"Thunder Storm"

-=- It's a sunny September day, as the members of AFPR enjoy the last days of summer with a barbeque.
-=- Meanwhile, on a deserted planet, a mysterious alien hands Zeltrax 3 discs.

Zeltrax: I don't know how you did it, but thank you.  My master will be pleased.  Here is your bag of gold and jewels.

-=- The alien nods and teleports.  Zeltrax leaves.

-=- Soon...

Mesogog: Proceed at once.

Zeltrax:  Yes, my lord.

-=- The discs are inserted in the computer console.

Mesogog: Let's see how those ShyThunder Rangers do -- facing some old friends.

-=- Three circular platforms rise amidst smoke.

-=- Later...

Burgundy Ranger: All right, this is the last batch of hamburgers and hotdogs, so come get 'em.

Ryan: Ooo... I've had my limit.

ShyRanger: Anyone care for more "Psycho Lemonade"?  (Shy is hit with a nerf bat)

-=- Suddenly, 3 streaks can be seen in the distance, followed by an explosion.

ShadowForce:  Whoa!  

GrnRngr: What in the world...?!

Will: Clearly, someone -- or something -- is looking to get attention.

Voyager: Well, let's check it out!

-=- Several AFPR members hurry over to the location and find copys of last years ShyStorm Newsgroup Power Rangers!

Ryan: Sweet Moses!

Jen: No way... It can't be!

Brad: I don't believe it!

Evil Brad: Believe it.

ShyRanger: Awe geez, this is what I get for not doing any real skits last year.

Evil ShyRanger: ATTACK!

ShyRanger: Ready guys?

Jen and Brad: Ready!

-=- Shy, Jen and Brad morph and begin fighting their 'evil' counterparts.  By now, other AFPR members are off watching where it's safe.

-=- Weapons clash as it's pretty even between teams.

Jen: Let's combine our weapons!

Evil ShyRanger: Two can play at that game.

ShyRanger: Shy-Rex Blaster -- Fire!

Evil ShyRanger: Shy Striker -- Fire!

-=- The powers clash, going from one side to the other a few times.  Finally, ShyStorm wins, as the power explods in front of ShyThunder.  They're
thrown back and smoking.  Brad is the first to get up.

-=- Brad yells a battle cry and fires his blaster at Evil Brad.

Evil Brad: Haha!  Lamer!

-=- Evil Brad streaks around Brad repeatedly, causing him to spin-around in a dizzy.  Finally, Brad is thrownback and demorphs.

Jen: BRAD!

ShyRanger: Oh man!

Evil ShyRanger: Wanna be next?

ShyRanger: I don't think so!  

-=- Shy and Jen power up to Super Shy Mode, but it's no match for ShyStreak, as they're thrown back to the ground and demorph as well.

Jen: We've... got to...

ShyRanger: RETREAT!

-=- Shy, B and Jen quickly run.

Evil ShyRanger:  Haha... Hide now.  We'll be back for you.

-=- Soon...

ShyRanger: Man, we got worked.

Brad: I think I need to see my contract.

Jen: What are we gonna do?

Burg: I'm sorry, but there's nothing you can do.  The evil power possessed in ShyStorm in obviously greater than your Thunder power.   You could team
up with the Psychos, but we can't risk you going out to fight them again so soon.  Your powers need to recharge if you want any kind of a chance.

Dagmar: Us Psychos can do what we can to help.

Ryan: What we need is a great power source -- Something that can't lose!

-=- Several AFPR members begin to try to think of something...

Will: Well, I've heard legends of a great power due north deep in the waters of Lake Hylia.  The legend tells of a rock that, I believe says, "3 to the
Power of 1."  But -- I can be certain anything is even down there.

ShyRanger: It's a chance we gotta take.  If somethings there -- It could be the answer.

Burg: Right then.  Will, ShadowForce and I will go check it out.  You 3 better rest up.

-=- Shy, Brad and Jen look displeased as Burg, Will and SF hurry off.

Jen: So, what now?

-=- The alarm goes off again.

ShyRanger: You had to ask?

Voyager: They're back.

Dagmar: We can hold them off for now.

Jen: I'm coming too.

ShyRanger: Are you sure you're up for it?

Jen: I may be half Shy, but I'm also half Psycho.  (pause)  Come to think of it, that makes me your guys better half.  (wink)


Dagmar: ShyThunder couldn't make it, so you'll have to deal with us!

Evil ShyRanger: Fine -- Have it your way!

