By RangerTalk (December 2005)

Personal Questions

First question to break the ice, do you have a nickname of any kind?  Something that your family and closest friends call
you? If so, what is it (if you don't mind sharing it with your fans)?
At the studio my nick name is chic pea, which has evolved into kip. my group of south african friends in NZ called me bucket,
cause in south africa instead of saying fetch me a bucket, you say fetch me an emma... or so they say...
On power rangers my make up artist used to call me lentil bladder or
LB cause i drink so much water that i constantly have to pee.

What is the highest form of education that you have completed? Did you go to college and if so what was your major
(field of study)? Do you have a degree of some kind (bachelors, associates, masters)? Did you go to a school of
performing arts or did you go to a school for acting?
Well this is slightly embarrassing...
In New Zealand you can leave school when you have completed "School Certificate" which is Form 5 - about the age of 16. So
once I had finished that year, I decided to leave because I was filming a soap opera and performing in musicals. I was working
full time and with school on top of that it got far too difficult. So I had to make the very scary decision of leaving and pursuing
what I really wanted to do. I had a lot of great opportunities at the time so I decided to take them while they were there. Plus
I figured I could always go back to school... who am I kidding, I hate school - i'd never go back! I did complete all my ballet
studies and started training at a full time ballet school. So i know how to be anorexic and point my feet!

What is your Favorite Movie, Favorite TV show (if you watch TV), Favorite type of food, Favorite type of Flower(s),
Favorite Color(s), Favorite Actor/Actress, and Favorite thing to do on a date (go to a movie, dinner, hang out, etc.).
Favorite Movie and TV show: My favourite movie is Wizard of Oz. "Run, Toto, Run!" Forrest Gump is such a rip off, doncha think?
I don't have a favourite tv show at the moment. Theres so much crap on tv.
Favorite Food(s): TOFU!! Thai food and malaysian food. And lately i have been completely obsessed with mexican food. Its
ridiculous. I was in l.a recently and i had so much baja fresh... mmmmmm baja fresh.
Favorite type of Flower(s): Sunflowers. They are purrrty.
Favorite Color(s): My favourite colour based on nothing is Red. My favourite colours to wear are green and black.
Favorite Actor/Actress: Judy Garland, Jim Carrey, and Brandon Jay Mclaren...
Favorite thing to do on a date (go to a movie, dinner, hang out, etc.): That completely depends on the person. If they are
boring and lack intelligence - a movie (so you don't have to talk to them). The best date is one where you don't have to try and
get along with the other person, because it just happens naturally.

What is your favorite Book and do you have a favorite Author/Novelist?
I prefer reading biographies, (especially about musicians). I prefer true stories rather than fiction. When it's real, a heart
breaking story is more heart breaking, a happy story is more enjoyable... you get the picture.
I just read the novel "The Colour Purple" by alice walker. It was a fantastic read.

What's your favorite type of music? What/who is your favorite Artist(s)/Band(s), Song(s), and CD(s)?
The Beatles, Aerosmith, Sarah Mclachlan, Rickie Lee Jones, James Taylor, Dave Dobbyn (NZ Artist), Crowded House...

Do you have any pet peeves? (A Pet Peeve is a minor annoyance that can instill extreme frustration in an individual
~Webster's Dictionary.)
When people say "this isn't a movie" in movies.

Power Ranger related questions

If asked, would you ever return and act in a new season of Power Rangers as a full time cast member (not a guess star)?
Not at this stage of my life. Going back for a few episodes is fun, its always great to see the crew and meet new cast members.
But I am so busy and focused on what I am doing right now in New York I wouldn't want to interrupt it at the moment.

Is there anything that you disliked about your character Kira?
I disliked in the first episode how she fell into a ditch, got up started running, and fell over straight away. That was stupid,
good one Kira.

Are you like your character in any way? Is there a trait you share with her?
Aside from the music thing, nothing that i can really think of. Kira was very touchy and testy, "are you calling me babe?" chill out

Do you like the name Kira?
I actually do... Kira Ford kinda sounds like a watch brand.

