Katrina played Minnie Crozier on New Zealand's original long running
Shortland Street, from 1994-2001.  She began at the young age of
13 and got her education in between filming.  Minnie was a receptionist
at the Shortland Street Hospital.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm co-stars, Katrina Browne (Kapri) and
Pau Magasiva (Shane/Red Ranger) were also on
Shortland Street.
Browne had a mid-term role in 2000-2001 and Magasiva had a
guest-spot in 2001.  

Katrina worked with cast member Emma Lahana when she had one year
role between 2000-2001.  They became good friends and would go on
to work together again on
Power Rangers DinoThunder.

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