"Rangers of Two Words"

AFPR's time has passed.  The old Command Center has since turned into an "abandoned warehouse" as many of the old regulars have moved on in the
past 3 years.  After the big battle against Mesogog and his forces, 2005 was a peaceful year... But evil returned once again in 2006 when a mysterious
Knight Wolf came from another dimension and claimed the land in the name of The Master of the Underworld.  Mystic Shy Morphers were created and
three old-timers to the newsgroup -- Aaron ("Shy"), Brad and Jen stepped up to stop the darkness and save the fandom.

Morticon: Those Mystic ShyForce Rangers really drive me crazy!  When are you going to defeat them?!

Koragg: I will.  Give me time.

Morticon: You're time is running out. ... Oh, this was so much easier 19 years ago.

Mucor: Morticon!  Allow me to go to the surface world and finish what Koragg started!

Morticon: Yes... Go... and DESTROY!  *Koragg groans*

-=- Meanwhile, Aaron, Brad and Jen are hangin' at ShyOps, when suddenly, the sensors go off.

Brad: Oooh!  We got activity!

-=- Soon...

ShyRanger: Stop right there!

Mucor: Oh, I heard about you.

Jen: Then you know you should surrender now!

Mucor: Fat chance!  I'm hungry!

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen morph and battle Mucor.  After a fierce battle, he is defeated.

Brad: All right!  Another one down.

Koragg: Not as fast, ShyRangers.

Jen: Oh no!

-=- Koragg makes Mucor grow, then does his growth spell and forms Centaurus Wolf Megazord.

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen form the Mystic Shy Megazord and attack.

-=- Mucor is defeated.

Shy: You're next, Koragg!

Koragg: I don't think so.

-=-  Koragg gains the upper hand and Mystic Shy Megazord topples to the ground.  The Rangers fall out.

Brad: Lame.

Koragg: You're weak. ... We'll meet again.

-=- Back in the Pit, Morticon unleashes his fury on Koragg.

Morticon: YOU FOOL! ... Time and time again you let those Rangers get away! ... I should send them to another dimension and I can finally take over the
surface world!

Koragg: Allow me to.  I can send the Rangers to other dimensions with my dark magic.

Morticon: You're failed enough. ... I need a monster... One who can send the Rangers anywhere.

Necrolai: None of the creatures in our army can do that.

Morticon: Find me one who can!  Do whatever it takes!

-=- Later...

Necrolai: Morticon!  I searched the past and future history banks for evil creatures.  According to records from 2019, theres a monster named Tomars
who can send Rangers to different dimensions with his laptop.

Morticon: Excellent!  Bring him here!

Necrolai: I am afraid I don't have enough power to time-travel there and back.

-=- Suddenly, the Master's eye appears and zaps Necrolai.  She disappears and then re-appears with Tomars.

Tomars: Wh-what's going on here?! ... You're not Morgana.

Necrolia: You work for us now, Tomars.

-=- Soon, Tomars walks around a public square in Angel Grove as civilians flee in panic.

Tomars: Now where are those Power Pests?!

Jen: Right here!

Shy: Make it easy on yourself and come along peacefully.

Tomars: Yeah, right. ... I have a mission to do!  *Begins firing*

-=- Rangers morph and the battle ensues.

Tomars: Play-time is over!

-=- Tomars presses a few keys on his laptop and Shy, Brad and Jen disappear.

-=- They reappear and fall to the ground.

Brad: Erm, that was weird.

Jen: What do you think happened?

Shy: I dunno... But this place doesn't look familiar, that's for sure.  Let's look around.

-=- At Rootcore, Udonna calls the Rangers while they hang out in Rock Porium.

Udonna: Rangers!  I'm picking up dark energy!

Nick: All right, let's hit it.

-=- Rangers hurry out, unbeknownst to Toby.

Udonna (staring at the globe): ...Wait, what's this?

-=- Citizens flee as Necrolai and a group oh Hidiacs walk around a plaza.

Necrolai: Ahh... What a nice day for some destruction! *Fires at a building*

-=- Meanwhile, Shy, Brad and Jen hear an explosion as they wander around.

Jen: That can't be good.

