In Super Megaforce, the Rangers continued to attend school. Gia kept playing hard to get with Jake but discreetly did like the
attention, and what went on between them became well known among the team. The right moment nearly came when they
almost made plans for a date, before getting interrupted.

When Orion, the mysterious Silver Ranger arrived, Gia quickly got eyes for him and girls enjoyed picking out the right
wardrobe. She appeared to have a connection with the Turbo Falcon, and after the final battle, gave Jake a kiss on the cheek
as they walked off together with the others. Sadly, the character was never given her own focus episode.

PRM #01 through 10 | #11 through 22
PRSM #01- Marketing and Other
Gia commands the Yellow Megaforce, Super Mega Mode and Legendary
powers with intelligence and confidence. Not just another pretty face and
the popular girl at school, she's also an expert martial artist and is always
prepared for any situation - whether it's fighting enemy footsoldiers or
coming up with a witty response to Jake's affections.

Jake was quick to show interest in Gia, offering to walk her home one of
the first chances he got... which then got cut short from an attack by
the Insectoids. When Emma mentioned Jake's crush, she claimed she
hadn't noticed. Jake and Gia soon proved they made a good team as
Rangers, when they earned the Land Brothers zords to stop Dragon Flay.

Gia and Emma have been best friends since childhood and rode their BMX
bikes out to the woods one day to catch the annual blooming of the
Magnus Bloomus Annulus. Beezara casted a spell on the girls to turn them
against eachother, just after they had developed the photos. Emma
overcame the spell and earned new zords to help free Gia, and stop the

On a field trip with Mr. Burley, Jake tried to partner with Gia but too many
students were in the way. His efforts didn't go unnoticed. Back at school,
Emma tipped off Jake that Gia was going to Ernie's Brainfreeze, and they
were about to walk over there together, when Tensou called. Robo Knight
came on the scene and Gia quickly admired his confidence and tough nature.
Noah teased that they could be related.

On a day off in the city, the gang checked out a street comics show. Gia
enjoyed it but was sucked right into NoJoke's trap. On another day, the girls had an impromptu
photoshoot in the park while the guys played soccer.
: Gosei Yellow | Land Claw | Gosei Tiger | Defenstone | Land Brothers
Weapons: Mega Blaster | Tiger Claw | Super Mega Saber & Blaster
Zords: Tiger Mechazord | Super Mega Wheeler

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Super Megaforce Panel (credit: Brian Sun)
Ciara and Azim at autograph signing (credit: Terrence Chung)
Super Megaforce Panel (credit: Brian Sun)
Super Megaforce Panel (credit:
credit: @MorphinLegacy
credit: @MorphinLegacy
credit: @MorphinLegacy
credit: @MorphinLegacy
Super Megaforce Panel (credit: Eric Berry)

PMC3 - Cast Reveal (8/18/12)
PMC4 - Panel, Autograph Signing, Power Force Breakfast and NOH8 Photoshoot (8/23/14)
San Diego 2014 (7/24-7/27)
Ciara with Danna Slavin
Autograph signing
Super Megaforce Panel
On the way to NOH8 photoshoot (credit: Steven Martinez)
On the way to NOH8 photoshoot (credit: Steven Martinez)
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Ciara hanging with Jason Smith (credit: Tokunation)

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