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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V is a crime saga in the open world. Play for three protagonists, switching between them, and make a career in the underworld Los Santos, a fictional California-like state San Andreas. Rob big, drive fast, shoot sharp, live largely! Just download Grand Theft Auto, and it will become a place to live.

Gameplay 10/10

Following the story of the three protagonists – Michael, a great shooter, Trevor, a furious fighter, and Franklin, a fantastic driver – you track the story of their criminal career. Two former robbers suddenly meet each other after many years, an African-American car thief Franklin joins the two old fellows, and the circumstances make them start again. Step by step the three gets higher and higher (in both meanings) in the underground Los Santos.

The story involves a lot of chases, gunfights, melee, robberies and stealth, gambling, and, yes, just having fun in any legal or illegal way. Besides, you can explore its open world and take various side missions with any of your characters. In most situations in the story mode, you can switch between two or three of them to select the perfect one for a particular mission. This makes GTA V unique, as it delivers three games in one.

Its large world also includes politics and entertainment, commerce and healthcare, and everything about appearance. You can spend in-game currency on real estate and outfits, surgery and accessories, and, of course, on cars. Last but not least, it has a magnificent in-game radio that plays world hits and exclusive tracks.

Graphics 9/10

Though it may seem a bit obsolete in 2020, it’s still one of the most impressive games of the decade. Its 3D action may be played from either third or first person. The voicing is also brilliant, and the radio playing hits of various genres deserves mentioning too. Its world is so large that it takes about 90 GB on your drive, regardless of the platform, if you install it with all the numerous DLC. 

Controls 10/10

The game supports both gamepad and keyboard and mouse styles. You may select the inputs you want for almost any device able to run GTA V. In different situations controls act differently, as you may be armed or unarmed, walking or driving, or even flying, and so on. Circumstances may differ, as well as your actions and controls. All in all, though, it gets simpler as you learn, and all the new features are explained as they appear.

Replay Value 10/10

It’s the game that remains top for seven years! The developers constantly added new items, features, and quests all that time. New cars and guns, missions and outfits, and stuff make game newer each week. Even the story mode has multiple turns and endings, so you can replay it to explore all of the versions of the protagonists’ fate, and each of them is worth your time.


  • Long story and an open world
  • Great writing, voicing and, yes, acting
  • Iconic visual style and soundtrack
  • Online mode where you can earn more bonuses.


  • The game is too cynical (though it may be a pro)
  • Controls may seem complicated
  • It will take very long.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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