RANGERBOARD CORNER | A collection of Emma's posts between May and August 2004

o.k i'm back because I am doing you all a favour...
If you don't own the Teitur C.D go and buy it tomorrow.
I am completely mesmerized and his stage presence was so intense. I dare you to go see him at a show and try and take your
eyes off of him. He's such a sweet guy. So go and get Poetry and Aeroplanes by Teitur. You will thank me later, i promise.
I still luv you long time...
[love eyes]

Hey everyone,
Emma here. How is everybody? I hope there are positive responses to that question...
On Monday night I'm flying back to Auckland for a few weeks, then I'll be back in L.A again.
I'm' looking forward to seeing everyone back in Kiwiville, not looking forward to the 12 hour flight, my attention span lacks. And
a little disappointed that I can't open for Macy Gray on the 10th of September anymore But there will be plenty more
oppurtunities, so I'm dealing...
I also have the Jason Mraz DVD which will keep me company on part of the plane trip... If you haven't got it, I suggest you
I'm seeing Teitur tonight, which is really exciting.
My trip back to New Zealand also means I get to pick up my acoustic guitar 'P' and bring him back with me. I was going to leave
all my guitars here, but Denim is travelling with me, I can't bear to be apart from him.
So I'll be in New Zealand for a couple weeks, and I'll spend the time writing and coming up with some stuff.
Hopefully there will be some performances coming up and I can meet some of you guys soon.
When I get back to New Zealand I will respond to your questions - I promise!
Make sure you watch this weekends episode! I think you guys will really enjoy it...
Me love you long time!

Episode 23 Discussion: Disappearing Act
Yea i see 'zing'...  Just pretend I know what I'm talking about...

I had a crush on Bob Saget. All the other girls loved Uncle Jesse, and I loved Bob Saget... proof of my 'unique' taste in guys...
There is no out of place aaw factor in full house, it's all about the aaw.
Well my loves, it was fun chatting, I have to go finish watching my Back To The Future box set...
Until next time :P

Wow... this is like a chat, but it's much more of a pain in the ass cause you have to keep clicking back and forth to answer
rene...you have to sit in the corner and have time out.
I haven't seen those signs so I can't answer that question, but on the road I read "ahead stop" not "stop ahead".
I saw Mickey but he was busy, Minnie annoys me. But I high fived Eeyore.
Is it just me, or do the aaaw factor moments in Full House make everyone teary eyed? As cheesy as it is, gets me everytime...

Children don't fight! Or you will have to go on time out and sit in the corner.
If you don't like this episode, then just wait for 31 - 32. You will definatly crap yourselves on those ones.
I went to disneyland last weekend, it really is the happiest place on earth, apart from the guitar centre (I didn't spell that
wrong it's the New Zealand spelling).
While I'm here let me plug a few artists. An oldie Rickie Lee Jones - if you don't know who she is check out her self titled C.D
and 'Flying Cowboys'.
Also Teitur - awesome, beautiful stuff. Honest, REALLY honest. Check out his website for tour dates...

ooooo, i love how you know...
Did you know that when Jimi was 4 years old he wet his pants and spent hours in the rain so he'd be completely wet and his
mother wouldn't know, but she did???

But i think you guys will like this episode, if you don't then I give up and am so thankful I'm not a producer who has to please
the fans. But I have seen the episode and I had never seen any power rangers before this one and my reaction was "that's
tight yo..."

I am also aware of the fact that I just said tight yo and am infact a white girl, but I think that I am so far from being able to pull
it off, it works. It works doesn't it???

Have you guys seen the pepsi add with the little jimi hendrix? isn't that a brilliant commericial? It makes me wanna buy pepsi,
and I hate pepsi.

By the way you're all gonna crap during the next episode...

Episode 22 Discussion: Triassic Triumph
(Replying to comments)
Yay you guys liked the episode. Do the people who were so certain that Conner wasn't the triassic ranger and posted
defensive posts about how it would be Devin instead feel rather stupid? Don't - it's ok.
I got a yellow ranger doll which are so hard to find cause no one wants a girly ranger doll cause it is to similar to a barbie doll
apparently. Yellow Ranger dolls head is rather small - the weird proportions are almost frightening...

