"Thunder Struck, Part II"

-=- Still locked away in a dungeon on the island fortress, Dagmar, Jen and the other Psychos pace around, anxiously awaiting someone to save them.

-=- Meanwhile, at AFPR Headquarters...

Burgundy Ranger: Oh man, I hardly got any sleep last night.  Jason, a couple others and I spent the whole night trying to figure out how we'll get
around the firewall to Mesogog's lair.

ShyRanger: Yeah, actually -- me, Brad, Ryan and a few others were working on our own project.

Brad: We equipped the mobile SUV with a laser -- So when we finally get to the island, we can destroy Mesogog's place for good.

Burg: Great.  But getting there is still another story...

ShyRanger: Hmm...  (ponders)  Perhaps the power of Triforce could help?

Burg: Worth a shot.

-=- The Shield of Triforce is hooked up to the computer console.

ShyRanger: Entering in data now...

-=- Back at the island...

Dagmar: Humpfh... Where ARE they?!  They must know we're here.

Jen: Hey...  (listens)  Do guys here that?

Eileen: Sounds like someones coming!

Dagmar: They better be wearing multicolored spandex.

-=- Mesogog and Elsa appear out of the shadows.

Mesogog: Hello, Psycho Rangers.

Elieen: Oh no...

Elsa: What is this?  The Ranger Women's Club?  (pause)  Well, besides that blue guy...

Dagmar: What do you creeps want?

Mesogog: It seems that you Psycho Rangers posses enough power for me to complete my transformation and master plan -- Bringing the world back to
the age of the dinosaures.

Jen: What about ShyRanger and the others?  Couldn't defeat them to get the Gems, could you?

-=- Mesogog's groans and Elsa fires at Jen, sending her back.

Dagmar: Jen!

Mesogog: Do not play games with me.  (leans in to Jen)  I have far more power than any one of you and soon I will have yours.

Dagmar: Not gonna happen.

Elsa: Aren't you a little old for this?

-=- Dag and Wolf look at eachother.

Wolf: If Tommy can still pull it off, why can't we?!


-=- The Psychos fight Meso and Elsa.

-=- Back at AFPR...

ShadowForce: Data transfer is nearing complete.  (pause)  YES!

Burg: Portal open near the quarry!

Ryan: Well, what are we waiting for?!

-=- Everyone hurries to the MCC.

Ryan: This time, I'll drive.

ShyRanger: I call shotgun!

-=- Soon, the AFPR members hurry to the portal in the Mobile Command Center SUV.  At Mesogog's lair, evil Will spots them on the viewing screen.

Will (speaking into walkie): Sir, it appears the Newsgroup Rangers are approching an invisaportal to the island.

Mesogog: Sssss... CLOSE IT!!

-=- Will presses the manual portal button.

SF: NO -- It's closing!

Burg: We've got to kick it up a notch or we'll never make it!

ShyRanger: Go for it, dude!


-=- Everyone hangs on as the MCC reaches the portal at turbo speed.

-=- Moments later, it comes out on the island and slows down.

Ryan: All right...

Burg: Lets get close enough so we can quickly get to the fortress by foot, but leave enough distance to use the weapon.

-=- Elsa cotinues to fight the Psychos, while Will and Mesogog watch the SUV on the screen.

Mesogog: Sssss... Stop themmm...

Will: At once.

-=- A group of Tyrannodrones appear up ahead.

Brad: Lamer.

Burg: Yeah, really.  Save it for the show.

-=- Ryan fires headlight lasers at the T-Drones as they pass by.

Will: Oh yeah?!  Try this!

-=- A laser from the fortress fires at the truck...

Ryan: Everybody, hang on!

Burg: All right, this is it.  We've gotta scoot.

Star: Ohh, but we're under attack!

-=- Burg presses a few buttons at the front.

Burg: OK, there's a forcefield up which should prevent any damage until the laser is fired.

Aaron Thall: I'll be ready to fire at your command.

-=- Burg, Shy, Ryan, Jason, Star, Crowmeus, Voyager, Jon, Linds, (basically most of the NG) quickly head up a hill to a low entrance way, dodging attacks.

-=- Inside, Ryan leads the way to the chamber.

Burg: We better split up.  Shy, Brad, Jason, Jon, Crowmeus and Voyager -- You go to the lower area where the Psycho Rangers are being held.   
Eveyone else, we'll scout the area and check Mesogog's lair.

