"Thunder Struck, Part I"

-=- It's an early October morning at AFPR Headquarters, as people start to get up.  

-=- Meanwhile. Elsa yawns as she comes into Mesogog's lair.

Elsa: My lord, you're up... earlier than usual...

Mesogog: We must strike quickly, Elsa.  My plan can't wait any longer...

Elsa: But master, remember those ShyStorm Rangers?  What makes you believe this will work?

Mesogog: Sssss... Those Storm Rangers were pathetic!  ShyThunder won't stand a chance against what they'll be facing.

Zeltrax: How will you go about it?

Mesogog: By bringing in someone who can work on the INSIDE...

Elsa: I believe I have just the person in mind...

-=- Later, Will is busy studying on a park bench when Zeltrax and several T-Drones appear.  He looks up and calmly puts his work down.

Will: Well, I suppose I could use a break.  (prepares to fight)

-=- Will fights a few T-Drones, but they quickly grab him and go up the portal as Zeltrax laughs.

-=- At the evil lair, Will is quickly thrown into the chair and strapped in.

Will: What's going on here?!?

Mesogog: Hello, Mr. Mayberry.  It seems you are of some use to us.

Will: No way!  I'd never answer to you, lizard face!  (under breath)  Well, maybe Elsa...  (/under breath)

Mesogog: As you wish...

Elsa: This won't hurt a bit...

-=- Will and Elsa exchange looks as she lowers a helmet with several wires/cords coming out of it.

-=- Later...

ShyRanger: All right, who took the last piece of pizza?

Ryan: I was hungry!

ShyRanger: You and your late-night cravings...

Burgundy Ranger: Hmm...

ShyRanger: What's up, Burg?

Burg: Oh, I've just been thinking how it's been awfully quiet since that battle against the evil ShyStorm.

Ryan: Think Mesogog has given up?

Burg: Possible, but not too likely.

ShyRanger: I wouldn't be surprised if he's planning something -- something big.  

Burg: Right.  We should all be on our toes for anything unusual to happen.  (pause)  Oh, by the way, we modified the Triforce powers earlier so Jen and
Brad can stay morphed.

ShyRanger: Great.

-=- Just then, Will enters.  His eyes flash before anyone really sees him.

Will: Hey guys!

Ryan: What's up?

Will: While I was out studying, it occured to me that now would be a good time to run some checks on your powers to make sure everything's in order,
since it's so slow.

ShyRanger: Good idea.  It never hurts to be prepared.

Will: All right, I'll meet you guys in the Lab.

ShyRanger: Right.  

-=- Shy and Ryan go off to find Jen and Brad.  Will leaves as his eyes flash again.  Burg doesn't notice but feels supicious.

-=- Soon, Will finishes scanning Ryan at the Lab.

Will: All right, I'll let you know if there are any problems.

-=- Jen, Shy, B and Ryan leave.  

Will (calling into walkie): Phase one complete.  Onto phase two.

-=- Soon...

Will: Hey, Dagmar.

Dagmar: Hi Will.  What's up?

Will: Thought you might like to know I created a new weapon I think you guys are really gonna like.

-=- Burg walks by and notices the conversation.

Will: After that battle with the ShyStorm Rangers, you guys could use all the firepower you can get.

Dagmar: Hmm... I suppose you're right.

Will: Gather up the team and meet me on the hill.

Dagmar: Right.

-=- Will leaves and again his eyes flash.

Stephen: Maybe it's a new Magic Sledgehammer!

Dagmar: There's only ONE Sledgehammer, buddy.

-=- Meanwhile...

Zeltrax: My lord, what are we going to do about the Yellow Ranger?  She'll be with the other Psycho Rangers, but she's a ShyThunder Ranger as well.

Mesogog: Yes, that is a predicament.  

Elsa: Master, it seems that if the Yellow Ranger isn't with the others, ShyRanger can't use the Shield of Triforce..

Mesogog: Sssss... Bring me her morpher.

-=- Back at AFPR HQ...

Burg: Will?  Hey, got a minute?

Will: Sorry, gotta meet with the Psycho Rangers.  (walks away)

Burg: I just wanted to...

-=- Burg glares at Will and hurries off.  Within moments, Burg is at the control area as ShadowForce and Aaron Thall take notice.

SF: What's going on?

Burg: I dunno... But somethings not right.

-=- At the hill, Dagmar, Eileen, Jen and the other Psychos looks around for Will.

