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FIFA Soccer review

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll definitely enjoy the realism of the players and stadiums in this leading iOS and Android app, with console-like graphics. The controls are seamless, and you’ll enjoy purchasing players and managing some of the biggest names in world football on your iOS and Google Android device.

Graphics and Sound

Though not exactly like the console version, the graphics are still powerful, with amazing 3D, color, and depth. The game boasts over 10,000 players from different leagues around the world, and they all look realistic enough. EA Sports has also introduced player celebrations for the latest version of the iOS and APK versions which add a flair of excitement to the game.

With cool VFX, background soundtracks, and on-screen controls that don’t clutter the UI, you’ll enjoy playing this game, especially on a widescreen tablet.

The graphics on the iOS and Android mobile app rate at an impressive 4/5.


The gameplay is based on the Ultimate Team mode, which lets you create your own dream team from different world leagues. You can participate in various competitions online and win player packs or purchase players with in-game currency.

With your fantasy team, compete against real teams or challenge friends online. A navigation button on the left controls your player, while on the right there are large buttons for Passing, Sprinting, Skill Moves, and Shooting.

Through a simple tapping mechanism, you can select the player you want, or you can tap on the field itself to activate and pass to your teammate closest to the ball. Other controls on the Android and iOS app include swiping near the goal posts to cross the ball. There are daily challenges offered such as shooting, dribbling, and passing which you can participate in to win rewards.

This section rates at a 4/5.

Replay Value

I enjoy replaying this game because of how accurately it tries to match the console version, especially in terms of graphics. The game is also entertaining to play due to a large number of new players that can be accessed. Building your dream team and playing against other teams is one feature of the game that I liked in particular. The game looks great on both iPhone and iPad, probably due to their powerful RAM, although I wouldn’t have the Google Play app for FIFA 16 on anything less than a powerful Samsung.

I’d rate the replay value at a 4/5.

In-App Purchases

The tool is free, although it offers in-app purchases ranging from $2 to $130. You can use them to unlock teams, new players, and celebrations. You can play without the purchases, but your progress will be markedly more difficult.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t an app for all Android devices due to their sheer size and graphics requirements, although iOS devices have slightly more memory and should be able to run the game smoothly. However, owners of the newer device models will certainly be able to enjoy this app. Several updates for both the APK and the IPA have fixed bugs such as an unresponsive navigation button. The realism of the game and choosing your own fantasy team is what stands out for me and is the main reason I’d recommend this app to everyone.

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 4

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