Henshin Justice Unlimited (August 2005)

I'm sure your fans are eager to learn more about you so let's get started with the basics. Could you tell us a little about
yourself like where you where born, how old you are and what was your Childhood like? And what shows did you used to
watch back in the day?

MM: I'm a Florida girl.....Born and raised! I was born in Lakeland but only lived there till I was 3 after that we moved around a
little and ended up in Land O' Lakes (Yes, like the butter but that's not were they make it) Land O' lakes was a great town to
grow up in it's small so everyone knows each other and you feel safe. We use to play these insane games of capture the flag
in till all hours of the night.....Fun! My childhood was awesome, I have a small so everyone knows each other and you feel safe.
We use to play these insane games killer family! I watched a lot of everything...but I think my favorite show was Rainbow

HJU: When you're not acting or drop kicking monsters, what are your hobbies and what do you do for fun?

MM: I try to make everything I do fun somehow.......but I really love drawing. I paint and do other arts and crafts but there's
something about sketching that keeps my interest. I did a lot of sketching on set! The first thing I ever drew in NZ was of the 5
of use....hehe. It makes my smile to look at it :) I also have a sick addiction to buying shoes.....really....I need help!

HJU: What inspired you to get into acting?

MM: Well, when I was 12 my best friend Carly was doing an improv summer camp at USF and b/c we were attached at the hip I
had to do it to. It was at that camp that I realized I wanted to do this the rest of my life. I came off stage after one of our
scenes and said to myself...This is it, THIS is what I want to do the rest of my life!
I feel more alive when I am acting then when I do anything else. That's a good reason to do anything, don't you think.

HJU: Do you have any favorite actors or actresses?

MM: I’m in love with Cate Blanchet....I think she is the best actor/actress alive. She amazes me every time I see her. She is
what I inspire to be!

HJU: What was your very first gig and how did you get it?

MM: My first play was Our Town I played Rebecca Gibbs......That was the first thing I ever auditioned for. I was in 9th grade.

HJU: What was your biggest break and how did that come about?

MM: POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe. No.....really....Power Rangers has been the biggest project I've worked on so far
and it came about like every other addition (not to sound like that but its true)! I got a call from my agent saying she had an
addition for me and it was for Power Rangers. My first thought was " HA......How cool would that be!"

HJU: So what's it like being a young actress? Do you travel a lot?

MM: Its great but all fantasies aside its really hard work! To be honest I didn't think filming was going to be so tough. But I'm
doing what I want so nothing is better then that. I think everyone should at least try and do what there dream is. You have to
try! Traveling is one of the coolest parts. I hope to see the hole world one day and if I could be acting at the same time .......
well....mission accomplished!

HJU: Do you get to attend cool Hollywood parties that the rest of us only dream about?

MM: You know.....I have meet some cool people at some cool parties.....But really I have the most fun when I'm partying with
my friend in some little dive, ya know!? I like being around people I know, Don't get me wrong its cool to see famous people
but I LOVE "My people" I love describing my friends like that. I think the people you surround yourself with are to some degree
"Your people"!

HJU: Who're the most famous people you've met while out and about?

MM: Well,...when I was at Disney I saw John Corbert but I just saw him. I just love him and b/c of that I couldn't get up the
nerve to say ANYTHING...not even "hi" I swear I almost peed my pants. He's so good look'n. HAHA I'm laughing just thinking
about how silly I was acting. PS My mom was with me and she was like my partner in crime b/c she was acting the exact same

HJU: When was the first time you heard about Power Rangers and what'd you think of it?

MM: I first saw Power Rangers when I was a Kid 11 or 12. It wasn't really my type of show....I was all in to TGI Friday nights

HJU: What series of events lead you to join a 12 year long legacy to become this year's Yellow Ranger?

MM: I auditioned! It’s that simple.

HJU: At one point in time I remember Jack and Z were supposed to be brother and sister. Any idea why they decided to ditch
this plot point? PR has had mixed siblings before (Hunter and Blake from Ninja Storm).

MM: I don't really know.....

HJU: Apologies if this is too geeky a question, buuuuuut.. there is various fan-speculation that Z is the daughter of Wild Force
Black, Danny Delgado. Was that ever considered?

MM: I don't think so....When I was creating Z anyway Danny wasn't her dad.

HJU: How much a like are you to Z?

MM: A lot!! One of the reasons I liked playing Z so much was b/c she's the "tough girl" And although I have weak and down
moments (come on, we all do.....and to tell the truth I enjoy those moments for what I learn from them) but for the most part
I'm a pretty tough chick! Z is the kinda girl that stands up for what she believes in she's also quick to act and that is one
hundred percent me. Z is definitely an Aries (that's what my moon sign is)! A lot of the time I already have my hand up in the
air going " Ooooo Ooooo call on me!!" and I don't even know the question. I think Z is a tomboy to some degree and that's
something I can't really relate to. Don't get me wrong I'm all about getting dirty and sweaty and hanging with the guys...but...I
love being a girl and getting all dressed up...wearing cute dresses and high heels! Who doesn't love that...; )

HJU: What's the toughest thing about being a Power Ranger from an actor's point of view?

