Emma played Jennifer Mason - an eccentric, energetic and off-kilter woman, pulled into the towns
mysteries when she beings hearing strange voices in her head. They lead her to cross paths with
a town fixture who suspects she could provide clues about the main character (Audrey)  
whereabouts. As Jennifer digs into her own family history, she learns she has a bigger role to play
in the strange happenings in Haven. Emma appeared in 11 episodes.

Episode 4.07: "Lay Me Down"

Episodes 4.09: "William" and 4.11: "Shot in the Dark"
Episode 4.01: "Fallout"

Episode 4.02: "Survivors"

Episode 4.03: "Bad Blood"

Episode 4.04: "Lost and Found"

Episode 4.05: "New Girl"

Episode 4.08: "Crush"

Episode 4.12: "When the Bough Breaks"

Episode 4.13: "The Lighthouse"