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Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer sequel to the famous stealth survival Hello Neighbor. This time you are among a party of kids who enter the basement of the neighbor’s house in search of their friend. Will you get there, or will you rather dupe them as the host? Play Secret Neighbor to find out!

Gameplay 10/10

A spinoff game takes place after Act 1 of the original game. When the protagonist of Hello Neighbor went missing, his friends set off to the rescue. Entering the Neighbor’s house, they are to find their way to the basement and set their friend free. But the Neighbor is lurking in the dark, hunting them by one. Kids are numerous, and they can set traps and use items to avoid those installed. But the Neighbor can guise himself as one of the kids and set more sophisticated traps to catch them one by one.

If you play as a kid, you can select six classes with various extra abilities. For instance, the Bagger has the capacity to transport a greater number of items compared to the rest, while the Brave possesses the ability to evade capture from the Neighbor. The Detective excels at locating keys, the Inventor is adept at crafting items and unlocking passages set by the Neighbor, the Leader can enhance the speed of their companions, and the Scout is capable of confronting and resisting the Neighbor. As for the Neighbor himself, we learn more about his abilities and inventiveness and learn how to enrage him. He can also appear as Clown. And it’s just as creepy as you expect.

Graphics 9/10

Not that it’s worse than Hello Neighbor. The designers did their best to preserve that very visual style. The face of the Neighbor is still terrifying, with those rolling eyes and the mustache. The house is dark and full of terrors. Items are drawn with juicy details, in bright colors. As for light and darkness contrast, it’s just great. Sound still matters, letting players hear each other move, so take your best headphones on or connect a good speaker system. It will never feel as fresh as the first time, though.

Replay Value 9/10

As a multiplayer game, it’s new each time you play it. If you are a kid from the party, your colleagues will be new each time if matched randomly. If you prefer playing as the Neighbor, you’ll face new adversaries in your house each time. The territory may be familiar to everyone who spent enough time playing Hello Neighbor. But the traps set there are new each time. So the game is never the same. It lacks principal updates, but it’s not the game that always stuns with something new.

Controls 9/10

It’s a multiplatform game, so it adopts all sorts of controls. It’s great with keyboard and mouse, with a gamepad, or with virtual touch-based gamepad emulation. This game requires quick reaction and constant alertness, so sensible controls may be decisive. Luckily, you can select the platform and the type of inputs you like.


  • Immersive stealth gameplay
  • Asymmetric multiplayer: you can play as the Neighbor too
  • Style of Hello Neighbor preserved and even moved further
  • Low system requirements.


  • Never as fresh as the original
  • Adds little to the lore.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 9

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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