Pokemon Go Training Guide: Everything You Need to Master the Game

In Pokemon Go, "training" can be a somewhat ambiguous term. In traditional Pokemon games, training involves battling and gaining experience to strengthen your Pokemon. However, in Pokemon Go, only player characters gain experience, while Pokemon are powered up using Stardust. Given the broad interpretation of "training," this guide will cover both aspects: training your character and your Pokemon.

Leveling Up Your Player Character in Pokemon Go

In the past, a significant aspect of the game involved training in gyms located globally. Players would help their team take control of a Gym and then battle to increase its Prestige level. This not only made it more challenging for opposing teams to take over but also granted valuable experience points.

Although this gym training system has been removed, there are still many ways to gain experience and level up your player character. By leveling up, you can train your Pokemon to become even stronger! Here are the key methods to earn player experience in Pokemon Go:

  • Battle other players or AI trainer opponents.
  • Send gifts to other players. Reaching certain friendship milestones will grant substantial exp boosts.
  • Catch Pokemon. While your first catch of the day and 7-day streaks provide extra EXP, every catch contributes a small amount.
  • Use skilled techniques when catching Pokemon. Curveballs, first-throw captures, and well-placed throws provide bonus xp.
  • Participate in Raids. Defeating a raid boss offers a significant amount of exp.
  • Spin Pokestops and Gyms. While spinning Pokestops and Gyms yields a small amount of exp, you can earn bonuses for streaks.
  • Hatch eggs. Hatching eggs provides experience depending on the required distance to hatch them.
  • Use Lucky Eggs wisely. If you're about to hit a friendship milestone or complete a Raid, use a Lucky Egg first to double the exp earned for 30 minutes.

These methods are highly effective for earning experience. To reach the level cap of 50, you'll need to play actively. So, get out there and catch more Pokemon!

Powering Up Your Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Training Pokemon in Pokemon Go differs significantly from traditional Pokemon games. Instead of gaining experience through battles, Pokemon are powered up using Stardust and Pokemon Candies.

You earn Stardust by catching Pokemon, with each capture typically rewarding around 100 Stardust. You'll also receive bonuses for your first catch of the day and 7-day streaks. Additionally, level-ups, Pokestops, Gyms, and gifts from friends provide Stardust.

Pokemon Candies are obtained by catching Pokemon or any of their evolutions. For instance, catching a Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard grants Charmander candy. Setting a Pokemon as your buddy and walking around outside also earns candies, with the required distance varying by Pokemon type. Legendary Pokemon require 20 kilometers for a single candy.

Here's how to power up your Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

  1. Select the Pokemon you want to level up from your inventory.
  2. Click the Power Up button.
  3. Choose the desired levels for your Pokemon by pressing the plus button until you reach the desired level or run out of resources. Confirm to level up your Pokemon.
  4. To evolve your Pokemon, click the Evolve button once you have the necessary number of Pokemon Candies. Follow the steps, and you're done.

While this method is straightforward, many players wish Niantic had included more ways to level up Pokemon. For now, this is the primary method to train your Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Using Battle Training in Pokemon Go

Battle Training is a feature designed for beginners. Until players reach level ten, the Battle tab is available in the Nearby menu alongside the Pokemon and Raid tabs. Players can choose to battle any of the three available trainers. While you can earn rewards once per day, the primary purpose of this feature is practice.

One advantage of Battle Training is that your Pokemon won't take damage, so you don't need to use potions and revives.