-=- Meanwhile, Elsa poses triumphantly, as the Psychos lay down the cement floor nearly defeated.  Mesogog walks over to them.

Mesogog: I've been waiting a long time for this.  Say goodbye...

-=- Suddenly, two T-Drones are thrown at Meso and Elsa.

Mesogog: What??

ShyRanger: Don't you guys ever learn?  Good guys always win.

Mesogog: Ssss... I'll take you ALL on!!  (pause)  I'm gonna get your power, if it's the last things I ever do!

-=- Elsa nods in agreement and glares at everyone.

SF: Lets do it!

-=- Mesogog and Elsa battle several at once.  T-Drones also join.  The Psycho Rangers keep back.

Brad: We need to morph!

ShyRanger: We don't have time!

Mesogog: That's right!  

-=- Mesogog unleashes vines from his claws and wraps them around Shy and B.  Elsa fights Ryan.

Elsa: This is getting old, Black Ranger.

Ryan: I coudn't agree more.  (presses morpher)  Black Ranger, Juradic Power!  (Elsa groans)

-=- Shy and B fly around the air as Mesogog controls them with the vines.  Suddenly, Jason leaps in and cuts them.

SF: MegaBlue Power!  (poses)

ShyRanger: ... About time.  Anyone else have any tricks??

-=- Elsewhere, Burg and the others reach the main lair.

Star: This looks like the main room.

Burg: Lets check it out.

-=- Suddenly, evil Will steps out.

Will: I knew you'd show up.  (groans)

Burg: Snap out of it, man!

Will: Never!  I know my place now!  It is with Mesogog and my queen, Elsa!

Burg: But Elsa, she's...

Will: HA!

-=- Will fights Burg and the newsgroup members.

Will: Not bad, but you're forgetting something.  

Burg: What's that?

Will (pressing morpher): Black Ranger, Thunder Power!

Burg: .... RUN!

-=- The helpless newgroup members flee from morphed Will.

Burg (calling into communicator): Hey guys, how you holding up?

-=- Shy, Brad, Crowmeus and Jason fight Mesogog, as Jon and Voyager keep the Tyrannodrones from getting near the Psychos Rangers.

ShyRanger (answering in communicator): Oh man!  I dunno how much longer we can go!

Burg: Looks like it's now or never.  (pause)  Aaron, hit it!

-=- Aaron Thall fires the laser at the island fortress and quickly it begins to crumble down.

Mesogog: What?!  What's going on??

ShyRanger: We've gotta get outta here, now!

SF: This way, c'mon everybody!

-=- Jason quickly leads the Psychos and others out.

Mesogog: Sssss... NOOO!!

-=- Shy and B continue to fight Mesogog, allowing others to escape.

-=- Ryan unleashes an energy orb on Elsa and goes to the others.

Ryan: C'mon guys, lets get outta here!

Will: Elsa!

ShyRanger: NO!  C'mon, Will!

-=- Will groans and fires at Shy.

Burg: We've gotta go before the portal network shuts down!

-=- Everyone else hurries out.  Shy takes one last look as Mesogog, Elsa and Will fall over, trapped in the explosions and fire.

-=- The truck drives through the portal as the island collapses.

-=- Later...

Jen: Well, it's been another interesting year of fighting villians.

Burg: Yep.  And how exactly did I become the Billy of the group...?

ShyRanger: We should probably hang on to our morphers for now.  (pause)  You know how it goes... This is probably not over.

Jen: At least you guys still have one.

-=- Suddenly, seemingly outta nowhere, Mesogog appears.

Mesogog: Of course it's not over!

Ryan: Awe geez...

Brad: ... But how?  We saw you get stranded as the fortress was coming apart!

Mesogog: Yesss.  I may not have been able to get the Gem power or the Psycho power to complete my transformation, but at the last second, I was
able to takes Elsa's power!

-=- A beat up Will comes out...

Will: You'll never get away with this Mesogog!

Mesogog: You know your place, Will... I gave you the Black clone power
and the Yellow Thunder power!

Will: mm... Right...  

Jen: So that's what happened...

-=- Meso fires at the Rangers.

Mesogog: SILENCE!  Now then, prepare for your ultimate demise, Rangers!

-=- Mesogog grows into a giant Godzilla-like creature.

