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ClassDojo review

ClassDojo is a mobile app to improve the educational process in schools. Students, teachers, and parents can monitor and manage to learn remotely. ClassDojo is used in more than 180 countries worldwide. It is a multi-language app that allows you to use all the functionality without restrictions anywhere in the world.

Interface 9/10

ClassDojo is designed not only for teachers and parents but also for children. Therefore, the interface is designed in an exciting and interactive style. There are several sections in the main menu. In one click, you can go to the school log with grades or download homework for the next lesson for your class. All buttons are enormous. And the graphics are complemented by cartoon characters. This increases interest in the mobile app among students of junior, middle, and high school. 

Features 9/10

  • Each student is given a name and a cartoon character.
  • Presence of motivational awards
  • Parents have access to an online magazine with ratings.
  • Graphic design of estimates and other digital data
  • Chat with any student in the class or the whole group
  • Access to homework from anywhere in the world
  • Detailed instructions for using the mobile app. 

Usability 8/10

Developers have combined many functions in a mobile application. During registration, the teacher will be asked to create an entire class with individual students. After that, you will be able to access all ClassDojo functions. Set up homework, communicate with students, and grade them in a few clicks. 

You can set individual tasks for each student and track their progress. Motivating awards stimulate students and make learning more fun. Teachers with ClassDojo do not need to keep a paper diary and many notebooks. Keep everything under control and track in ClassDojo. 

Compatibility 9/10

ClassDojo is a universal mobile app that can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets. The operating system version must be above 5.0 for stable operation. 


ClassDojo is essential for interactive learning at school. The feature is relevant for all ages, regardless of the school curriculum and the selected subjects. The mobile application must be installed in all teachers in the class to make it as useful as possible. ClassDojo can be downloaded and installed free of charge. This saves you a budget, and you don't have to spend on service. If necessary, you can pay for additional functions and sections in the app.


  • There is no possibility to configure some elements (for example, for each completed task, there is assigned +1 point, and it is impossible to change this amount)
  • No integration with other LMS services for teachers and students
  • Some functions may malfunction


  • Adding each student to a virtual classroom
  • Convenient communication through chat
  • You can control your homework right in the application
  • Interesting and interactive interface
  • The popularity of the app (more than 3.5 million teachers using it)

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 8

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