Shy: Yeah... I know a monster attack when I hear one.  Let's check it out.

-=- Moments later...

Shy: Stop right there, Necrolai!

Necrolia: Huh?  And who are YOU?!

Shy: Enough games!  Where did Tomars take us?

Necrolai: Gah!  I don't know what you're talking about.

Jen: We'll see about that.

-=- The Rangers morph and attack.

Necrolai (catching breath): Agh!  Power Rangers!

Brad: What is with her today?

Shy: I dunno.

Necrolai: Hidiacs!  

-=- The Rangers battle Hidiacs, as Necrolai leaves.

-=- Soon...

Jen: Something strange is definitely going on.

Shy: Totally... Lets figure out where we are. ... Something tells me were not in Angel Grove anymore.

-=- Nick and the others finally arrive at the scene.

Xander: Uhh, not to sound like Caption Obvious, but I'd say we missed a battle here.

Nick: Yeah, really... We better get back to Rock Porium until we hear more.

-=- Back at Rootcore...

Clare: You should tell them what you saw.

Udonna: No, they'll find out for themselves.

-=- Meanwhile...

Necrolai: Morticon!  I have news!

Morticon: This better be important! ... I MUST get out of here!

Necrolai: Yes... Seems there are 3 new Rangers with powers the same as Mystic Force.

Morticon: I don't care if there are TEN new Rangers!  I want them destroyed!

Necrolai: As you wish.

-=- Necrolai leaves.

Necrolai: Koragg!  I need your help!

Koragg: Why should I help you?

Necrolai: Together we can defeat the Rangers.

Koragg: Mmm... I work alone.

Necrolai: Ahh, but it seems there are 3 Rangers from another world and Morticon will have my neck if I don't do something.

Koragg: Hmm... Interesting.

Necrolai: So you will help me?

Koragg: I bestow his magic upon you!

-=- Necrolai gets powered-up.

-=- As Shy, Brad and Jen continue to walk around, they see a sign and begin to realize where they are.  Suddenly, they get caught in an explosion.

Necrolai: I don't know who you are, but Morticon wants to see you.

Shy: Ugh... Not gonna happen.  

-=- The 3 heros get up and blow away smoke.  They morph and battle Necrolai.

-=- At Rootcore, Udonna picks up dark energy again and contacts the Rangers.

Nick: All right, this time we're on it.

-=- Nick, Xander, Chip, Madison and Vida hurry to the location and stop in total surprise.

Vida: What the--?!

Chip: It's us! ... Well, 3 of us!

Maddie: Perhaps we should help them!

Nick (stopping Madison): No... We don't know if they're friend or foe.

Necrolai: Feel my new power, Rangers!

Jen: I don't think so!

-=- ShyRanger charges at Necrolai, but is no match for her new arm weapons as he gets thrown to the side of a car and demorphs on the ground.  Jen
and Brad double-team, but also get thrown and demorph.

Necrolai: Hahaha!  You're mine.

Maddie: Now do we help them?

-=- The Mystic Rangers surprise Necrolai with a group kick and she takes off.  They power down.  Nick helps Shy up.  Maddie and Vida help Jen and Chip
and Xander help Brad.

Nick: Let's take them to Udonna.

-=- Back in the other time...

Morticon: Yes!  With ShyForce out of the way, I can take over this city!

Koragg: Allow me to do the Master's bidding and take over the surface world. ... Without ShyForce, it will not be a challenge.

Morticon: You best not fail or you'll be sent to another dimension next! ... And take Tomars with you. *The Master's eye glows*

-=- At Rootcore...

Udonna: Hello.  I am Udonna.

Shy: On behalf of ShyForce, it's nice to meet you. *Looks around*  All of you.

Udonna: Yes... I knew you were here. ... I saw a pure light in the globe and I knew.

Chip: Wow.  So are you guys like from another dimension?

Shy: Yeah... One where "Power Rangers" is just a TV show and is loved by a fandom.

-=- Vida and Madison exchange smiles.

Chip: I always wanted to be on TV!

Xander: Ahh... "Plan Xander Goes Hollywood"

Clare: W-wait... How did you even get here?