Will: I've got some surprises of my own as well... Replicant Zord, power up!

-=- A different colored version of the ShyThunder Megazord rises out of the ocean.  Will morphs as he leaps up and away into the cockpit.

Brad: Mesogog's heading for the city!

ShyRanger: We've got no time to lose!  (pause)  You'll have to join the Psychos for this one, Jen.

Jen: Right.

Shy, Brad and Ryan (pressing morphers): ShyThunder, Power up!  Ha!

ShyRanger: ShyThunderzords, Battle Zords, Phoenix Defender Zord!  (pause)  Megazords, online!

-=- Shy and Ryan battle the Replicant Zord in the ShyThunder MZ, while the Falcon attacks from the sky.  Brad (in the Battle Max) and the Psychos (in
the Psycho Megazord) fight Megzilla.

-=- Megzilla unleashes his fire power and quickly gains the upperhand.  Will overpowers the ShyThunder MZ.

Ryan: Will's copying our every move!

ShyRanger: Then lets turn up the power!  (pause)  Thunder Max Megazord!

-=- The ShyThunder and Battle Max MZ's combine.

Will: Hey now...

ShyRanger: Thunder Max saber -- Full power!

Ryan: Wait -- Are you sure you wanna do this?  It could destroy him!

Will: Think fast!

-=- Replicant Zord throws the Shyrang and it strikes the ShyThunder MZ.

-=- Shy and Ryan counterattack, but Will gets outta the way in time and strikes again, with the Drill Staff.

ShyRanger: At the rate this is going, we've got no other choice!

-=- ShyThunder MZ strikes the Replicant Zord with its saber.  

Will: Looks like you've won, Rangers...

-=- Replicant falls over and explodes.  Everyone screams.

Megzilla: Worthless fool.  Didn't have what it takes.

ShyRanger: Now it's your turn, MESOFREAK!

Dagmar: Yeah... A little help here??

-=- Megzilla stomps on the Psycho Megazord with a foot and knocks away the ShyThunder MZ as it gets near.  

-=- Shy calls for Flight Mode and the Phoenix attaches to the back of the MZ.  It takes to the sky and fires from above.

-=- Still overpowered, the Megazord is struck and crashes to the ground.  The Psychos try to help.

-=- Burg comes in over the communicators.

Burg: Guys, try teaming up.

Dagmar and Shy: Right.

-=- Shy calls for Phoenix Mode and the Phoenix forms two wing cannons that join on the shoulders.

-=- Megzilla fires, but the Megazord gets outta the way.  The Psychos pounce on Megzilla and Shy fires the Phoenix Cannons.  The Psychos quickly leap
outta the way and use the saber.

-=- Megzilla stumbles, crackling with electricity.

Megzilla: If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!

-=- Megzilla quickly grabs hold of the Thunder Max, as the Psycho MZ looks on.

Dagmar: NO!


-=- Everyone watches in horror as Megzilla and the zords fall over and explode.

Jen: NO!  They can't be gone!!

-=- Later, several NG members shift through tons of zord wreakage.

Jen: They have to be here.

Burg: In cases like this, you know the power will protect you.

-=- Soon, ShyRanger comes out -- and then Ryan and Brad, all a bit disorientated with ripped/dirty suits and helmetless.

ShyRanger: .... Guys?

Ryan: Ohhh... I feel like I just pulled an all-nighter -- for a week.

Jen: I knew you could do it!

SF: Mesogog is gone... really gone...

Ryan: And the zords?  (everyone looks around)  Gone.

Brad: And our powers?

-=- The Gems begin to glow, causing the Rangers to power-down to normal clothes.  The Gems turn white.

Brad: .... Sorry I asked.

ShyRanger: The Gems must've protected us from the explosion -- One last duty before burning out.  (ponders)  The backlash likely had an affect on
Jen's, which is why she lost hers too.

Ryan: I'm afraid to ask about--

-=- Suddenly, a noise is heard nearby.  An unmorphed Will stumbles out and falls to ground.

-=- Soon...

Aaron Thall: Tests show he's in a temporary coma and will be back to normal when he wakes up.

Burg: The evil Black clone power saved him and prevented anything more serious to happen.  

ShyRanger: Well, I better get going...

Ryan: .... Going?

ShyRanger: If I'm gonna be making 5 ShyDelta morphers, I better get crackin'!

Brad: And you never know when the next alien force will strike!