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Minecraft review

Ever fantasized about owning your very own castle, or perhaps ruling the entire globe? In Minecraft, your dreams can turn into virtual reality! This sandbox game of action and adventure hands you the reins: construct, demolish, endure, and connect with players globally. Despite being launched over a decade ago, it remains one of the most triumphant games ever created.

Gameplay 10/10

The Minecraft gameplay is pretty simple. There are some technical limitations and rules in mechanics; for the rest, nothing restrains you: the game does not have a predetermined plot or set of goals to be completed. 

You start the game with the procedural generation of the world and choose one of three main modes: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative. In the first mode, you need to monitor the state of your character (hunger and health), build shelters from monsters, get minerals, and craft weapons and armor. Hardcore mode is a challenging version of the first mode. Here you have a lot more ways to die or be killed. The Creative mode gives that famous freedom of creativity, which everyone is talking about. You have access to all resources and objects of the game world; your character does not suffer from hunger and does not get damaged. 

Once you have mastered all the features of single-player modes, switch to multiplayer. Now, in company with friends, you can build epic castles, dungeons, cities. For example, the Danish State Land Management Service employees re-created Denmark in Minecraft (the whole country!). Can you imagine all the wide game possibilities? 

The game has an extensive fan community, which regularly updates and adds interesting elements to it. For example, recently, they created a Witchcraft and Wizardry map based on Harry Potter books and films. You can not only walk around the school but also look into the Hogsmeade village and even go to the Azkaban prison. 

Graphics 9/10 

Everything is cubic here — from berry bushes to animals and monsters. Primitive pixel art has become Minecraft's trademark. Although the visual style of the game might seem a little childish to someone. 

At the same time, Minecraft is regularly improved. For example, recently, developers released a beta version with ray tracing, which allows creating worlds with more realistic reflections, lighting, and shadows. 

Replay Value 10/10

It's easier to say that the game is endless than trying to get through it to the end. The game gets boring only when the player gets tired of all these available features and simply loses the motivation to use them. So the limit of Minecraft is your fantasy. 

Controls 10/10

Part of the game success is provided by the fact that it is available on all platforms: from mobile iOS and Android to PS and Xbox consoles. In any version of the game, the controls are intuitive and do not require much getting used to. Nevertheless, to get acquainted with all the control features without haste, we recommend starting with a creative mode where you do not need to worry about zombie attacks.


Minecraft is a great game that allows you to try yourself as a creator of worlds. Of course, some users did not like the game due to the lack of clear goals and levels. Nevertheless, most players still adore the game for the freedom of action that it offers. Do not limit your imagination, build your world, and change it beyond recognition.


  • Several modes
  • Unique gameplay
  • The game is limited only by players' imagination
  • There are versions for almost all platforms.


  • There is no clear structure (tasks, goals, etc.)
  • Primitive graphics.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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