Brad: We were kidnapped and set to this dimension by a creature named Tomars.

Vida: How are we going to get them back?

-=- Suddenly, Udonna notices dark energy on the Viewing Globe.  The Mystic Rangers head out.

Shy: Let us go with them.

Udonna: No... You must stay here while we figure out how to get you home.

-=- The Rangers enter the scene and find piles of white feathers as Necrolai and Screamer admire their work. They morph and attack.

-=- Nick and Vida get tossed about by Necrolai.

Necrolai: Screamer!  Ranger is down!

-=- Nick and Vida are turned into piles of feathers.

-=- Xander and Chip attack, but are turned into feathers as well.

Maddie: Oh no!

Necrolai: This is perfect! ... All we need now is the Blue Ranger!

Maddie: I'm not afraid of you!

Screamer: Oh yeah?!

-=- Suddenly, Screamer goes flying as Shy, Brad and Jen fly by on their Speeders, guns blazing.

Necrolai: Curses!

Screamer: Three more Rangers!  No problem!  Hahaha!

Shy: We'll see who has the last laugh! ... Let's go Legend!

-=- The 3 power up to Legend Mode.  Maddie is awe-struck.

Necrolai: Take this!

-=- Shy and Brad dodge the blasts from Necrolai's weapons and strike them.

-=- Jen grabs Screamers beak.

Jen: Now!

-=- Madison fires her staff at Screamer.

Necrolai: Bah... They're all yours.  *Flies away*

Screamer: W-wait!

Jen: Your turn, Screamie!

Shy: Hey Maddie, you want in on this?

Maddie: Sure!

ALL: Mystic Shy Staff Blast, Water Fury!

-=- Screamer is destroyed and the citizens and other Rangers are back to normal.

-=- Back in the real dimension, members of the PR fandom battle Koragg and Tomars.

Koragg: Don't you guys ever quit?!

Ranger #1: No way! ... We'll
never give up!

-=- Ranger #1 gets blasted by Ranger #2.

Ranger#2: You know the rules... Saying that in battle is forbidden.

Ranger #1: Sorry!

-=- Later, at Rootcore...

Clare: Let's hope this works.

Udonna: Good luck, ShyForce Rangers.

Chip: Say hi to the fandom for us!

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen begin to glow, but something goes wrong.  Smoke appears and sparks fly.

Vida: Something's wrong!

Nick: Take my hand!

-=- Shy reaches out and grabs Nick's hand as they disappear.  Nick tries pulling the 3 out of the powerful force as they disappear.  The other Rangers
grab hold of Nick.

-=- Soon, Shy, Jen and Brad wake up in the spot where the originally fought Tomars.

Jen: Everyone okay?  

Brad: Looks like Clare's spell worked after all.

-=- Groaning is heard.  The ShyForce Rangers turn around and see the Mystic Rangers getting up from their unexpected trip to this dimension.

Xander: Oooh, my head...

Shy: Oh no...

Nick: Great, now we're stuck in your dimension.

Maddie: There's got to be a way out of here.

Tomars: Hey! ... You're guys weren't supposed to come back!

Jen: And we have our answer.

Tomars: Ha!  If you think I'll send you back, think again!  You'll be destroyed before that happens!

Shy: Think about it. ... Eight of us and only one of you. ... Do you really like those odds?

Nick: Now send us back!

Tomars (worried): Uhh, I think I hear Morticon calling!  *Teleports away*

-=- Soon...

Tomars: Sir, it seems the ShyForce Rangers managed to return with the Mystic Force Power Rangers!

Morticon: FOOL!  Power Rangers aren't real!

Tomars: They are now! ... See for yourself!  *Shy, Brad and Jen showing the Mystics around the city comes up on the laptop*

Morticon: Bwahahahaha!  PERFECT! ... KORAGG! ... The Master will reward me nicely.

-=- Koragg returns from battling the fandom.

Koragg: You called?

Morticon: You've done enough for one day. ... It's Necrolai's turn.

Necrolai: Thank you. ... It will be an honor to defeat the Mystic Force.

-=- Soon, Tomars, Necrolai and an army of Hidiacs appear in the city, as the Ranger teams wait in ShyOps.