MM: Getting in to the spandex...hehe. No, I think it was the 2 weeks of Power Ranger "boot camp" We had 2 weeks of crazy
training...and I'm 4-real at one point I thought I might die (okok that's going a little far) but it was really intense. I'm not sure
what I was expecting but what I got was some good training on how to drop kick a monsters butt and really sore muscles for a
couple days. And lets face it living in LA you might just need to use some moves one day!

HJU: What was the most fun thing?

MM: Being a Power Ranger......period! Its still funny to me....

HJU: What was the most fun episode you did?

MM: SWAT! It was the hardest episodes we did and I think any of us would say that but it was fun!! I love doing all the
physical stuff and in those episodes that's all we did.

HJU: What was it like meeting the cast and crew that you'd be spending the next couple months with in New Zealand? Do the
call you all into a room and introduce you or is there a special dinner?

MM: OK....this is so funny to me but it was just like The Real World. I swear, I was like where's the camera and really sweet
pad..... We were in the hotel and Ally and I had already met and talked well we where in the lobby and low and behold here
come "The Guys" off the elevator. Its just so weird meeting people that your going to spend ALL your time with like that. I hope
at least one person is feeling me on the Real Word example.....b/c that's the perfect way to describe it for me

HJU: Anything you'd like to compliment your fellow actors on?

MM: Sure, Ill go down the list :)
Brandon is a really giving actor, he is always present in a scene
Chris can always make me laugh.....and when things are crazy on set you need and want to have someone that can look and
you and randomly brake out in to song maybe even a dance.
Matt always kept me thinking he's a true artist.....he's also really gifted in comedy but you all already knew that didn't you!
And Miss Ally.....well she's my girl! Ally is who I got to be really and I mean really silly with. She's going to kill me but we use to
have "dance off's" in our camper at like 5 in the morning......to Queen non the less!! She has a beautiful soul and can literally
light up a room.
But ALL the actors on set were great people and fine actors!

HJU: Any memorable behind the scenes moments?

MM: Too many to remember....really.

HJU: How was hanging out with the cast of DinoThunder? Related, will we be seeing you in New Zealand again next year for
the Mystic Force crossover?

MM: We had a good time with the DinoThunder crew. It was nice to have different people on set to mix things up.
I hope I can put my yellow on again! Talk to Bruce hehe

HJU: You were always stuck riding shotgun in the jeep with Syd, while the boys all had their own motorcycles. How's Syd's
driving? Did you ever wish they gave you your own ride?

MM: Wow wow.....I was the one always driving! BUT I do wish the girls could have bikes. Someone besides me needs to
address that. Come on....a pink and yellow bike now that's hot!

HJU: Got any favorite props, outfits, or trinkets that you loved most from the show? Did you get to keep any?

MM: My yellow leather jacket!!!!! I fell in love with it the first time they showed it to me. The reason for that is b/c I'm a HUGE
Kill Bill fan I just adore Uma Thurman and when I put that yellow leather on I felt like her. Call me crazy but that's the one thing
that sticks out in my mind.

HJU: You definitely had to deal with some oddities on the set; how was it talking to a character who was not there (Sam), and
a giant dog head? Likewise, how were the scenes where you were multiplied?

MM: Talking to Doggy at first was weird but then over time (this is going to sound even weirder) but you really start looking in
to his eyes and listening to what he's saying and you take is serious. But then other times you would look at him and just crack
up b/c my god your talking to a talking dog head. HAHAHAHHA
Real quick......and off subject you might have noticed I do this a lot HAHHAHA OR hehehe That's b/c a lot of this is making me
laugh out loud also I just tend to laugh a lot....so I just had to make that clear. :)

HJU: While the main audience is decidedly young boys, how's it feel to be a woman on a show that is also watched by older
guys and gals, people who have been watching for 13 years?

MM: I just love the little people! They are soooooo cute and much easier to please. But I think the older fans and especially the
ones who have been watching for years are awesome. I feel like b/c you know the history of power rangers so well it makes
you an all around tougher critic, don't you think!? But I like that b/c then when someone tells me good job or they love Z I think
"Oh good, I did my job. I'm living up to the standards."

HJU: What was New Zealand like compared to where you hang out in America?

MM: New Zealand and America are soooo different. One thing that really stuck out to me was how laid back New Zealanders
are. There so chill and easy going......They have a saying that they use quite often and that is "no worries" and really that right
there kinda describes there state of mind. I started saying "no worries" while I was there....its infectious.
Now like I said before I'm from Florida which if you've ever been you'll know is a really flat place......unlike NZ which is a really
really hilly place so let just say my ears were popping the whole time!

HJU: Once you've blasted your final monster and the curtain falls on Space Patrol Delta, where can Monica May fans hope to
see you next? Can you let us in on what projects and plans you have for the future... besides next year's Mystic Force Team-
Up? ^__^

MM: The next project I'm working on is Greg Aronowitz latest film called LuBu, its a kids film so it should be tons of fun.

HJU: Do you have anything you'd like to add?

MM: I just really want to say thanks if you read this whole thing.......I appreciate the fact that people want to know more about
me, I think its awesome! So thanks again.

HJU: Thanks a lot Monica, try to convince Bruce and the Rangers to hit a geek convention in the MidWest sometime and we all
look forward to seeing you kick major amounts of monster butt in the episodes to come.

That's a wrap!