger: How about those cute little ones?

ShadowForce: I wonder where he got that Phantom power from, anyway ...

Phantom6 (you were expecting the Great Pumpkin? ^_^) comes over, appearing dazed and confused (no pun intended).

ShyRanger: What happened to you?!

Phant: I was asleep on the front step when that stupid Org came.  Took some of my power.  So you all might want to stay at least 2 feet away from me,
until Thanksgiving or so.

**Everyone backs away**