Jen: Well, where is he?

Dagmar: I dunno.  This is odd.

-=- Suddenly, Zeltrax, Elsa and an army of T-Drones arrive and surround them!

Dagmar: What the--??

Wolf: It's an ambush!

Eileen: RUN!!!!

-=- The Psychos run for their lives as T-Drones chase them.  Dagmar calls for help.

-=- Inside Headquarters, the alarm starts blaring as several AFPR members see the fight on the screen.

ShyRanger: We've gotta get 'em outta there!

-=- At the fight...

Jen: All right, ShyThunder Power--

-=- Quickly, a Tyranno attacks Jen, sending her morpher flying off before she can morph.

Jen: My morpher!

-=- Elsa picks up the morpher.

Zeltrax: It's the end of the line for you Psycho Rangers.

-=- The T-Drones hold the Psychos and everyone goes up through a portal.

MegaVoyager: Wh-what happened?!

Burg: We lost them!

Brad: We gotta get 'em back!

Will: Too late.  (calling into walkie)  Phase two complete.

-=- Everyone looks at Will as his eyes flash.

Burg: I knew something wasn't right!

Will:  You guys are next...  (laughs evilly and disappears)

-=- Everyone looks at eachother in fear.

GrnRngr: What do we do now?

Burg: We be ready.

-=- At Mesogog's lair, 4 platforms rise from the floor amidst smoke, in a shadowy corner, as the villains + Will look on.

-=- Soon...

ShyRanger: All right, we're ready as soon as something happens.  Right guys?

Brad and Ryan: Right.

-=- Suddenly, the building it struck with something outside.

Brad: Whoa!

Ryan: Looks like we got company.

-=- Another explosion is heard as the source comes up on the screen.

ShyRanger: Oh no!  

Brad: Not this again!

-=- Evil copies of the Red, Yellow and Blue ShyThunder Rangers + Black appear on screen.  

SF: Oh boy!  Clones!

-=- Everyone looks at Jason.

Ryan: Awe geez... I'm gonna have to fight myself?!  (shakes head)

ShyClone: Come out, come out, whereever you are!

Brad: This is NOT going to go over well.

ShyRanger: We've got no choice.  

Ryan: Well, lets do this.

Brad: I wish Jen was here!

Burg: We'll figure out where they went.  You guys try your best.

ShyRanger: Right.

-=- Shy, Brad and Ryan quickly morph and head out.

-=- Meanwhile...

Zeltrax: Enjoy your stay, Psycho Rangers.  You'll be here forever!  (laughs)

Dagmar: Sigh... Why are WE the ones kidnapped?

Eileen: Looks like Mesogog is making his big move to takeout AFPR... Starting with us.

-=- Everyone moans and sighs.

Jen: Hmm... I believe this is the same area me and the guys were held when we were kidnapped a few months ago.

Dagmar: You've been here before?

Jen: Yeah... But I wouldn't be surprised if it'll be even tougher to get out this time.

-=- Everyone looks around and calls into their communicator, to no avail.

-=- Back as AFPR, the Rangers fight their evil counterparts.  ShyRanger also fights the Yellow clone.

Brad: Anyone getting a case of deju vu?

Will: I'm back.

ShyRanger: Not you again.

Will: Wassamatter?  Think I'll be too much?

ShyRanger: Not likely.  (pause)  Super Shy Mode!

-=- ShyRanger sharply attacks Will and ShyClone.

Brad: Double-team?

Ryan: You're on!

Ryan and Brad: Shy Cycles!

-=- The cycles crisscross eachother as B and Ryan fire at the evil Black, Blue and Yellow.

BlueClone: Two can play at that game!  ShyRaptors!

-=- Weapons and laser power fire everywhere as Brad and Ryan soon come tumbling off the cycles.


-=- Back on ground, Brad fights himself and Yellow, as Ryan fights himself.

Ryan: Whoa!  What's that?

BlackClone: Huh?  (turns around)

Ryan: Sucker!  (pause)  Shy Dragon Staff -- Energy orb -- Engage!

Evil Ryan: What??  

-=- Black leaps outta the way just dodging the attack.

BlackClone: I'm outta here.  (teleports away)

-=- Back to ShyRanger, who's still fighting his clone and Will.

Will: You fight well...

ShyRanger: I've had plenty of practice.

ShyClone: ...But not well enough!  (pause)  Shield of Triforce -- Power up!

ShyRanger: Nice try, but the sheild will never answer to EVIL.

