"Day of the Dino, I-II": Kira got in trouble by Principal Randall for singing "Freak You
Out" on school property. She was kidnapped by Mesogog's forces, but quickly held her
own against them and escaped.

"Wave Goodbye": She met Hayley's waiter Trent for the first time and quickly took
notice of him. She performed "
Freak You Out" with her band at the CyberSpace.

"Diva in Distress": Her old friend Kylee Styles came to town. After Kira did a short
performance, Kylee came on stage for a duet.

"Leader of the Whack": A mysterious rock from space gave Kira a repressed
personality, and she was suddenly interested in fashion and shopping.

"The Missing Bone": Kira got possessed by an old skeleton experiment that needed its
missing bone to be brought to life.

"It's a Mad Mad Mackerel": She began an internship at Channel 3 (along with Devin).

"A Star is Torn": Kira got offered a recording contract but turned it down, realizing the
look they gave her
wasn't her. She performed part of "Patiently" for a video shoot.

"A Ranger Exclusive": She helped Cassidy get a job at the TV station.

"Thunder Storm, I-II": While studying with Trent, Kira saw Blake Bradley (Ninja Storm's Navy Thunder
Ranger), but couldn't remember where she had seen him before. She was quick to ask if he was asking
her out when he was just offering passes to motocross. Kira fought against evil Tori (Blue Wind Ranger)
and later teamed up with her when the Wind Rangers were back to normal.

"In Your Dreams": Kira had to do a report about reptiles and had a nightmare about a crocodile
monster falling in love with her.

"Thunder Struck, II": She performed "Just a Little" at Reefside High's Senior Prom.
With the power of Ptera, Kira was a junior at Reefside and lead singer/guitar in her band, The
Cause (which Emma's real-life brother was a part of). After surviving Mesogog and his forces - and
high school - Kira went on to a successful music career. She briefly returned to being a Ranger in
2007 and future 2025. Through the show, Emma became good friends with
Katrina Devine and
they were roommates for a time.

DinoThunder Episodes
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Special Power: Ptera Scream
Power-Up: Super Dino Mode & Flight Wings
Weapons: ThunderMax Saber & Ptera Grips
Vehicles: Yellow Raptor Rider & Cycle
Zord: Pterazord
Koichi Sakamoto working with Emma (from Sentai's 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia)
DinoThunder Cast Photo from Sentai's 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia
Teamup Photo from Sentai's 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia
DinoThunder Photo from Japanese Magazine
Kira promotional photo scanned by GrnPsychoDragon