Power Rangers S.P.D.
Sneak Peek: Kira and Ethan caught a glimpse at the SPD team in action,
with the help of a mysterious rock connected to the Morphing Grid.

"Wormhole": In a seemingly unexplainable point in DinoThunder,
the Dino Rangers teamed up with SPD in 2004 to fight Zeltrax,
Tyrannodrones and Troobian forces.

"History": Kira, Conner and Ethan were
teleported from Reefside High in 2005 to
Newtech City 2025. Broodwing tried to use them
to fight SPD, but they got their Dino Gems and
teamed up to help fight Gruumm and his forces.
Their memories were erased and it was revealed
Kira went on to a successful music career that
Syd (Pink Ranger) was a fan of.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
"Once a Ranger, I-II": Sentinel Knight recruited a new Ranger team to replace the Overdrive Rangers while their
powers were gone. Kira had been working on a new CD and promised to stop by Hartford Mansion to give it to them. It
is believed she kept her power and memories. Sometime before the year 2025, Kira's yellow gem, along with red and
blue, ended up on Onyx - a long-time popular hangout destination for monsters.
Kira morphs once again in ONCE A RANGER, II

SPD/DinoThunder Photo from Sentai's 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia
The Dino Rangers chill with SPD cast
The Retro Rangers and Overdrive cast
The Retro Rangers with Jackie Marchand & crew pose during filming
Emma with her makeup artist