The Wizard of Oz (Harlequin Theatre, Howick - September 2002) ... Lead Role of Dorothy
Big River (Aotea Centre, Auckland - November 2001) ... Lead Role of Mary Jane and Staff Role as Choreographer
The King and I (Aotea Centre, Auckland/Founders Theatre, Hamilton - June 2001) ... Lead Role of Anna and Staff Role as
Peter Pan (Aotea Centre, Auckland - November 2000) ... Lead role of Wendy and Staff Role as Choreographer
New York, New York - A Broadway Review (Sky City Theatre - August 2000) ... Female lead, soloist and Head Dance Captain
Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Bruce Mason Theatre, Takapuna - November 1999) ... Narrator
1999 International Music Festival (Sydney Opera House - June 1999) ... Member of Leonessa Chamber Choir (Silver Medallists)

Lexington Comic & Toy Con 2017 (3/10-3/12/17)
Vancouver International Film Festival Red Carpet Party (10/03/12)
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure DVD/Blu-Ray Release Event (4/06/11)
Summer Splash Charity Event (6/16/10)
Art4Gulu Charity Event (6/25/09)
Emma was born in Auckland, New Zealand on June 27, 1984 to Lesley and Colin Lahana. As a
young girl Emma loved music and dancing, and her first memories are of attempting to imitate
performers she saw on television, from Michael Jackson to Judy Garland. She began ballet
lessons when she was just 3 years old. When Emma was 5 the family travelled to a number
of different Pacific Islands for her fathers work, but despite this she managed to keep up her
dancing lessons. Six years later they returned to Auckland where Emma resided until 2004.

Growing up, she had a crush on Bob Saget (from
Full House) and still enjoys those "aaaw
factor" moments today. She wasn't very fond of school and would write fake notes to get out
of P.E. class.

Emma has explored many other art forms, including violin, acting, musical theater and dance.
She spent a year on New Zealand's most popular TV Soap,
Shortland Street, where she was
voted one of the most popular characters and was rated 3rd in polls - quite a feat for only
being on a show a year. She also performed in numerous roles for Artist International, North
Shore Operatic Society, Howick Operatic Society and sung at the Miss World New Zealand Beauty Pageant.

In 2002 Emma played the role of Fiona in the Disney Channel original movie
You Wish! and had a part in a New Zealand TV
drama series. She auditioned to play Tori on
Power Rangers Ninja Storm, but was told she was "too small" for the surfer girl role.

Then, in summer 2003, Emma was called back to play "independent musician" Kira Ford on
Power Rangers DinoThunder. She had
a great time with the character and got to explore her musical talents with then-producer Doug Sloan. She also enjoyed working
with Latham Gaines (Anton Mercer/Mesogog), whom she had met before at another audition. And although Emma shared
similarities with Kira, she wasn't too fond of her hair on the show and would never wear as much eye-makeup in real life.

Emma has a big love for music and several inspirations, including The Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin,The Police, Jeff Buckley,
James Taylor, Bonnie Rait, Dave Matthews, Eva Cassidy, Johnny Clegg, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray
Vaughan. Her autographed Ashton acoustic guitar sold on eBay for $815 in late 2004.

She then landed a
record deal the following April with Big Much Productions and began
working with BMI producer Peter Zizzo. While living between Los Angeles and New York,
Emma visited Vancouver B.C. and fell in love with the city - enough to move there. She
lived with her boyfriend at the time, Brandon Jay McLaren and became good friends with
Alycia Purrott (both from
Power Rangers S.P.D.) as well.

Emma's music career dwindled and was shelved by 2010 so she could focus solely on
acting, allowing her to star in a wide range of roles and Canadian productions. One of
her last roles was playing Jennifer Mason on season 3 of Syfy's
Haven in 2013. Emma
moved back to New Zealand for awhile and currently resides in New Orleans. In 2017,
she returned to the convention scene for the first time since in 10 years, appearing at
Lexington Comic and Toy Con, and continues to stay in contact with other past Rangers,
including DinoThunder co-star Kevin Duhaney, Sally Martin (from
Power Rangers Ninja
) and Kimberley Crossman (from Power Rangers Super Samurai).

When it comes to free time, one of Emma's favorite stores is Whole Foods Market. She is vegan and enjoys tofu, malasyian, thai
and mexican food. She considers Larry David her crush and loves
Curb Your Enthusiasm. Emma's also a big hockey and rugby
fan, as well as a big supporter of animal rights.
Released tracks: Freak You Out | Patiently | Just Words
The Living Room Performances (Special thanks to Lisa J):
Crawl | Emerald City | Don't Let Lonely Grow | Just Words

Power Morphicon 2007 (6/22-6/24/07)
She's the Man Premiere Event (3/08/06)
London International Advertising Awards 2005 (11/05)
The Living Room in NYC (9/07/05)
San Diego Comic-Con 2005 (7/17/05)