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Thermometer Free review

Thermometer Free is a free mobile application for measuring indoor and outdoor temperatures. It does not connect to the temperature sensors built into your smartphone. Many devices cannot change the number of degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit at all. Thermometer Free analyzes user location data to determine outdoor temperature. Inside the room, sensors inside mobile devices are used to display the data.

Interface 5/10

The mobile application interface seems to be too simple. The developers wanted to make it in the "Retro" format. They managed to do it. But among the feedback from users, we met a lot of negative things. Such a design of the mobile application menu is inconvenient and visually unattractive. The indoor and outdoor temperatures are displayed on a screen with a gray or green background. This makes it difficult to read information from the display. The function control buttons are available in various sizes. This gives the impression that the application is not complete. 

Features 6/10

The developers have added the ability to measure different air temperatures to the application functionality. Besides, users are invited to see the temperature forecast for the next 7 days. We are talking about the environment. Information about it is taken only from the Internet based on the location of the mobile device. The developers' promotional description describes that the application accurately measures all the indicators on any smartphone and tablet. But in reality, more than half of the users have encountered inaccurate measurements. So it's hard to call the functionality of Thermometer Free special and unique.

Usability 6/10

To use the functionality of Thermometer Free, you need to activate mobile Internet or WiFi and connect your location data. All information about outdoor temperatures is taken from the Internet. The obtained data will be displayed on the mobile application display immediately after downloading. There is no need to register and login to the program. In the settings, you can change measurement degrees and menu background color. 

Compatibility 9/10 

For the compatibility of a Thermometer Free with mobile devices, you can get a high score. You can download and install the application on even the weakest smartphones and tablets with Android 4.1 and higher.


Thermometer Free is not a unique and special mobile application. Users always have a choice between temperature measurement programs from different developers. The Thermometer Free is only relevant if there is an urgent need to monitor the number of ambient air degrees. In everyday use, the functionality of the program is not practical and is 100% operational.


  • Inaccurate indoor temperature readings
  • Non-informative interface


  • It exactly shows the ambient temperature outside
  • Free access to functionality

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 6

Security 6

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