Katrina played Cassidy Cornell, a reporter for the Reefside High TV News Network.  She was
often seen with Devin (Tom Hern), a fellow classmate and camerman of the duo.  They were
always looking for a big story and (while Devin had some common sense), Cass would go to
great lengths to get the big scoop.   

She once tried to interview Blue Ranger in the middle of an attack and would try to
interview the monster of the day whenever the chance came up.

Cassidy is very nosy and once called Angel Grove High trying to get info on Dr. Oliver.  She
and Devin had the same science period as our heros and would
often see them at that time.

In real life, Katrina is friends with
Emma Lahana and they were
roommates in New Zealand for a time.

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"WHITE THUNDER, I-III": Cassidy tried out for a position at a news station and would get
the job if she (with Devin) could find out the identity of at least one Ranger.  So began the
search to find out who the White Ranger was.

"A RANGER EXCLUSIVE": She tried for a position at TV station Channel 3 (where Kira and
Devin were interns) and got the job after a short, but sweet story about the heros of

"A STAR IS TORN": Cass tried an online dating service and ended up with Ethan.  Though,
it didn't last long.  After a picnic date in
"DISAPPEARING ACT" she broke up with him
he could breakup with her.

"THUNDER STORM, I-II": Cass and Devin tried to get
into a motocross event, but weren't "on the list" to get
in.  Later, at the championship, they crossed paths with
Marah and Kapri.  Cass thought Marah was stunning,
but herself was prettier.
"THUNDER STRUCK, I-II": Devin was at long last successful at getting the Rangers
morphing on videotape and showed it to Cassidy.  She soon gave the tape to Tommy and
the others, realizing the error of her ways.  Devin finally asked her out and they went to
the prom together.      
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Cassidy notices Marah | THUNDER STORM, II
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