-=- Dag and Wolf begin fighting Evil Shy.

-=- PB and Eva fight Evil Brad and Jen and Eileen fight Evil Jen.

Evil Jen: Playing both sides of the fence, huh sister?  You shall bear the wrath of ShyStorm!

Jen: And you shall bear the wrath of the Yellow Ranger!  (pause)  Super Shy Mode, now!

-=- Eileen distracts Evil Jen enough for Jen to use the attack.

-=- Meanwhile...

Mesogog: Those Newsgroup members really annoy me.  Elsa, go to Lake Hylia and get that power source before they do.  Zeltrax, take some
Tyrannodrones and help out our Evil Rangers.

-=- Elsa and Zeltrax agree and teleport.

SF: Looks like this is the spot.  

Will: According to the search finder, there's definitley something below that lake.

Burg: Let's form a triangle around here.  (pause)  Now, raise your wrist communicator and let's get her out.

Elsa: Not so fast, Newsgroupies.

SF: Oh no!  Elsa!

Elsa: Mesogog wants that power and it shall be his.

-=- Burg, Will and SF get in a defense stance.

Burg: Looks like we're gonna have to fight for it guys.

Will: Uhh -- I don't know whether I should fight you, or thank you for being so cool.

-=- Burg and SF look at Will strangely...

Elsa: Flattering -- But I'll make it easy for you.

-=- Elsa fires her sword and the 3 quickly try to leap outta the way.  She yells her battle cray and SF, Will and Burg try to fight her unmorphed.

-=- Elsa overpowers and the 3 are thrown to the ground.

Elsa: This must be my lucky day.  I'll take out 3 Newsgroup members and get the power for Mesogog.

-=- Will, SF and Burg cover in fear, as Elsa prepares to strike.  But suddenly, Ryan leaps in with a Power Kick!

Ryan: Thought you could use a little help!  (Elsa grunts)

Will: Couldn't have timed it better, dude!

Ryan: Ohh, it's on now!  (pause)  Black Ranger, Juradic Power!

-=- Meanwhile, the Psychos are fighting ShyStorm, Zeltrax and T-Drones.

-=- The Psychos gradually start to wear down, as there are too many enemies at once.

-=- Evil Jen prepares to strike a final blow to Jen, as she yells for help.

-=- Suddenly, Jon, Voyager, Poweranimals, GrnRngr and Star arrive and Jon knocks Evil Jen away.

Eileen: The calvary!

Jon: Thought you could use a little help.

Jen: Oh, my hero!

-=- Jon swiftly fights ShyStorm, as the others help out the Psychos fight Zeltrax and T-Drones.

-=- Meanwhile, at AFPR Headquarters, ShyRanger grumbles watching Jon fight the evil Rangers.

-=- Elesewhere, Mesogog watches from his fortress.

Mesogog: Swift... Cunning... Brave...  (pause)  Capture himmmm...

-=- Zeltrax backs off fighting the Psychos and begins firing at Jon.

Zeltrax: You're coming with me!

Jon: Never!

-=- Jon and Zeltrax battle.

-=- Zeltrax is thrown back by Jon's attack.

Jon: Dag, now!

-=- The Psychos use there finisher on Zeltrax.

Zeltrax: ... Uhpfh... This isn't over.  (teleports away)

-=- The Psychos and Jon return to fight ShyStorm, as the others are no match for them unmorphed.

-=- Back at Headquarters...

ShyRanger: All right, let's go.  I don't know how much more of watching this I can take.

Brad: Okay, but I'm still waiting to see the contract fine print.

ShyRanger: Back to action!

-=- Shy and B join the fight against ShyStorm.

ShyRanger: Hey, guys!

Jen: Thought you'd never show.

Brad: Let's finish this!

-=- ShyThunder, the Psychos and other AFPR members take on ShyStorm.

-=- Meanwhile, at Lake Hylia...

Elsa: You've won this round Black Ranger, but you haven't seen the last of me!  (teleports away)

Burg: All right now -- lets go.

-=- Ryan, Will, Burg and SF send a stream of power from their communicators to deep down in the lake.

SF: It's working!  Almost...

-=- The rock raises out of the water as the power stream to it begins to weaken...

-=- Elsewhere...

ShyRanger: Whoa!

Jen: What?

ShyRanger: I'm getting some sort of sign.

Jen: Like what?

ShyRanger: I dunno.  I just know I have to go up to Lake Hylia!  (pause)  ShyRaptor!  (hurries off)

-=- Shy arrives, leaps off his Raptor and grabs the rock in mid-air.

