"Disney Hits Recorded in a Garage in West Derby" (Daily Post, May 2004)

A pair of musicians who work from a small suburban garage in Liverpool have been signed up by global media giant Disney.

Steve Erickson and Paul Garrett, who set up music production company Press-X, have had two of their songs used on children's
television in the US.

The track "Freak You Out" has been used in two episodes of Disney's new series, The Power Rangers Dino Thunder, which is
being aired across the US and is due for release across the globe later in the year.

The second song, Some Say, will be used in a television movie called Zenon 3 which will be shown on the Disney Channel in the

The film is the second sequel in the highly-popular live-action series that has sold one million copies throughout the US.

The pair have been friends for a decade and started working together five years ago.

After successfully approaching the Prince's Trust for funding to build a small recording studio in a West Derby garage, they
decided it was time to turn their musical hobby into a full-time business.

The decision paid off when Disney picked up two of their songs from the Acuff-Rose agency for use on programmes which are
screened in millions of homes across the United States.

Mr Erickson, 28, from West Derby said: "This has just been great for us. It feels as if our two years of hard work have come
together over the last few months.

"The song that was on Power Rangers was sung twice by the yellow ranger who appears on the show.

"The other programme, Zenon, is very popular in the US. It  has sold a million copies on DVD over there.

"We have also now been contacted by the executive producer of the Power Rangers in America to write some more songs for
Emma Lahana, who plays the yellow ranger, as she is releasing her own album later this year.

There are even a few websites about the song "Freak You Out" - asking when it is coming out.

"Some people are even doing their own unofficial remixes."

Power Rangers Dino Thunder is an updated version of a popular science-fiction series from the 90s.

The new show follows three teenagers who have been recruited to thwart an evil dinosaur expert's plans to take over the
world with an army of creatures.

The Zenon films, meanwhile, focus on the adventures of a trouble-prone teenage girl who lives on a space station with the rest
of her family.

The pair have co-written and produced an album for new Liverpool band Reece and last year went on an AIDS-awareness tour
with them in Mozambique.

In February, the group were offered record deals in Australia, South Africa and Japan.

They will be releasing a single called "Crazy" later this year in Australia.

Meanwhile, the production company has been doing work for Atomic Kitten creator Andy McClusky's new girl band Genie Queen,
solo artist Stephanie, and boy band Triple 8, who made it into the top 10 twice last year.

The pair have just finished working with under-16s Eurovision Song Contest band Just 3 on two singles and have written a
song called Stand Tall to promote awareness of bullying in schools.