ShyClone: Curses!  Okay... Shy-Rex Blaster!

ShyRanger: C'mon guys... Lets try combining our powers.

-=- Ryan, Shy and Brad put their hands together and fire off power, as the Blaster is fired.  THe powers clash in the middle.  In his other hand, Shy fires
his saber, catching the clones offguard and the power blast strikes them.

ShyClone: This isn't over.

-=- The clones leave.

Brad: They got away!

ShyRanger: Lets get back... Hopefully they found the Psycho Rangers.

-=- Back at AFPR...

ShyRanger: Guys!  Have you been able to find the Psychos?

Burg: Yep... We tracked the morpher back to Mesogog's lair.  

ShyRanger: Great!  

Brad: I bet they're being held the same place we were before.

Ryan: So, lets go!

SF: Wait.  Access is completely blocked, after Ryan so easily entered last time.

Burg: Looks like we'll have to create our own portal in order to get in.

-=- Soon, the alarm goes off again.  Red, Blue and Yellow appear on screen in the ShyThunder Megazord.

Ryan: Awe man!

Brad: They got the Megazord!

SF: ... and they're approching downtown!

Burg: You guys go.  We'll work on this portal.

ShyRanger: Right!  

-=- The Rangers head out...

Brad: But what do we do without Jen?

ShyRanger: Think you can handle the Yellow zord, Ry'?

Ryan: I'll give it my best shot!  (cracks knuckles and loosens neck)

-=- The Rangers go into the Battle Zords...

-=- The evil Rangers fire, but the Battle Zords leap outta the way in time.

-=- Ryan and Brad grab hold the ShyThunder MZ as ShyRanger does a powerful backflip kick knocking it down.

ShyRanger: We better go to full power.  (pause)  Battle Max Megazord -- Power up!

-=- The Megazord sabers clash...

Brad: They're copying our every move!  It's like they know what we'll do next!

-=- The Battle Max MZ gets knocked around.

ShyRanger: All right, Phoenix Defender Zord!

-=- The Phoenix swoops in and swiftly kicks the ST MZ in midair, knocking it down.

ShyClone: We'll take you all on!

-=- Meanwhile...

Burg: Ugh... I can't seem to get a portal open.  The place is locked tighter than Fort Knox.

-=- The Rangers are seen getting knocked around on the screen.

ShyRanger: Hey, anyone got any ideas back there?!

SF: Isn't there anything we can do to help?

Burg: Hmm... Oh, there's the zord override switch, but I don't think it'll last very long, especially with the evil Rangers in control.

Voyager: Could we somehow make it so they're not in control anymore?

-=- Minutes later...

Burg: I think I've got it.  But if we giveaway the plan over the communicator, it's liable the evil guys and perhaps even Mesogog will hear us.

SF: Try frequency 0014B.

-=- Everyone looks at Jason...

SF: Hey, I was bored, all right?!

Burg: Lets hope this works.  (over communicator)  Guys, it's Burg.  I have a plan for how to stop them, but whatever you do DO NOT respond to me...

-=- Soon, Burg, SF, GrnRngr, Voyager and Star are in the Mobile Command Center, speeding to the zord battle.  The Battle Max Megazord weakens,
starting to run out of power.

ShyRanger: Awe man!  I dunno how much more of this we can take.

ShyClone: Haha... Soon, it shall be the end of you ShyThunder Rangers!

-=- Elsewhere, the MCC (not to be confused with MMC) comes up on the villians screen...

Mesogog: Hmmm... What are those Newsgroup members up to...??

Will: It seems they're trying to interfere with your plans, master.

Mesgog: Nothing shall interfere with my plans!  Stop themmmm!!

-=- Will, Zeltrax and Elsa come out of a portal just ahead of the truck.

Star: We got company!

-=- Zeltrax and Elsa fire their weapons as Burg swervs to avoid getting hit.

Elsa: Stop right there!

Burg: NO WAY!

-=- Burg revvs it up more, as Elsa and Will streak up and away just in time -- But Zeltrax is struck and explodes in mid-air.

-=- The truck slows down and comes to a stop.

SF: Whoa!!  How the hell...?!

Burg: Wish I knew.  (shakes head)  But anyway, lets go!

Burg (calling into communicator): All right, hit it!

-=- Back at AFPR, Aaron Thall hits the override switch.

-=- Burg and the others enter the back heal of the zord as it comes to a still.

ShyClone: Wh-what's going on??