The Red Ranger role is a very intimidating role to play, the person who is given the role must play the leader and usually
is considered the heart of the team. Also the Red Ranger is usually under the watchful eye of the fans and usually
examined thoroughly as if placed under a microscope. The smallest mess up usually brands that person as the worst Red
Ranger ever. Do you think you could ever handle such a big role and responsibility? If you were asked by Disney to play a
red ranger in a future season, would you seize the offer? Do you think you have what it takes? If so, why?
Random scary! No - i don't think so. I am not convincing enough as a fighter, and i am even worse at ADR. Plus ADR is my least
favourite past time, and the red ranger has the most ADR cues! But I think a female red ranger at some stage would be
awesome, i don't know if it will happen due to it being a boys show, and the female dolls being "too similar to a barbie"

Did you enjoy being the Yellow Ranger? How do you feel about the color Yellow? Would you rather play a ranger of a
different color?
I didn't really wear that much yellow. Gavin, the costume designer used to mix it up a lot and most of my outfits were black and
yellow, So i was more like bumble bee ranger. But i liked my spandex outfit, not wearing it, but i thought it looked pretty funky.
I wanted to keep it at the end of the shoot, but they wouldn't let us, and i loved the wardrobe department way too much to
steal it.

How did you get along with the other Dino Thunder cast members? Did everyone work well together and were there any
conflicts on set? I heard that Jason David Frank (Dr. O) isn't the best person to work with (or the nicest), is this true?
A lot of the success in a team getting along has to do with the leader, and the leader setting a good example. When James
was in that position, it was a lot more successful. It's hard to follow a leader who is all about themselves and only worried
about getting their close up and throwing diva tantrums. But for the most part, most of us got along.

The Dino Thunder cast had the liberty of working with both the Ninja Storm and SPD cast? Which was the better cast to
work with? From each cast who is your favorite person? When working with the Ninja Storm cast, whom did you connect
with the best? And when working with the SPD cast whom did you connect with the best?
They were both completely different experiences. I loved the SPD reunion because I got to meet my amazing boyfriend. I think i
probably had more fun with the Ninja Storm team up. Probably because we had been doing so many episodes by that point
and to have that cast come in and change things up for a couple of weeks was really fun, and I preferred that whole story line
about the rangers being evil. The whole NS crowd is such a joy to be around, they are all really hilarious. It was also a nice
thing to have another girl on set.

Do you still keep in touch with anyone from the Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, or SPD cast? If so, who?
Yes i do. I keep in touch with James, Kevin, Jeff, Latham, Katrina, and of course Brandon.

Did you do any acting or fighting in the Ranger suit? If so, how did it feel like to wear to the suit? Also did you do any of
your own stunts?
We did some acting in the suit, but no fighting. Which I was very thankful for. Those things are so hard to move in. It was a
mission just to sit down, let alone jump around and kick. The stunt doubles are so amazing at what they do, and with all the
costumes they have to wear on top of it, and a helmet, I don't know how they do it.

Not sure if you knew this or not but Power Rangers is based off the Japanese show Super Sentai. Did the Dino Thunder
cast ever get to see episodes of Abaranger, Dino Thunder's Japanese Counterpart, and if so what are your thoughts on the
show? Where you shocked to see how different it was from Dino Thunder?
We had seen the opening credits, which was like a musical. And then we filmed a clip show and we had to watch clips from one
of the Abaranger episodes during the filming. I can't really give my thoughts on the show because there was no volume on so I
didn't really know what was going on, but I did like that it was a little more daring than our
version, and they can go a little further in what they do.

Do you know any form of Martial Arts? If so, what style do you know and what color belt do you have? If not, did the
show give you any inspiration to learn? Also did it temp you to take any classes in self-defense?
I don't know any forms, and I am definatly not worthy of any belt. When you see the stunties working right there in front you,
it definatly makes you question what you are doing and think about a change in career. Partly because they make everything
look so effortless and easy and fun, but then you get up there and realise how stupid you were to even flirt with the idea of
doing what they do...

