1/08/10: Various modifications and fixes throughout the site

12/21/08: Added some old pics of Katrina with Blair

10/23: Images and video clips gallery added; Layouts updated and various other images
and modifications added

2/25/07: Interview and image from Bite Magazine added

10/22: Modified color scheme

2/02: Updates to site finished

1/01/05: Strassman interview added

11/21: Images from final DinoThunder episode added

11/14: Images from the first part of "THUNDER STRUCK" added

10/31: Images from "HOUSE OF CARDS" added

10/24: Image"DRAWN INTO DANGER" and Shortland Street clip added

10/10: Images from "THUNDER STORM" and image text added

10/04: Credits/Stats page updated

9/26: Images from "STRANGE RELATIONS" added

9/19: Images from "PASSION OF CONNER, ""ISN'T IT LAVA-LY" and a banner added;
Revised several pages

8/29: Images from "FIGHTING SPIRIT" added

8/24: Images from "DISAPPEARING ACT" added

8/08: Images from "TUTENHAWKEN'S CURSE" and wallpaper added

8/02: Images from "A RANGER EXCLUSIVE" been added

7/26: Images from "COPY THAT," "TRIASSIC TRIUMPH" and "A STAR IS TORN" added; DINO
DISH slimmed down to CASSIDY EXTRA

6/21: Images from "BULLY FOR ETHAN" and "MAD MAD MACKEREL" added  

5/25: Images from "BURNING AT BOTH  ENDS" and "THE MISSING BONE"  added

5/17: Images from "LEADER OF THE WHACK" added

5/10: Images from "TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES" added

5/07: Shortland Street page updates; media added   

5/03: DinoThunder galleries fully updated

4/26: "Space Girl" and "Freak You Out" mp3s added; Began trying out page transitions

4/15: About Katrina section up

4/13: DinoThunder galleries updated with pictures from "OCEAN ALERT"

4/10: Tagboard added; Shortland Street pages complete

4/07: New site opens; PR sections complete  

3/14: Images from "DIVA IN DISTRESS" added  

3/11: Various additions/updates on main page, credits page and DinoThunder

3/08: PRDT section updates  

3/06: PRDT section updates; Emma Lahana added to DINO DISH

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2/19: Counter added from Digits.com

2/18: PRDT section updates

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2/14/04: Site officially launches on webmasters ISP

Fall '03: Work begins on Simply Devine with the ISP's site builder.

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