Shy: Ooh!  They're back!

Nick: Let's do it.

-=- They arrive in the plaza.

Necrolai: Ha... Your defeat is at hand, Power Rangers.

Tomars: Hehehe!  There's no escape this time.

Shy: We'll see about that. ... Ready?

Everyone else: Ready!

Shy: Cue the

Shy, Brad, Jen: Magical Source, Mystic Shy!

Nick, Xander, Chip, Maddie, Vida: Magical Source, Mystic Force!

Vida: Ever-Changing as the Wind, Pink Mystic Ranger!

Maddie: Fluid as the Sea, Blue Mystic Ranger!

Chip: Fast as Lightning, Yellow Mystic Ranger!

Nick: Forceful as Fire, Red Mystic Ranger!

Jen: Yellow ShyLightning!  ShyForce Blue!

Brad: Dragon ShyRanger!  ShyForce Green!

Shy: The Original ShyRanger!  ShyForce Red!

Necrolai: ATTACK!!

-=- Shy and Nick fight Necrolai.  Brad, Xander and Chip fight Tomars.  The girls battle Hidiacs.

Xander: Give us that laptop!

Tomars: Never!

-=- Tomars takes out the laptop and it gets struck mid-battle.  He laughs.  The guys get side-tracked a second and Tomars makes his move!

Brad: Bah... Cheap shot.

-=- Shy and Nick start to get overtaken by Necrolai and there's too many Hidiacs for the girls to handle.

Shy: We've got to...

Jen: Regroup!

Necrolai: This is going better than expected. ...  Now to finish you.

-=- Shy, Jen and Brad exchange nods and call out "Let's go Legend!"

Shy, Jen, Brad: ShyForce, version up, Legend Mode!

Chip: Whoa!  Where'd you get that?

Shy: Eh, don't worry... You'll all get it too.

-=- Necrolai is disgusted.

Shy: Now then...

-=- Shy and Nick battle Necrolai.  Jen and Brad battle Tomars.  The rest defeat the Hidiacs.

Shy: Ready to surrender?

Necrolai: Pfft... Never!

-=- Necrolai and Tomars get double-teamed.

ALL: Magical Force, United Formation Blast!

-=- Tomars is defeated.  Necrolai flies away just in time.

Brad: Looks like she got away.

-=- Koragg's growth spell is heard and Tomars becomes huge.

Nick: We got big trouble!

Shy: Mystic Shy Zords, online!

-=- The Mystic Rangers grow into Titan Mode and form the Megazord.

Shy, Brad, Jen: Mystic Shy Megazord, battle ready!

-=- The Megazords fight Tomars.

Koragg (watching from afar): Hmm...

Shy: Shy Fury Punch!  *attacks*

Nick: Let's finish this. ... Megazord saber!

-=- Tomars explodes.

Koragg: Now the real battle begins, Rangers.

-=- Centaurus Wolf Megazord is formed.

Nick (displeased): Great.  Even in this dimension we get to fight Koragg.

Koragg: I will be rewarded nicely when I defeat the real Power Rangers.

Nick: Not gonna happen.

-=- The Rangers teamup on Koragg.

Koragg: You Rangers are stronger than I thought. ... And ShyForce has gotton stronger since our last battle. ... We'll meet again.  *Teleports downward*

Shy: Meh... That wasn't so bad.

Xander: Ahh, my head... I think I've had all the alter-dimension action I can take.

Jen: Let's get you guys home before anything else happens.

Chip: Aren't we going to meet the rest of our fans?

-=- Shy and Jen look at eachother.

Shy: Eer... Let's keep this teamup between us. ... Mystic Force hasn't exactly gotten the best response...

-=- Back at ShyOps...

Vida: Good thing we know the spell Clare did.

-=- Suddenly, a crowd is heard outside.

Shy: Awe geez, we've been discovered.  

-=- A horde of PR fans enter.

Nick: Goodbye, ShyForce Rangers.

Maddie: Thanks for everything!

Chip: Keep watching!

Xander: Catch ya later!

Vida: See ya!

-=- Everyone waves to eachother as the Mystic Rangers disappear.