"A Thunder 4th"

-=- It's the 4th of July and the members of AFPR are celebrating.  There's plenty of food, fun and "Psycho Lemonade."

-=- Meanwhile...

Mesogog: Look at those pathetic Newsgroup Rangers.

Elsa: My lord, I believe I have exactly what you're looking for.  I present -- Barbetron!

Barbetron: Let's get this party started!

Mesogog: And what's so special about him?!

Elsa: I believe you'll find he has a very _explosive_ personality.

Mesogog: Yeeesssss...

ShyRanger: What a great day for a 4th of July BBQ.  Anyone want anymore Psycho Lemonade?

Jen: Stop calling it that!

ShyRanger: Uhh, but that's what it's called!  (points to container)

-=- The psycho members roll their eyes.

-=- Suddenly, Barbetron teleports via a green portal.

Barbetron: Hello newsgroup!

Aaron Thall: Oh great, another holiday monster attack.  Don't they ever learn?

Barbetron: Tyrannodrones!

-=- Fights with Tyrannodrones ensue but the AFPR members fend 'em off.

ShyRanger: Ready guys?

Brad and Jen: Ready!

Barbetron: Bring it on!

Shy, B and Jen: ShyThunder, Power Up!  Ha!

-=- The ShyThunder Rangers begin to fight Barbetron, gaining the upper hand...

Barbetron: You won't win that easily!

-=- Barbetron releases his own attacks on the Rangers...

ShyRanger: All right, Super Shy Mode!

-=- Shy and Brad tackle the monster and Jen flies in and knocks him away.

Brad: Let's finish him off!

Barbetron: I don't think so!

-=- The Rangers attempt to use the Shy-Rex Blaster, but Barbetron bounces the energy back at the Rangers, sending them tumbling and demorphing.

Brad: Damn...

Jen (catching breath): We've... never... fought a monster that tough before.

ShyRanger: We can beat him guys.  We just need--

-=- ShyRanger gets cut off as a swarm of Tyrannos throw a net on the Rangers and surround them.

Barbetron: You're coming with me!

-=- The Rangers soon find themselves in some sort of holding area.

Zeltrax: Mesogog wants you kept here until he figures out what to do with you.  There's a force field around here, so you're friends won't be able to
find you.  Barbetron, you come with me.  

Barbetron: Hahaha!  Later, ShyLosers.

Brad: (looking around): We gotta get outta here.

Jen: Can't we just use the ShyStreak?

ShyRanger: ShyStreak??  That was SO last season.

-=- Jen tries grabbing one of the bars, but gets electrocuted.

ShyRanger: JEN!

Brad: Lamer.

ShyRanger: I'll call for help.  (taps morpher)  Come in, AFPR!  AFPR, do you copy?  Come in!  

-=- The morpher gives a dead tone.

Jen (disappointed): No one knows were here.

ShyRanger: I'm sure they must be looking for us by now.

-=- Meanwhile, at Headquarters....

MegaSilver (addressing many newsgroup members): To put it simply -- We can't find them.

Burgundy Ranger: According to reports, they disappeared in the monster fight.  Wherever they are, they aren't showing up on the scanners.

Ryan: I'll look around the Shy Lab and see if I can find anything.

Burg: Right.  Silver and I will continue to check incoming reports and the scanners.

-=- Everyone hurries off.  Soon, Ryan enters the lab...

-=- Ryan looks around and something catches his eye...

Ryan: Oooo, shiny...  (Goes in for a closer look...)  Whoa!  A Black Shy Gem!

-=- Picks up the gem and it forms a wristband on his wrist.

-=- Ryan grins with inspiration as he raises his arm and calls out, "Black Ranger, Juradic Power!"

-=- The new Black Ranger hops on his ShyRaptor and heads off.

Ryan: Okay, their must be someway to find them.  (ponders)  The morphers must be connected somehow.  (pause)  ShyScan activate!

-=- Ryan's helmet beings searching for the other 3... In mere moments it beeps with the spot they're located.

Ryan: Yes!  Got it!  (raises morpher)  Guys, I've located them!  They're in a dungeon near Mesogog's lair!

Burg: There must be a force field around it, which is why we weren't able to locate 'em.

Dagmar: How did you find them, anyway?

Ryan: I'll explain later.  Right now, I'm headed over there.  I'll call if I need backup.

-=- Soon...

Ryan: All right, I'm in.  Now let's see...  (looks around)  Guys!  Hey, guys!

Jen: Hey! ...What?...  Another Ranger?

Brad: You didn't say anything about a Black one!

ShyRanger: I see you found the Black Gem, Clipster.

Ryan: Heh heh, yep.  But for right now, let's get outta here!

-=- Ryan opens the cage door, but then Zeltrax enters with Tyrannodrones.

Zeltrax: You're not going anywhere.

Ryan: I think it's ass-kickin' time.

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen stand in front of Ryan with their helmets, as ShyRanger calls out, "Back to action!"

-=- The Rangers fight the baddies and quickly escape via a portal on the ShyRaptors.

-=- Back near AFPR Headquarters...

ShyRanger: All right, we made it back!

-=- Suddenly, Barbetron enters...

Barbetron: Did you forget about me Rangers?

Jen: Here we go again.

Barbetron: Bombs away!

ShyRanger: Weapons!

-=- The Rangers fight off the attacks with their weapons and soon get the upper hand.

Ryan: Shy Dragon Staff -- Energy Orb -- Engage!  (pause)  Fire!

Brad: Now for real this time... Let's finish him off!

ShyRanger: Shy-Rex Blaster!  Fire!

-=- Barbetron is destroyed.

Mesogog: Fools!  Don't just stand there... Make your monster grow!

Elsa: Of course, my lord!  (pause)  Activating Hydro Regenerator...

Ryan: Now we've got even bigger problems!

-=- Shy, Jen and B raise their left arms and call for "ShyThunderzord Power, now!"

-=- Barbetron quickly gets the upper hand on the ShyThunder Megazord, with his explosive attacks.

ShyRanger: AHHHH!  We need help!

Dagmar: Mind if we cut in?

-=- Dag, Eileen, Wolf and PB join the fight in the Psycho Megazord...

Dagmar: Psycho Spin!

Brad: Now's our chance!

ShyRanger: Megazord Saber, full power!

-=- Barbetron is destroyed... for good.

-=- AFPR resumes the festivities, feeling good after defeating the monster.


(Note: I know I milk the "Shy" puns, but that's the whole idea!)