It turned out to be all an act and Beevil was destroyed (by the Rangers).  Still, the other
villains gave Marah a hard time that she's not really evil anyway.  She started to ponder
that maybe they're right.

Later, as a fight for control of power took over the ship, Marah and Kapri pretended to be
evil (for real) in order to overthrow power-hungry villain Vexacus.  But the tables turned
again, when Lothor decided to keep his nieces stranded in the ship, as it was about to

Luckily, they were rescued in time along with the ninja students kidnapped in the first
episode.  After Lothor was defeated for good, the girls finally gave up their evil deeds and
enrolled in the Wind Ninja Academy.

Sometime in 2004, Lothor escaped the Abyss of Evil and turned the girls back to their old
attire, agreeing to let them help him out.  

Foolish as he is, he was seemingly unaware they were on the Rangers side, as they helped
rescue Sensei and a bottle with captured ninja students.

At a motocross event, Marah and Kapri crossed paths with Cassidy and Devin.  Marah
thought Cass was stunning, but herself was prettier.

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Marah, Lothor and Kapri
A site dedicated to
beautiful New Zealand
actress Katrina Devine
Throughout the season, Marah often got teased for acting
dumb and along with sister Kapri (New Zealand actress
Katrina Browne), the girls frequently screwed-up evil plots
and wore different outfits.  A couple times they fought the
Rangers and had some cool attacks.  And they were the nieces of
head-villain Lothor.

In the episode
"ALL ABOUT BEEVIL" Marah got kicked off
Lothor's ship when her friend Beevil arrived.  In a human form,
she convinced Dustin (Yellow Ranger) that she wanted to destroy
Beevil and not be evil anymore.