YellowClone: We've lost all control!

ShyRanger: Hey, it worked!

BlueClone: C'mon guys, concentrate.

-=- Burg and the others climb up through the Megazord...

Star: This is gonna take forever!

Burg: We've got to hurry!

Mesogog: Ssssss... MY PLANS!!

Brad: So, now what?

ShyRanger: Hang on...

ShyClone: Ughh... We've got to regain control!  

-=- The Megazord gets going again.

ShyClone: Yes!  Got it!  (pause)  You'll pay for that, Rangers!

-=- The fight continues.  The evil Rangers soon gain the upperhand and strike the Battle Max as it falls down.  The Phoenix zord tries to help but is
knocked away.

ShyRanger: I won't destroy my own zords!

ShyClone: Then prepare to be destroyed!  (pause)  Megazord saber -- maximum power!

-=- Suddenly, Burg and the guys enter the cockpit!

ShyClone: What?!

-=- The guys throw the evil clones out of the zord and help the other zords up.

Burg: I've always wanted to drive one of these!  Lets see here...

ShyRanger: YES!  

Brad: Way to go!

Burg: We'll take care of the zords.

ShyRanger: Right.  And we'll take care of the phonies...

-=- Shy, B and Ryan go down to the ground...

ShyClone: Nooo... We were... so... close!

ShyRanger: Not this time!  

-=- The Rangers combine their powers and defeat the clones.

-=- At Mesogog's lair...

Mesogog: Ssssss... Another failer.

Elsa: Master... I believe now would be a good time for the next phase of your plan.

Mesogog: Yesss... Tyrannodrones...

-=- A few T-Drones grab the Black clone, push him into the chair and quickly lock him in.

BlackClone: Wh-what are you doing?!  

-=- The helmet is put on, which is connected to another helmet on Will, as he sits on the otherside.  Will's helmet is also connected to Jen's Thunder
morpher nearby.

Elsa: Power transfer initiated.

-=- The helmet on Will draws power from the Black clone and the morpher.

Elsa: Transfer complete.  (picks up morpher)  Won't be needing this anymore.

-=- The Black clone slinks down and fades away.  Will gets up.

Mesogog: How do you feel?

Will: Like I have twice the power of any Ranger!

Mesogog: Ssssss... Excellent...

-=- Back at AFPR, several members continue trying to work on the portal, when suddenly, the alarm goes off.

Ryan: Not again!

Burg: He's back.

ShyRanger: All right, we'll deal with him while you guys take care of the portal.

-=- Shy, Ryan and B head out...

ShyRanger: All right, lets make this quick... We've got a portal to find.

Will: Too bad you'll never make it!

-=- Shy fights Will, while Ryan and B fight T-Drones.

ShyRanger: You've got to snap out of it, man!

Will: NEVER!

-=- Soon, Brad and Ryan join Shy.

Will: You guys might fight well, but I've got my own tricks!  (pause)  Black Ranger, Thunder Power!

ShyRanger: ........ Really didn't see that coming.

Brad: ..... That makes 3 of us.

Will: Haha!  You're end is at hand!

Brad: Pfft.  Lamer.

-=- Brad, Shy and Ryan morph and the battle ensues.

Will: Shy Dragon Staff -- Energy orb -- Engage!

-=- Ryan and Brad leap outta the way, but ShyRanger sends the blast right back at Will with his saber.

Will: Now I'm mad.  (pause)  Super Shy Mode!

Ryan: Hey!  No fair!

ShyRanger: Oh yeah?

Shy and Brad: Super Shy Mode!

ShyRanger: Guys, I think if we work together we can beat him.

-=- As Will fights the Rangers, Ryan knocks his weapon into the sky and Shy gives a blow, sending Will flying to ground nearby.

Ryan: Now then... Shy Dragon Staff -- Energy orb -- Engage!

-=- Will quickly blocks the attack back before it strikes him.  But Brad blocks with his shield, sending it back to Will, finally striking him.

ShyRanger: Surrender!

Will: I'm outta here!  (disappears)

ShyRanger: I hope they got that portal open.

Mesogog: Curses!  I've had about all the evil Rangers I can take!

-=- Will and Elsa look at eachother.

Elsa: My lord... Perhaps you should take a break?  

Mesogog: Sssss... Keep an eye on those pathetic Newsgroup members.  Tomorrow we'll pay those Psycho Rangers a visit -- and make sure they never
make it out alive...

Part II