Emma played Charlotte Monroe, captain of the Memphis Christian Cyclones cheer team and the
younger sister of Savannah (Ashley Tisdale), captain of rival Lancer Hellcats. Charlotte was forced to
give up her position after she became pregnant by Savannah's ex-boyfriend and coming from a very
religious family, she tried to keep the pregnancy a secret from her family.
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Episode 15:
"God Must Have My
Fortune Laid Away"
Episode 22: "I'm Sick Y'all"
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Episode 02: "I Say A Little Prayer"
Episode 04: "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother"
Episode 09: "Finish What We Started"
Episode 11: "Think Twice Before You Go"
Episode 14: "Remember When"
Episode 13: "Worried Baby Blues"
Episode 20: "Warped Sister"
Episode 21: "Land of 1,000 Dances"
She was also very committed to her team and tried to go back to participate in a stunt routine, until Savannah stepped in to
take her place for the occasion. Charlotte gave birth to a boy a month earlier than expected and Savannah gave up her
position as captain to be able help care for the baby. Emma appeared in 11 episodes.
Episode 17: "Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)"