X-Men '97 Brings Wolverine's Most Painful Comic Book Moment to Life on Disney Plus

X-Men ‘97 has vividly translated a grim moment from Wolverine's comic book history onto Disney Plus. This article contains critical details about X-Men '97. Envision Wolverine, and the distinct sound of his adamantium claws often comes to mind. Yet, not everyone may realize his entire skeleton is also comprised of this metal. This fact is gruesomely highlighted by Magneto in episode 9 of X-Men ‘97. 

In "Tolerance is Extinction" part two, the X-Men divide into Gold and Blue teams. The latter, including heroes such as Cyclops and Wolverine, ventures to Asteroid M to confront Magneto following his recent malevolent acts. 

During the confrontation, Wolverine wounds Magneto. However, Magneto, though severely injured, starts extracting the adamantium from Wolverine's body. The scenario echoes a memorable 1993 X-Men #25 plotline where Magneto similarly harms Wolverine. Wolverine's recovery in the comic was facilitated by Jean Grey and the often forgiving nature of comic book storytelling. The fate of Wolverine in X-Men ‘97 is still up in the air, possibly signaling a pivotal moment in a season that has consistently embraced emotional complexity.

The future of Wolverine in live adaptations also sparks interest, especially with Hugh Jackman reprising his role for Deadpool & Wolverine, joining Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson. X-Men ‘97 is concluding its run on Disney Plus soon.