But how fantastic would it be to be an apostrophe and have the power to replace letters and make words shorter and more

Much love guys - EL  

PRDT: 'It's a Mad, Mad Mackerel' Discussion
(Replying to a complainer)
woah dude chill...
you know you dont HAVE to watch all the episodes if you really hate Dino Thunder right??? I mean is someone holding a gun to
your head and forcing you to watch a show that you seem to despise so deeply?
If the last 18 episodes are jacking up your air circulation i suggest you dont watch them... i would love to see you in a reality
show tho...
Come on, you know you wanna do the happy fish dance...

PRDT: 'Lost and Found in Translation' Discussion
(Replying to comments)
i don't know about ya'll, but i think it's a funny episode...
humour check anyone??? hmm... i think so...

Hizzel Pizzel Rizzel Fizzels
That title is me being down with it, that indisputablly says hey power ranger fans...
It's the excess consumer of tofu here. Whats crackalackin?
I leave in just over 24 hours...
The out of it part of this whole situation is, when i fly to L.A i'm actually going back in time... I leave here the night of June 1st,
and get there the morning of June 1st... I wonder if I will be able to foretell any occurances...
I spent 6 hours last night with my beloved guitars that will be residing in NZ without me as of tomorrow  Time to quote a
George Harrison song - while my guitar gently weeps...
I also spent a long time importing my C.D's onto my laptop, a few Led Zep C.D's to do, and the chapter in my life of importation
of music will end.
Every morning I wake I am astounded as my already gargantuan respect and adoration for headscarfs, hats, (and any other
object that gives me the option of not doing my hair) becomes even more extensive.
There are some qualities about me, that I often ponder, maybe i was meant to be a boy... like checking the scent of already
worn clothes to see if it would be appropriate to be worn again due to laziness and lack of doing laundry. I'm not sure if that is
just a guy and emma thing, or if girls do that also???
Well before I depart to another unfulfilling session of adr I will leave you with 2 stories...
I was eating sushi whilst driving the other day and a big glob of wasabi (that hot green substance) disguised itself as avocado
on my avocado piece, and all I can say is - it was very painful. Maybe it was a subliminal message informing me not to eat and
drive at the same time as it could become a possible danger hazard...
Once upon a week or two ago I was in a vintage type store, and I said to my buddy "how cool would it be if i could get a bag
with jimi hendrix on it...". About 20 seconds and 15 steps down the store later there is THE coolest jimi hendrix bag hanging on
the wall saying "emma purchase me, you KNOW you want to..."
I also bought a shirt with a picture of dorothy and toto on it that says "Aunt Em, hate you, hate kansas, taking the dog -

Well now you have a page of lame rambling from me... I have a message board that was set up www.rangermania.
com/forums. I haven't posted on it yet, as I'm a suffering lethargic... but I will be posting in between message boards so I can
keep you updated on the music and all that jazz. So sign up, if you want. And don't, if you don't want.
Well I don't know when we will converse next but hopefully not to far away...
- EL

Hey fellow mammalians...

I have been receiving myriad emails regarding my views about Rangerboard and decided to post here myself and make my real
thoughts thoroughly evident before I leave NZ and have uncertain computer access...

I didn't visit this board until now because I was informed that I shouldn't, so I didn't. I should not have assumed anything
because of hear'say before I saw anything for myself. My bad - smack in the chops for me...

I've had a look around and occasionally found myself laughing my ass off. Some posts are quite wity and have a kind of 'waiting
for guffman' degree of excellence to them...
I respect anyone who is willing to give an honest opinion and is smart enough to not blindly love everything to do with the
But there is also an unspoken unfailing loyalty that would have you defend it if anyone ever tried to cause any real damage...

Please dont feel you have to monitor what you say or talk about for mine or my 'fathers' (he has no idea this place exists...
must have been a poser?) sake. I do not take myself seriously enough to get offended by what you might have to say.
Flame all you want - if you want. Hell I would. Especially after hearing my adr ability - or lack thereof...
And do not worry about offending me for religious reasons. As I am not religious. I do not attend church and am not into
organised religion. I am not of any denomination I just believe in God...

So please no more emails from people bitching about this board. I really have no problem, or no reason to have a problem with
it. Although I do have a problem with feet and am a strong believer that toes should always remain covered...

Well mortals, happy posting.
And big ups and shout outs to freedom of speech.

Wow, I think that is the most interminable letter I've ever composed in my almost 20 years of existence.

I tried to post a crazy picture of me and my best friend but my computer retardness hasn't eluded me that much yet..