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SiriusXM - Music, Comedy, Sports, News review

SiriusXM is a free audio streaming app that allows you to choose from 300+ various channels with sports talk, news, comedy, podcasts, and music. This diversity of available content means everybody can find something interesting here, available everywhere in real-time. The platform remembers what you like the most, providing you with personalized recommendations and offering to check out new trending shows.

Interface 9/10

SiriusXM has a quite convenient interface that allows you to access most of its critical functions with a few taps. The main menu is divided into various tabs, each representing a particular content section – music, sports, news, and so on. Such a structure allows you to switch between breaking news and your favorite podcasts instantly, so you don't have to get distracted from driving or work. And if you don't know what to listen to, switch back to the first tab – it contains recommendations that you can choose from.

Features 9/10

The streaming platform provides you with hundreds of different channels, including special ad-free music playlists for every mood or activity. That means you can listen to shows on SiriusXM at work or just on the go. It doesn't matter if you're driving, commuting, or doing your domestic chores – the app will recommend something to brighten your day a bit. And most of these channels are free, so you can enjoy selected content without having to worry about your wallet. Moreover, SiriusXM's content library contains a variety of video channels, so you can watch music videos and news, too.

Usability 8/10

The app uses a dark blue color scheme that's equally comfortable to look at day and night. The main menu is neatly organized, and the channels' screens contain all of the options you may need: there're options to change devices right in the middle of a broadcast, and you can rewind them freely in case you missed something. However, it does have a couple of annoying bugs that don't seem to go away for months despite the app getting rather frequent updates.

Compatibility 6/10

SiriusXM has an impressive amount of features, but there are still lots of annoying bugs. Sometimes the app crashes mid-song for no reason at all, and sometimes it fails to start at all. Compatibility itself is also an issue since the app crashes on specific devices but works perfectly well on others. All in all, it's enjoyable but still needs some testing and optimization.


With a content library this diverse and rich, SiriusXM has every chance to become more popular – a comfortable, free, and useful streaming app is a godsend during these tough times. However, the app still needs a lot of work. Unless most of its bugs are eliminated, it will remain a promising yet really underdeveloped app.


  • Recurring bugs and glitches
  • Compatibility problems
  • Not completely free


  • Hundreds of channels
  • Varying and free content
  • Comfortable interface
  • Dark blue color scheme
  • Useful and convenient

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 8

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