Prior to Dino Thunder, did you ever watch the show? If so, what season and did you enjoy watching the episodes you saw?
I didn't. I grew up in Samoa where there wasn't that much on T.V. I remember watching videos like Wizard of Oz, Swan Lake,
the Commitments, and on T.V all we used to watch was game shows. Plus it is banned in NZ so i was never really in a position
of seeing it. I remember thinking, 'Power Rangers, that sounds familiar' when I first got my audition. I thought they were
bringing it back on air or something. Little did i know it had been on for over 10 years and had this huge following, it was like
being opened up to a whole other world!

Did any embarrassing moments ever happen to you on set? Are there any incidents that you like to share with your loyal
During the team up with SPD, I remember thinking that this years red ranger was quite fetching, and he always caught me
staring at him. That was always really embarrassing, it wasn't my fault, i just kept zoning out in his general direction...
Whenever I had to do the Ptera Scream I felt like an idiot. Obviously the sound effects, and yellow sound waves were added in
after, so i just kinda had to thrust myself foward and open my mouth wide and pretend i was screaming. Yeah, definatly felt
pretty stupid...

What was the best thing about your job and what was the best thing about being on the cast of Dino Thunder?
Meeting great people, filming in beautiful locations around new zealand, and where it has lead me now with my music. I am
completely aware i wouldnt have this opportunity i have right now without my exposure from dino thunder, and i really
appreciate that.

What is your favorite memory of working on Dino Thunder?
One day James, Kevin, and I ran away from set and went on a really long walk. It was when we were shooting the last
episode. It was a really fun couple of hours, and really awesome to see how fat the three of us had come working together.

Questions regarding your music and acting career

When did you start writing/performing music?
I startd performing at three.

When did you start acting? What was your first acting job?
I can't remember. I got into acting through musicals, and i used to do plays at school when i was very young. I would always
play the comic relief. I used to be really funny, i don't know what happened...

Is Dino Thunder the first season of Power Rangers that you auditioned for? Did you audition for any prior seasons? How
long did it take you to get a part like this?
I auditioned for ninja storm. during my audition an executive had me sing somewhere over the rainbow. i didn't get that part. I
auditioned for dino thunder next, and i got that. I was really sick in my dino thunder call back and i wasn't able to sing in my
callback. Luckily they still cast me!!

A few years from now, do you think you will be ashamed or proud of your work on Power Rangers? Believe or not, there
are some Power Ranger actors/actresses who rather not talk about it. Do you think you'll ever turn into that type of
I never thought i would get the reaction I got from people when being a Power Ranger comes up in conversation. Everyone
always has a really positive reaction. They may all be lying - but thats ok. I don't think i'll be ashamed of it, but i'm not stupid
and think my acting on it was stellar - i know its not that kind of a show.

I heard that you write and record music, do you have a CD coming out and if so what's the name of it?
I do have a name for it, but you have to wait!

Will it come out anytime soon? Is there a set release date?
Hopefully soon - sometime next year for sure...

Is there a first single out and if not do you know when one will be released? Are you planning a concert tour and if so, is
there a site where your fans can view city listings of the tour?
There is a song which I'm sure will be the first "single" but nothing set in stone. I will be starting to play out in the NY scene
soon and all events will be listed on my website - Probably in the new year.

Was there an acting job that you wanted more than anything and didn't get? If so, what was it (a commercial, show, or
movie role)? How did you deal with the disappointment?
The way I always deal with disappointment is 'everything happens for a reason'. Thats what people tell themselves when they
screw something up...
There are always disappointments in life, career related and non career related, if you look at the big picture though, things are
always not so bad. Does this make any sense or relaate to the question at all? Probably not...

Are there any projects, music or acting related, that you are currently working on?
Just my music right now.

Final question

Do you have any advice for your fans that want to become a singer or actor? Do you have any advice you want to give to
those who want to venture into showbiz?
If you do it, do it because you love it. Don't do it because you want to be famous and get free things, cause you'll probably end
up on a reality show. It is one of the toughest and most corrupt industries you can become involved in, so there has to be a
real passion and drive to keep you doing it. If you do have the passion a hunger, go for it.