Burg: Shy!  How did you know?

ShyRanger: I got some sort of telepathic sign.  (looks)  ...a rock?

Will: Something is inside there.

ShyRanger: Perhaps we can get it out on the way back.

-=- The others nod and proceed to head back.

-=- Back at the fight, the Psychos charge up and fire their finisher at ShyStorm, but they bounce the power back at them!

Jen: Oh no!

Jon: Psychos!

Evil ShyRanger: Yawn... This is getting OLD.

ShyRanger: I couldn't agree more -- so let's end it now!  (Evil Shy groans)

ShyRanger: Hmm... "3 to the Power of 1"... Let's put our hands on it and hope whatevers inside comes out.

Jen: Right.

-=- Jen, Brad and Shy put their hands on the rock and it glows, as a ball of light comes out.  The ball of light turns into a shield and the rock
desinigrates.  The shield electrifies the evil Rangers, knocking them down temporarily.

Will: The Sheild of Triforce!  The legends were true!  (Everyone admires the shield)  I don't think this is it's true form though.

ShyRanger: Remember what the rock said.  I think we need to combine powers.  (pause)  Jen do you trust me with your powers?

Jen: Yes.  (gives her power and demorphs)

ShyRanger: ... Brad...?

Brad: Meh...

ShyRanger: Oh, here's your stupid contract!

Brad: Hey, I deserve to know my rights as a "Shy Ranger."  (gives his power and demorphs)

ShyRanger:  Shield of Triforce -- Power up!  

-=- The shields true color is revealed as ShyRanger powers-up to the Triforce Ranger!

Evil ShyRanger:  All right, that's it.  (pause)  Shy Striker!

Shy/Triforce Ranger: Give it your best shot!

-=- ShyStorm fires the Striker, but the shield easily bounces the attack back.

-=- ShyRanger lifts the shield in the air and it transfers him and ShyStorm to another dimension.  A lush forest, castle, village, ranch and lake can be
seen all around.

Evil Brad: Wha...?!

Evil ShyRanger: Where are we?!

ShyRanger: Welcome to MY world!

-=- Shy blocks the attacks with the shield and calls for sword mode.

Shy/Triforce Ranger: Goodbye, ShyStorm!

-=- Shy jumps around slashing his sword.

-=- The shield transports them back to reality as the evil Rangers fall over and explode.

-=- The Hydroregenerator turns ShyStorm giant...

Evil ShyRanger: Whoa!  Now THIS is more like it!

-=- ShyRanger powers down out of Triforce and Jen and B remorph.

Shy, B and Jen: We need ShyThunderzord power, now!

Dagmar: Psychozords!

ShyRanger: Looks like we'll have to even the odds.  I'll pilot the Shy Battle Zord while you 2 handle the Megazord.

Jen and Brad: Right!

-=- The Shy Battle Zord fights Evil ShyRanger, the Psychos have Evil Jen and ST Megazord fight Evil Brad.

-=- The Psycho Spin takes out Evil Jen and the ST Megazord saber takes out Evil Brad.

Evil ShyRanger: You won't defeat me THAT easily!

-=- Shy Battle Zord is blasted and ShyRanger comes spilling out.

ShyRanger: Awe, man!  

-=- Evil Shy laughs.  ST Megazord tries to attack but is easily knocks down as Jen and Brad fall out.

ShyRanger: Guys!

Brad: That sucked.

ShyRanger: I knew something like this would happen, so I created your own Battle zords.  

Jen: Cool!

ShyRanger: Battle zords, now!

-=- The Dragon Battle Zord, Lightning Battle Zord and recharged Shy Battle Zord come out and the Rangers jump in.

Brad: Let's finish this!

-=- ShyRanger fires Battle Blast cannons, as Jen and Brad kick and punch with their zords.

-=- The Psychos use the Psycho Saber and finally, Shy, Brad and Jen call for the Triple Kick.  Each Battle Zord takes turns kicking Evil ShyRanger in mid-air
sending it backwards, until it goes flying and explodes.

-=- Later, the evil Rangers are laying face down amidst smoke and rubble.

Mesogog: Pathetic.  

Evil ShyRanger: We... have... failed...

Zeltrax: Yes, you have.

Mesogog: Although, this has given me an idea, Zeltrax.

-=- Mesogog and Zeltrax walk away, as Evil Shy, Jen and Brad explode for good.